Gifts have been an important part of anyone’s life. Whether you are visiting a birthday party, anniversary party, success party, or any other such social event, giving gifts has been a tradition in the culture of nearly all the countries. They not only reveal the care, love and affection of the giver but also showers blessings for the future of the taker.

When it comes to girls, the ideas of gifts would confuse you, but at the same time would also give you a number of gift ideas to select from. Gifts for girls give your number of ideas such as jewellery, fancy clothes, designer wear, shoes, and much more to select from that would make you go crazy.

Best Gift For Girls in 2018:

Want to go mad for selecting the best gifts for girls! Check out the top collection of gifts to select from.

1. Ring of Love:

The ring of love can be a perfect gift from a loving father to her daughter. The ring is made with a combination of silver and gold which carries a small diamond in the heart shaped top. The inner line of the ring also carries words that express the feelings of a father towards his daughter.

2. Star Naming Certificate:

Want to gift your girl an amazing girls gifts! The star naming certificate is what she deserves to be the star of your house. The certificate can be personalized by mentioning all the words you wanted your girl to know along with the party venue written below.

3. Fancy Sliding Hair Clips:

Fancy items for hair have been adorable gift ideas for girls. Available in various colours, these strings come in various decorative designs with a pull up clip in the centre to give your hair a tight grip. The hanging charms add to the style it provides your hair.

4. Decorative Cushion Pillows:

Decorative cushion pillows have been perfect girls’ gift ideas. The pillow cover comes with a design inspired by the girly dresses with flaws below. The cover is also given a decorative belt in silver. The cover is made of chiffon material that is available in various colours along with various decorative and colourful belts to make the look like a dress.

5. Birth Month Floral Necklace:

Want to gift your girl something related to her birth, or birth month! A necklace with a pendant containing the print of the flower of her birth month is the best gift. The pendant is made with various floral patterns in a crystal top with colourful background.

6. Personalized Name Pearl Necklace:

A pearl necklace would grab the hearts of various girls for a funky look. The pearl necklace is given a personalized touch with pendants that contain the name of the wearer. The necklace is listed in the cool gifts for girls’ category with silver pendants in circular coins that are given a crown pattern on it.

7. Canvas Art From Your Voice:

Yes, you can now also gift your voice in the form of canvas art. The masterpiece is formed with voice linings that generate when your utter words and the similar generations are transformed in the form of a canvas art.

8. Birthday Towers in Crystal:

Crystal gifts hold a vital role while thinking of gifts for teens. The crystal gift is made with a thick crystal box in the centre of which the image is placed giving a blooming effect. You can also add some fonts, in the end, to leave a message for your daughter, sister, etc.

9. Pencil Sketch in Wooden Frame:

Sketches have widely opted for gifts for teenage girls. The sketch is made on a canvas using pencil shades to frame out the best picture for a retro look. The sketch is then covered in a wooden frame, for making it the best birthday or any other sort of gifts.

10. Scrapbooks for Girls:

Does your daughter have a habit of writing about her lovable memories with a cute picture of the same! The scrapbook would be the best to gift that allow her to build more and more memories. The book gives designer pages to build your memories with floral decorated covers and a tagline on the book that makes the scrapbook more adorable.

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11. Personalized Flip Flops:

Have you ever imagined designing your flip flops as per your choice of designs or personalized message on it! The flip-flops in white can be designed with your favourite prints on it that can also be her name, the activity when they wear it, important dates, and much more.

12. Girly Key chains:

Keychains hold an important role in the accessory list of the girls. Hence, if you are thinking about gift items for girl, the keychains would surely accomplish your needs. The girl’s keychains come with various charms on it, like the heel sandals, jingles, circular balls, heart charms, and much more. You can also add some personal charms to it for making it more bulky and cute.

13. Journey Photo Frames for Gifts:

Thinking to gift your daughter her long journey from her childhood to her teenage! A bunch of framework with clip works makes your desire come true. The colourful and printed frames come in various designs to select from with lightweight, that can be hanged on the rope side instead of using pins on the walls.

14. Cinderella Theme Bedroom Design:

Room decors have been one of the cute gifts for girls by her parents. The room is given a theme of Cinderella dolls with similar colours and labels on the walls. The bed cover, pillows, cupboards, etc. are designed in a similar way.

15. Barbie Theme Towel:

Is your daughter or sister a big fan of the Barbie dolls! Here is a perfect gift for her for various occasions. The towel in cotton is given a doll print of a Barbie doll in pink with lovely shades around it. The towels are available in various colours and prints along with sizes to select from.

