Having a younger or an elder sister is the happiest and most fun-loving moment to cherish since girls are considered to be more fun-loving and helpful, which makes a family more enjoyable. Brothers take care of the younger or elder sister like their own mother, and sisters feel more secure and protected. For those brothers who protect their sister also give some astonishing gifts not only as a birthday or anniversary but also as casual gifts. To get some unique gift ideas for sisters, this article pins out some interesting and valuable gift ideas for sisters.

Unique and Special Gift Ideas for Sister:

Let us have to look at the valuable presents for the sisters.

1. Chocolate With a Teddy Bear for Younger Sister:

Girls are fond of teddy bears as a younger sister in the family, brothers can think about surprising their small siblings with this interesting idea of a chocolate boy with a tiny cute little teddy bear. Chocolates help to swing a mood, it help girls to feel a relaxed. Try this gift for your sister on her coming birthday or special occasion.

2. Meaningful Words with a Simple Chain Gift Box:

To give a memorable gift which lasts for a longer time, can include this chain gift which can be made from sterling silver or rose or yellow gold. With Sister name engraved on it or just by engraving the word sister. It reminds them like her elder brother or sister is with her. This one perfect gift for the next occasion.

3. Bracelet for Elder Sister:

The Brother, who has an elder sister who is quite careful of taking care of things and likes to wear ornaments on daily basis, can opt for a gold bracelet with a simple design. A simple silver bracelet can be the best gift to a sister.

4. Footwear Gift for Sis:

Hosting a birthday for a sister, who is turning older can make them feel happy by coming with a special gift for her sister, which makes them feel more younger by heart. Gifting a pair of sandals and a small funny note could be a smile bringing moment.

5. Cute I pad Cover Gift:

Girls who are having I pad and use them more often than any other gadget, the elder or youngster or brother should make it a point to keep the I pad safe and also make your sister happy by gifting a cute colorful iPad cover.

6. Saree Gift for Sister:

Gifting a saree is definitely not an old fashion since the saree retains our Indian tradition. The tradition of wearing a saree should be strengthened by gifting it to your sister. Since nowadays saree design are enormous in number, choose the best.

7. Gold Ring Gift for Sister:

An elder brother who can afford a precious and costly present can choose this Gold ring as a gift to your sister or an elder sister who wants to surprise her younger sister with a most valuable precious metal.

8. Cosmetic Bag Gift for Sis:

Girls who have a Humpty number of cosmetic items and yet lack someplace to store them during traveling, Brothers or sisters should grab this opportunity to surprise your sister with a cute cosmetic bag. Find a designer cosmetic bag for your sister to surprise her.

9. Handbag Gift for Sister:

A Sister’s wedding is coming up and the elder sister or brother planning for a surprise pre-wedding party, then go for the handcrafted bag design. The material used in designing such could be Jute, which could be idealistic in carving some creative design.

10. Spa Gift Voucher for Sister:

Treating your small younger sister with a Spa gift voucher would be the best way to pamper your small sibling in one family. But this idea can also be used in gifting to the elder sister from the younger. Girls really like to go to beauty parlours anytime, so as a brother, get this one package for your sweet sister anytime.

11. Game Set for Younger Sister:

For those tiny little sisters whose elder sister or brother wants to give a big surprise and see their small sister to smile could be the Game set gift. The games selected should be under the age limit. You will get in the shopping mall anytime, try to get this one to surprise your sister.

12. Gift Voucher for Sister-in-Law:

A sister-in-law who is considered as a sister after she gets into the new family. To make her comfortable the siblings in the family can come up with some innovative welcome gift ideas, like the Gift voucher. This type of gift helps them to feel relaxed in a new family.

13. Photo Frame Gift for Sister-in-Law:

A Photo Frame gift for a sister-in-law can be one of the most emotional and bond strengthening gifts given by the new family to her. The photo frame can be just the couple or the whole family with few valuable wordings.

14. Flower Vase for Elder Sister:

A person who is fond of gardening and making the house more colorful, they can be presented with some innovative sister gift ideas by making handmade vases. The vase can be made from paper or glass with a hand-painted design. A flower vase will be a suitable gift for her at the next celebration.

15. Perfume and a Cosmetic Gift Basket for Sister:

Girls who are into buying new perfume and body lotions hey can be surprised by their siblings with basket gifts filled with new edition perfume and lotions. This kind of basket can be self-made or bought in the store. They will surely like this type of collection in a single one gift basket.

Buying gifts to your dear siblings that too for sisters in the family is definitely a difficult task, since girls are very particular about what they receive a gift, so brothers in the family plan ahead and elder or younger sister know very well what the sibling goes crazy for!


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