Geometric rangoli designs hold an unconventional twist to themselves. That isn’t the only thing common in them. They are easy to make, and the end result is absolutely pleasing. If there is something different you want to try out and celebrate for your festivals, give one of these patterns a go.

Beautiful Geometric Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

1. Diwali Square Rangoli:

Making this one is as easy as day, as all you have to do is choose two bright colours and make 4 intersecting squares of alternative colours to form a bigger one. Cover the center with two large Diyas, and your job is done. Yes, it’s that easy!

2. Circular Floral Gujarati Rangoli:

To make this one, pick out bright colours like yellow and red and start making the round husks for a few flowers, each at a generous distance. Next, make the petals using a line like or triangular patterns surrounding the circle. This is the easiest of this lot and the best option when in a hurry.

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3. Red and White Star Rangoli:

Made with the ultimate deadly combination of red and white, this geometric rangoli design is nothing short of perfection. You can always add more colours and twist to the rangoli if you want it to be brighter. Begin with a central red star and fill the surrounding space with white stars, making each a bit bigger than its previous one. On the intersecting lines, add a red colour to bring out a better end view.

4. Connected Pyramid Rangoli:

Rather artistic, this pattern is colourful and is apt for festivals like Holi and Diwali. Make black borders and form a 3D pyramid-like skeleton first. Next, put different colours in them as you go and fill out the left out spaces to make them look like a triangle.

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5. Square Arc Rangoli:

This is yet another red and white rangoli that is apt for bright light areas and dark flooring, where white will stand out. Begin by making a small central square and make arrows on all sides. Finish your pattern by making a larger square arc covering the inner geometric rangoli artwork.

6. Circular Om Rangoli:

If you are celebrating Shivaratri, this won’t be a lot of hassle and won’t tire you easily even in you’re fast. After making the central ‘Om’ with Yellow, Blue, red and white, go on and make the border with bright colours and your job is done.

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7. Triangle Diwali Rangoli:

For this one, you will need bright shades and mental preparation to draw a lot of triangles, that’s it. Draw sequencing triangles in all shapes and colours, and then places Diyas surrounding it to highlight the colour. The end result will leave you pleased.

So, if you are bored with the usual regular rangoli designs, you can decorate your hall or your entrance with these patterns and garner everyone’s praise for your perfection.


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