16. Complete Make up Kits for Gift:

Makeup kits have a special corner in the life of every girl. And hence, makeup kits are also popular gift ideas for teenage girls. The kit comes with a fiber transparent box which contains foundation, eye shadows, lip gloss, number of shades of lipsticks and nail paints, all sorts of brushes required, and much more.

17. Funky T-Shirt for Girls:

Funky tees are mostly carried out by the teens that keep on looking for casual or routine t-shirts that carry some message on it. This t-shirt is specifically for the music lover teens which show the love of the wearer towards music.

18. Girly Laptops for Gifts:

HP has introduced delicate gifts for teen girls in the form of laptops. The laptop comes with a pink cover, in an oval shape that makes it clumsier to carry. The laptop also carries a makeup kit on one side so that you don’t need to carry any extra kits with you.

19. Parlor Gift Vouchers:

Is your daughter or sister preparing for a prom night, competitions, or any such occasion where she needs to be the centre of attraction! The parlour gift vouchers would be the best gift for a girl in this situation. The parlour kits can include various services that you want to have like dressing, makeup, waxing, hair styling, and much more.

20. Outdoor Swings for Her:

Outdoor swings have been the best gift for a girl with age no bar. Every girl has a dream to have a swing at her place. And when the swing is placed in the garden, it gives her the pleasure to enjoy the environment during evenings with her books, or evening tea. The globe swing gives her a comfortable sitting, which can be carried to the area you wish to sit.

21. Jewelry Box for Gifts:

Jewelry boxes are the mostly purchased girls’ gift items to give for nearly all the occasions. The jewelry box also comes with a dancing doll and a tiny mirror on the opening. When opened, the box also gives melodious music on which the fairy doll dances and moves in a circular motion. The box is available in various colours and patterns to select from with a variety of sizes.

22. Bracelet Watches for Gifts:

A watch that comes with the design of a bracelet is also quite popular for routine wear or on casual dresses. It has been labelled as good gifts for girls that come in sterling silver. The bracelet is made with charms like daisy florals, watch, and various jingles to make it look the best.

23. Teddy Sets for Her:

Teddy bears hold a vital role in the gift list for girls. They are widely loved due to the overloaded cuteness they carry with a smooth furry texture. Similarly, if you are also looking for a teddy set to gift her, here is one in purple that carries four different sizes of teddies. The set is also known as the teddy family set.

24. Perfume Gift Box:

Perfume gift boxes are also noticed by the gift givers for girls. The perfume gift box comes with a variety of four to five different perfumes, deos, etc. with various fragrances. The market is full of various such sets to select from according to the taste of the user with fragrances like rose, jasmine, strong stranger, etc.

25. Crystal Piano for Gifts:

This gift lists among the top gift ideas for girls who are very close to music. If she is leaning piano or loves to be with the notes it supplies to the listener, this crystal piano is definitely the best thing to gift her. The piano also comes with a crystal single seat for completing the set. The gift is widely placed in showcases or musical chambers.

26. Musical Carousel for Girls:

Another gift related to music is the musical Carousel. The music box is given the design of a carousel found in the fairs that is decorated with horses and other decorations similar to the real ones. The colour adds to the beauty of the carousel.

27. Designer Party Wear for Girls:

Party wear dresses are also widely opted gifts for teen girls. The dress comes from a designer store, which is made especially for birthday parties, prom nights, and much more. Available in various colours and designs, the dresses give them a beautifying look for the occasions.

28. Branded High Heels for Girls:

While dressing for various occasions, the girls also put equal dedication to the footwear that goes matching with the dress. Among all, high heel sandals have been voted as good gifts for girls. The heels in black come with velvet structure with back buckle designs and folded ends with golden buttons on it.

29. Homemade Hand Bags for Gifts:

Preparing for a return gift for the birthday of your daughter! Here is the best gift you can opt for. The homemade designer hand bags are made with decorative cotton materials that are attached with funky charms on it. You can also combine various materials for making new designs.

30. Stylish College Bags:

Teens are very fascinating about the college bags that they use on regular basis for colleges and classes. The bag comes with denim material in black colour. The bag is also given the stitched material print of a mini cat with various small stars on it. It also comes with a good number of pockets too.

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31. Hair Styling Kits for Gifts:

Hairstyling kits have been the best gifts for girls too. The kit is the best for the girls who love to style their hair in different ways. The kit comes with various electronic styling items like the straightener, curls, etc. to style your hair.

