If you are looking for fascinating, interesting, and soothing name ideas, there is nothing like German baby names! German baby names are the new trend globally for their unique tone, meaning, and beautiful, appealing feel. These names are not only popular in Germany but instead across the world. Whether it is in the United States or Asia, these names are quite a trend.

If you are looking for meaningful, rare, and modern name choices for your newborn, these famous German names are apt and perfect to check out!

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List of Classic German Baby Names for Boys and Girls

These names list for babies from German origins blend the most common ones, famous choices, traditional ideas, and modern and contemporary trends at once! Let us explore these lovely German names and meanings today! Here we go!

German Baby Boy Names:

Let us begin by exploring the lovely and famous German baby names for boys. They are unique, meaningful, intense, and quite trendy too. Excited? Let’s check the German male names and meanings!

1. Abelard:

If you are looking for vintage and ancient name ideas for boys, this is it! The name Abelard has roots in Old German, which means ‘noble strength.’

2. Adrean:

Adrean means’ dark one’. The other variation of the name is Adrian. It has roots in German and Latin.

3. Anton:

Anton is among popular old Roman name ideas. It means ‘someone who is invaluable.’ The name has several other variations, such as Antonio and Antony.

4. Baldwin:

Baldwin is a popular name idea already across the globe. It means ‘the brave one.’ The name has its origins in old German.

5. Berhtram:

Berhtram has roots from Old German too, which means ‘bright raven.’ Such a meaningful name, isn’t it?

6. Carl:

The name Carl exists in several countries and languages. It means ‘free man’ in German. The other variation of the same name is Karl.

7. Curt:

The name Curt means ‘courteous.’ It is both a French and German baby name idea popular for boys.

8. Dirk:

Dirk means ‘people’s ruler.’ It is also a German name, popular throughout many ages!

9. Frideric:

The name Frideric is an old German variation of the name Friedrich. It is derived from Fridu and Rihhi, which means peace and power.

10. Hans:

Hans means ‘God is Gracious.’ The name has German origins and is among the most famous names in Europe.

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11. Hubert:

Hubert is derived from two words, hug and beraht, which means ‘heart’ and ‘bright.’

12. Jakob:

Jakob name is a variation of the famous Jacob, which means supplanter. The name has origins in German and Nordic.

13. Klaus:

Klaus or also otherwise called Claus, means ‘victor of the people. This has German origin too and is quite a stylish modern name idea

14. Lydon:

Lydon means ‘the man from Linden tree hill.’Initially, the name is from Irish origins. However, the meaning is adapted according to German culture.

15. Merten:

Merten is an old German name idea for boys. It means Mars. This is a very famous name across Germany.

16. Oskar:

The name Oskar, otherwise called Oscar for boys, has variations from Scandinavian and German too. It means ‘dear friend.’ It is derived from two Gaelic words, Os and Car.

17. Otis:

Otis name is an ancient German-originated idea which means ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity.

18. Paul:

Paul is a popular name across Europe. It originated from Latin and means’ small.’

19. Poldi:

If you are looking for a vintage-sounding name idea for boys, this is a good choice. It means ‘brave person.’ The name is derived from Leopold.

20. Rainart:

Rainart is a rarely found yet old German name idea. It means ‘strong judgment.’ The name originated from a surname, Reindhart.

21. Ruprecht:

The name Ruprecht means ‘bright flame.’ It is a German variation of the English word, Robert.

22. Seigfried:

Seigfried’s name is derived from Old German, with two words, Sige and Frid. They mean ‘victory’ and ‘peace”.

23. Stefan:

Stefan name for boys is a German variation of Stephen. Although the name is originated from Greek, it means ‘the crown.’

24. Tihalt:

If you are looking for rarely found and unique name ideas for boys, this is a good choice. It means ‘people’s prince.’ It is originated in Germany.

25. Volker:

Volker is an old German name too. It means ‘people’s army.’ This is among the meaningful name idea in German for boys.

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German Baby Girl Names:

How about exploring German names for girls? They, too, are pretty beautiful, meaningful, and lovely. So, check these German female names with meaning here!

26. Ada:

If you are looking for a short and cute name, this is an apt and pretty choice. Ada means a noble person. It is already a famous name across the globe.

27. Alice:

This is again among very famous names. It means noble. The name is both widely used in Germany, as well as other European regions too.

28. Berta:

Berta means a noble ruler. There are also other name variations of this German name, such as Berti and Bertha.

29. Bluma:

Bluma in German means ‘a flower bloom’. This is a simple yet very feminine baby girl name idea.

30. Calia:

Calia in German means’ fair and beautiful women’. The name is rarely found and yet sounds pretty, feminine, and soothing.

31. Clarissa:

The name Clarissa, otherwise also in a short form called Clara, means ‘bright and smart person. This is a gorgeous name choice too.

32. Cheryl:

The name Cheryl is already famous, and you might have come across it at some point in time. It means the cherry fruit.

33. Eve:

Eve is a German variation that means ‘someone who is full of life. The name meaning itself signifies positive vibes.

34. Emma:

Emma is a very vintage and traditional name choice. This german variation of the name Emma means ‘to make a whole.’

35. Emily:

Emily is a popular name with Latin origins. However, in the German variant, it means ‘rival.’

36. Freya:

Freya is a popular name in Germany. It has origins from Nordic and means Goddess of Love and Beauty.

