Wrapping gifts comes with proper attention on paper quality, ribbon or pieces of coral etc. trying velvet colored ribbon on white colored gift paper gives luxuries style look to gift wrap. We can take help of technology like computer, smart phones to make a gift with outstanding touch up of printed quotes too. Noe need any gift wrapping for decorative type gifts. The gifts you give to your loved ones can be made extra special by putting in a little more effort to the wrapping style. These wrapping ideas will give you an insight into what DIY techniques you can use.

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas:

Here are few ideas which will surely help you,

1. Ribbon Effect:

Tying a ribbon on a gift box is one of the oldest methods of gift wrapping. The simple ribbon in tied in the shape of a bow and the ends are cut in a V shape to give it style. The ribbons used are normally in contrast to the color of the wrapping paper.

2. Floral Wrapping Paper:

The most common and elegant gift wrapping paper is the floral paper. These floral designs look very pretty and stunning. The colors may be bold or pastel. The paper itself can be matte finish or glossy.

3. Reusable Gift Wrap:

Here is a luxury reusable gift wrap that makes a great gift wrapping idea. The fabric can of any color significant. It is wrapped up and tied with a matching ribbon so that the receiver can then reuse the fabric. A little note is tied to the ribbon as well.

4. Double Bow Style:

Wrapping gifts is a wonderful technique to present something to someone. The double bow style makes use of two tons of ribbons. The two bows tied together look full and stunning on the package.

5. Pompom Gift Wrapping:

Pompoms are a really cute way of wrapping gifts. The furry balls of wool are creative gift wrapping ideas that kids love. You can make a bunch of two or three pompoms in various colors and wrap them together with twine.

6. Double Lining Gift Wrap:

Some gift wrapping designs make use of double lining effects created by two types of ribbons. You will need to use a broad ribbon and a thin one to achieve this effect. The broad one is placed on the paper and then the thin one is lined on it and tied in a bow.

7. Burlap Wrap:

A great gift wrapping idea for the festive uses burlap instead of paper. This Christmas gift wrap is made festive with the use of gift tags in the Christmas theme. There are tree images, leaves, snowflakes and even holly.

8. Birthday Candle Wrap:

Present a gift to a kid in this cute style. The paper used here is simple. It is then decorated with colorful tape that is cut in the shape of candles. You can add the number of candles according to the age of the child.

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9. Wrapping Ideas for Men:

While gifting something to your dad or any man, try this cute DIY gift wrapping idea. The papers used here are cut and folded to form the shape of a shirt and suit with a bow tie. This is a really unique style of wrapping.

10. Christmas Chocolates for Kids:

Make kids happy with these wonderfully wrapped chocolates. This Christmas gift wrapping idea is very cute. The snowmen are created with polka dot cloth that is cut to make the cap and scarf. Try this out and make kids happy.

11. Ink Designs on Paper:

You can do a simple holiday gift wrap by taking brown paper and then drawing lovely designs on it. The gift is then wrapped in twine and a little holiday item is added to it. This makes a wonderful personal gift.

12. Festive Theme Paper:

Among the colorful wrapping papers, the Christmas gift wrapping paper is the most colorful and bright one. These include images of all things Christmas like Christmas trees, holly, stocking, snowflakes, etc. Choose these for your gifts and the make the festive season jolly.

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13. Unique Paper Bags:

Get creative with these unique paper bags that come in various themes. You can get them for men in shapes like ties, shirts, suits, etc. For women you can have them in styles like purses, hearts, etc. So put your gift in these paper bags and present them in style.

14. Gifts for Boys:

Gifting boys something to play with is the just the best thing ever. You can up the ante by surprising him with some more toys. These gift wrapping techniques makes use of black marker paper to draw a road for cars. This can then be added to the gift paper. Cars can be stuck to the paper.

15. Gift Toppers:

Wrapping gifts looks lovely and presentable. These can be made luxurious with the addition of gift toppers. These toppers can be bought or made with paper, string, ribbons, leaves, twigs, etc. The choices are vast and you can go ahead and make the simplest gift look stunning.

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When we plan to gift someone we need to follow few proper steps for gift wrapping, there are more methods to wrap your gift or else you can take a gift wrap from your store too. There few peoples who like to wrap a gift as per their idea so while wrapping a gift that time be sure about folding paper, measuring tape and final touch up. You can personalize small greeting card with quotes as per theme. This type of things is related to emotions and the area of celebration. Gift wrapping techniques are vast and you can be creative with your ideas. Try ribbons, paper in all types, burlap, cloth, etc. Each of the gifts can be made better with toppers.

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