32. Personalized Wall Sticker for Gifts:

Wall stickers are getting trendy to decorate rooms of the girls that can also be made with a personalized touch. The stickers come with a variety of decorations to select from, with curvy alphabets to stick out the name of the room user.

33. Wood Necklace for Gifts:

Home-made jewellery in wood is gaining popularity among the teens these days for giving their dressings an artistic look. The jewellery is made using wooden beads in different shades making a long necklace that can be an adorable gift item for girl on various occasions.

34. Health Care Products for Gifts:

Healthcare baskets have been amazing gift ideas for teenage girls who are very conscious about their health, skin and hair. The basket contains various products like lotions, shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, etc. that can be chosen from various brands.

35. Two-wheeler Gifts for Her:

Yes, now as your girl would be moving to colleges, she would also require a two-wheeler bike for travelling. So, why not look for a perfect one she would love to drive to the college! The market is full of a variety of such bikes in a variety of colours to select from.

36. Professional Camera:

Is your girl passionate about photography! Why not help her in growing her passion? Here is professional camera suitable for girl’s gifts that come with a good professional range to click out special moments. The cameras are available in various brands to select from according to the features you are looking for.

37. Delightful Swim Wear:

This gift has been selected by the parents or siblings for the girls who are mermaids. The swimwear comes with a good fitting with single strips and belt wear look and curvy lines formed on the tummy side. The swimwear carries complete covering of the centre body.

38. Mugs for Gifts to Her:

Is your daughter too close to her father! Then this mug design would definitely win her heart. The mug made from ceramic is given the print of a heart with wordings that declare that the user loves her father too much. There are mugs that come with a variety of prints to select from.

39. Lace Scarf for Her:

Want to gift her something for this winter! Lace scarf designs would match your search for girls gift ideas for winters. The scarf is made from georgette material which is given net endings that look similar to woollen charms. Available in a variety of shades, they have been quite popular for adding some style to their dressings.

40. Chocolate Boxes:

Chocolates and teens have a unique relationship. It is the sweetest gift one can give to her daughter, sister or friend for various occasions and treats. The heart shape box contains various flavoured chocolates with dry fruits inside them.

41. Dart Board Box for Her:

Does she love aiming with the darts! Here are wonderful gifts for teens who love playing darts. The game comes with an attachable cabinet that can be fixed on the walls with a side hanger to store the darts on it. As it is mobile, it can be carried out in different places.

42. Embroidered Bangle Box:

Bangle boxes are one of the designer gift items for girl that comes with a circular shape to store the bangles in it. The cover of the bangle box is given embroidery designs on it for giving it a traditional look.

43. Antique Pocket Mirror:

Antique items are also selected as gifts for the girls who are in love with the traditional designs. A similar gift here is the pocket mirror which can be carried throughout the day while moving to colleges, offices, outings, parties, etc. for giving a final touch up.

44. French Style Dressing Table for Her:

Thinking to renovate her room with a dressing table in it! Here is a great dressing table piece from various designs that are made with durable wood in a French style. It has proved to be the best gift for girl entering her teens.

45. Hair Dryer for Her:

As she enters her teens, the girls become quite conscious about their hair styling, for which they need a hair dryer to properly set the hair. Here is a portable hair dryer that comes with floral designs on it in various light colours.

46. Piggy Bank for Her:

There are various girls who have the habit of saving for various purposes with the help of piggy banks. Here is a wide range of cute gifts for girls in the form of ambrosial piggy bank designs specially made for girls.

47. Painting Kits for Her:

This kit is widely selected by parents whose daughters love to sketch on the canvas with various colour shades. The kit comes with various canvas sheets, a range of colour shades, brushes of various numbers, etc. for her use.

48. Karaoke Set for Girls:

Karaoke sets are the best gifts for girls who love to sing and want to remember nearly the lyrics of all her favourite songs. Available from various brands to select from, it is widely used in birthday parties or any such occasions.

49. Mobile Phones for Her:

Yes, just as your daughter enters the teen life, she would require a mobile phone too for multiple uses. It not only connects her to social sites but is also important for some school projects and hence, they need to be connected.

50. Personalized Sofa for Her:

While decorating her room, or the sitting, you can sure adopt these girls’ gifts ideas where you design a personalized sofa for her. The sofa is made with her favourite colour shade and utmost comfort with her name on it.

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Hence, when it comes to girls gift items, your mind would surely make you go made for what to take and what to avoid. You would have to move around various mall shops to look for the perfect gift for your daughter, sister, or friend etc. that has entered her teens.


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