37. Gracia:

The name Gracia in English form is the word Grace. It means someone who is filled with Grace. This is an evergreen and beautiful baby name too.

38. Helen:

Helen means a bright start. The name is also popular in the German baby girl name ideas.

39. Irma:

Irma, in German origins, means ‘Goddess of the War.’ The name is taken from Ermine, the name of the Goddess! However, it also means ‘complete’ in other languages.

40. Ivara:

Ivara is a gorgeous yet already famous name. It means Archer. The name is popular in Germany and also across Europe.

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41. Mathilda:

Mathilda means ‘the strength a person gains from the war.’ It is a deep and meaningful intense baby girl name idea.

42. Mia:

Mia is a cute and pretty short name idea for girls. It means ‘someone who is dear to everyone.’

43. Mina:

Mina name has origins in Scottish and German. It means ‘will.’ The name is pretty strong and powerful. What do you think?

44. Sage:

Sage is a modern name we often hear around these days. The name means ‘someone wise.’

45. Sophie:

This name is already famous, and we have heard a lot of it in several movies and books. Sophie, the version of the name Sophia, means wisdom.

46. Roza:

The Italian originated the name, Rozawas was taken from a Germanic version of Saint Rose back in the 13th century. It is the ancient and traditional German name for girls.

47. Ruth:

Ruth means ‘a friend’. The name has its origins in Hebrew. It is a popular classic name for girls.

48. Steffi:

Steffie means ‘a crown’. It is among the popular baby girl names in German too. What do you think of it?

49. Thea:

Thea means ‘goddess.’ It originated from Greek and is a popular name for girls, as well as used as a suffix too.

50. Willa:

Willa is a modern and rarely found German baby girl name. It means ‘resolute protection.

German Funny Names / Nicknames / Pet Names:

We have some famous funny nicknames or pet names ideas for babies in German.

51. Champ:

Champ is a trendy name for babies, even in Germany. However, it is a short form for the champion.

52. Hörnchen:

This may be unique to hear, but the nickname means ‘someone who is sweet like a croissant.’ Lovely, isn’t it! This is popular for baby boys.

53. Beau:

Beau is another famous nickname for boys. It means a person who is beautiful in and out.

54. Adonis:

Adonis means attractive men. The name has roots in ancient greek and is a popular nickname for boys.

55. Amor:

Amor means a guy who can make others fall in love. This is a cute and modern pet name for boys.

56. Aphrodite:

Aphrodite, in the German context, means Goddess of Love. This name is also given to girls and implies someone who loves and looks charming.

57. Mausi:

Mausi means ‘a little mouse’. The name symbolizes and implies a cute and sweet person. The name is given to girls.

58. Perle:

Perle implies a person who is like a pearl. The name symbolizes charm and a precious being. It is a famous German baby nickname and pet name for girls.

59. Rose:

Rose implies a rose flower. However, this is a very famous nickname for girls.

60. Cheri:

In the nicknames for girls, Cheri implies an expensive and all-worthy person! It is a unique and meaningful pet name!

German Unisex Baby Names:

How about looking into some unisex and gender-neutral baby names in German? These are ideal for both baby boys and girls.

61. Aurel:

Aurel means golden. The name also symbolizes precious. It is a beautiful gender-neutral German baby name idea.

62. Benedikte:

Benedikte is a name variant of the other form, Benedict. It means someone who is blessed!

63. Edlin:

Edlin means a noble waterful. The name is popular in European regions, too, besides German, and suitable for boys and girls.

64. Farren:

Farren means someone who is adventurous. This is also among rare baby name ideas.

65. Koen:

Koen means a person who is an honest advisor. It is a unique and rarely used modern baby name suitable for boys and girls.

66. Milo:

Milo means a merciful soldier. The name is famous for both boys and girls in German.

67. Rae:

Rae means a wise protector. This is a short and modern cute baby name idea.

68. Robbie:

Robbie is a variation of the name Robert in English. It means bright and shining. The name is unisex and suitable for boys and girls.

69. Rune:

Rune means secret. This is a trendy and modern nickname in several countries, and now even in Germany.

70 Yves:

Yves means Archer. The name got popular in Britain originally and however, now is famous all across.

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German Popular Surnames or Last Names:

Germany is loaded with ancient and olden popular surnames and last names. Here are a few to check out in German surnames.

71. Abel:

The name Abel is derived from an old German surname, Albrecht. It means ‘noble person.’

72. Bahre:

Bahre surname implies and symbolizes wisdom. The name is among the most popular surnames in German.

73. Bauknecht:

The Bauknecht surname signifies dexterity and versatility. The name initially means ‘farmhand’ in German. Interesting, isn’t it!

74. Bernstein:

The name Bernstein means ‘bear’s stone.’ It is among the very famous and easily spotted surnames.

75. Eben:

Eben, in Hebrew origins, means ‘stone of help.’

76. Eisenhardt:

The name Eisenhardt came from elements isen and hard. So, it means Iron hardiness or strength.

77. Faerber:

The name Faerber is a German word that implies ‘counsel.’

78. Garthe:

Garthe in Archaic German means an open yard or Garden. It is a beautiful German surname.

79. Obermann:

Obermann is a surname that symbolizes an upperclassman. Ober means upper, and mann is a man.

80. Schmidt:

Schmidt is an expert blacksmith. This surname is very famously spotted and observed among German.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these trending and most meaningful German baby names. Let us know your thoughts! Which name did you like the most and found beautiful? We love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about the latest German baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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