Crafts that include animals are always fun, and this giraffe craft is perfect. The kids can have fun making different types of giraffes. Using many methods to make a simple giraffe activity will be a fun idea for all kids.

Best Giraffe Craft Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers:

Try a few giraffe crafts among the top 9 below-mentioned crafts,

1. Hand Stamp Giraffe:

Here is a lovely hand-print craft giraffe that you can help your kids make. The kids need to place their hands in yellow paint and then put it on a piece of paper. Once it dries, they can put brown spots and then color the neck of the giraffe.

2. Arm Print Giraffe:

Here you have another version of the same thing. Kids need to place their arms and hand in yellow paint and then make the giraffe. Color it with brown spots to make your very own giraffe craft idea.

3. Toilet Paper Roll:

This awesome giraffe is made from toilet paper rolls. The paper roll is joined with candy sticks for the legs of the giraffe and a paper cutout for the neck and head. Kids need to color the giraffe. This is ideal for giraffe crafts for preschoolers.

4. Clothes Pin Giraffe:

Here is a fun giraffe craft for kids to do. All you need are three clothespins. Attach them to an oval paper cutout and paint them yellow and brown. Attach a yellow pompom to the face.

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5. Dots Learning:

A nice way to teach giraffe crafts to toddlers is to have them stick little dots on a cutout. The dots can be used for the legs and neck as well as the spots on the body. This teaches them fine motor skills.

6. Shoe Craft Giraffe:

A great way of giraffe crafts for adults to teach kids is to make this shoe cutout. The adults can make a shoe cut out and then use it as the head of the giraffe. Kids have to use finger painting to decorate the giraffe along with yarn hair.

7. Paper Towel Tube:

This is another version of the paper giraffe craft. Here you can take a kitchen paper towel tube and use it as the neck of the giraffe. Cut out paper for the head and stick it to the tube. Color it with yellow and brown paint and add in hair as well.

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8. Fruit Fun:

Another nice way for giraffe arts and crafts for preschool is this fun fruit activity. Here you can take different fruits and cut them to form a giraffe. Kids will have fun looking at the display and will eat their fruits too. If your kid doesn’t like to eat fruits, then try this idea to feel them hungry. Get this one giraffe craft from different types of fruits too.

9. Giraffe Bookmark:

For all kids who love to read, this fun giraffe bookmark is just right. This crafty giraffe is wonderful and fun to look at while reading your book. Help a kid make this great giraffe for himself and his family. This one-corner bookmark in giraffe craft gives a cool look.

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If you want your kids to learn about animals, then making animal crafts will be a good idea to teach your kids about animals. So giraffe as an animal is fun to watch, and so all crafts related to giraffes are great. These activities listed are a nice way to introduce the animal to kids.

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