How Ginger Supports For Weight Loss?

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If you are planning to lose weight, you will be surprised to know that Ginger tops the list of fat burning foods!! Ginger is a metabolism activator and hence your weight loss friend. It is an essentially calorie free food. Read below, how this food can support you in meeting your weight loss goals. There  is a lot of science involved!!

Ginger is a rhizome grown extensively in tropical countries like India, China etc. It grows underground and it is the root of the plant that is used for consumption and very popular for its medicinal properties. Ginger is very useful in digestion related and respiratory congestion related ailments. It is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and thermogenic in nature. Being thermogenic, it raises the body temperature and leads to sweating. If you sweat, your body naturally flushes out it’s toxic load through the skin. Lesser toxins in your system means better and more efficient metabolism. A good, boosted up metabolism means a more efficient fat and calorie burning machinery! So, that is pretty much how ginger leads to weight loss.

ginger for weight loss

Also, there are many studies to support the notion that consuming ginger regularly leads to lowering in serum and hepatic levels of High density lipoproteins aka bad cholesterol. Lower cholesterol means lesser obesity an in turn lesser chances of developing a heart related disease during the later stages of life. Ginger also acts as a natural and safe blood thinner so, lowers blood pressure too.  Below, as the article progresses, we will let you know about how you can utilize the properties of ginger to lose your extra weight and get a slim-trim and healthy body.

Ginger in food also leads to a sensation of fullness and satisfaction. As a result, the person tends not to overeat. It naturally suppresses a person’s apetite.Since; it occurs in nature, there would be no rebound on withdrawal. High cortisol levels can be reduced by regular consumption of ginger. Those with higher cortisol levels are known to have more fat in their bodies, especially, in belly region.

Ginger For Weight Loss:

Ginger Lemon Tea:

This can be made by boiling some crushed ginger pieces I water till the quantity of water gets reduced to half. Take off this water from heat and add some lemon juice. Lemon being rich in vitamin c is a good anti oxidant which enhances waste elimination from the body aiding the weight loss cycle.

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Add Ginger to your Green / Black tea

Lemon Ginger Tea


Warm water is always preferred for those trying to lose weight. However, if you can also make lemonade out of sugar free, squeezed lemons and some freshly cut ginger pieces. You may have this lemonade once a day nearly half an hour before taking your breakfast.

The above combination of ginger and lemon markedly improves digestive functions by preventing water retention and slow movements of bowel. This makes sure the excretion and assimilation of food are balanced well too.

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As a Salad Dressing:

If you want to incorporate ginger in your salad then you might make a salad dressing my mixing some olive oil, soya sauce, freshly chopped ginger and garlic and savor the flavor.

Cooked Vegetables:

Saute some vegetables in minimal oil and add minced ginger for taste and punch of spice.

However, ginger alone would not do wonders unless you ditch the junk food, aerated drinks and do not make an effort to include some physical work out in your routine. Nothing can help a couch potato, right!!

I hope, the above article regarding the properties of this wonder kitchen ingredient and how it can help your weight loss targets was useful to you.

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