Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life. But this beautiful time does come with a lot of perks such as mood swings, dietary changes, health issues and more. Nevertheless the pain, pregnancy is an amazing time in her life. Gestational diabetes is one of the problems faced by expecting mothers even when they never had diabetes before. It is still a controversial topic that while few women suffer from gestational diabetes, others do not. One of the vital reasons can be that it is genetic, that is, maybe someone in the family is suffering or had suffered from diabetes earlier. Some other noteworthy reasons can be that the mother is overweight before she gets pregnant.

It is an interesting fact that the gestational diabetes is very common among the women of Native Americans, Asian, Alaskan cultures, Black women and also Hispanic women. However, it is a disease that haunts women from all races and cultures. An irritating fact about this problem is that like a lot of diseases, it cannot be predicted earlier thus making the task of the mother a little difficult.

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Causes of Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy:

For your convenience some of the causes that can lead to gestational diabetes during pregnancy are listed below.

• Development of Preeclampsia in The Mother:

Preeclampsia is a condition with high blood pressure and protein content in the urine.  And if the lady bearing the child is suffering from gestational diabetes then she will develop preeclampsia. This occurs because women who are suffering from diabetes are more to also have high blood pressure than the women who are not suffering from diabetes. Preeclampsia is not very safe for either the mother or the baby and the only solution to save both the souls is by delivering the baby; this results in the birth of premature birth of the baby with C-section.

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• Extra Large Baby:

The expecting mother who is suffering from gestational diabetes generally has large babies. It is caused due to imbalance in the sugar levels. Presence of a large baby in the womb obviously causes discomfort to the mother and delivering such large babies is also difficult and painful, which can actually lead to nerve damages of the new born child and that is why, large babies are generally delivered with a C-section. Also, if the blood sugar level is not controlled then it can affect the baby, for instance, low blood sugar can be caused in the baby during the first few days of life due to unbalance in the blood sugar level.

How To Prevent Gestational Diabetes:

If you are overweight and is planning to get pregnant sometime in the future then you should lower the BMI range to normal. Lowering the BMI can help in preventing gestational diabetes.

When you are pregnant, visit a doctor during your early pregnancy and make sure that you inform him about any family history on diabetes. If you screen in the early stages, that is, during the 24-28 pregnancy then it can help in detecting early diabetes.

You should also stick to a healthy pregnancy diet regardless of what other people says and maintain your sugar intake. Craving for sugar is often high in people suffering from diabetes thus actually staying away from it will benefit you considerably. If possible then you should consult a dietician who is an expert in gestational diabetes.

Plenty of exercises will help to maintain your blood sugar level under control, which is essential.

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Even if your diabetes disappears after your baby is born, it is necessary to be careful about diabetes for the next the child birth.

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