Is your pretty princess growing up all too soon? She will be a whole lot bigger even before you realize it and will demand her own space per her growing needs. It will not take much to make your little girl’s dream come true, but with a bit of patience and the right inspiration, you can make her cosy den as unique as she is. These 15 best girl’s bedroom designs will help you design her little nook in a cute and modern way.

Best Girls Bedroom Designs In India:

Here are our 15 cute and beautiful girls’ bedroom designs with images that will give you much-needed inspiration while designing your girl’s bedroom.

1. Modern Teenage Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

This modern teenage girl bedroom idea is positively swoon-worthy as it shimmers in white and gold. The gold polka dots on the ceiling add a lovely touch to the space, while the semi-sheer curtains in white allow just enough light into the bedroom to light it up. The various designs of pillows on the bed add a chic appeal to the bedroom while the blue headboard adds a dash of colour to space. The polka-dotted matching candles and the white cabinets are perfect for the entire set.

2. Small Bedroom For Girls:

Image Source: pinterest

This teen girl bedroom idea is sweet and sophisticated, yet playful and the fern pattern in contrasting white highlights the dull grey wall colour. The white bed with yellow throws and pillows in varying shades of grey and yellow make the perfect cosy nook for your princess. The striped rug adds a dash of trendiness to the entire place and lifts it visually. The matching yellow clock and the lamp complete the perfect bedroom for your teenager.

3. Wall Design For Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

Is your sweet little girl a bit too girly? If yes, create an inviting space in her bedroom with the pretty pink butterflies all over the wall. The rug on the bed matches the colour palette of brown and pink on the walls. The matching cabinet and the huge white lanterns hanging overhead make for a cute little resting nook for your princess.

4. Rustic Teenage Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

Does your girl love rustic things? The wooden brick wall and the dark brown bedside cabinet lend an alluring look to the space. The colourful fan cheers things up, and the contrasting bed drapes add a bit of colour to the interiors. This modern bedroom decor adds a trendy touch to a traditional style. The candy-striped fan is the centre of attraction of the whole space.

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5. Shabby Chic Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

This cute bedroom decoration idea is all about pretty in pastels. Swathes of gauzy white fabric covering the windows lend a palatial feel to the room. The furniture is all done in shades of light cream. The drapes have a subtle touch of pink to them. The pretty flowers and stuffed animals all over the place make it a perfect hideout for a princess.

6. Cool Bedroom Ideas For Girls:

Image Source: pinterest

Add drama to your little girl’s bedroom with an aqua-blue and turquoise-coloured theme. It has a fresh and contemporary appeal and boasts a casual yet beautiful vibe. The beautiful pattern on the wallpaper and the sheer blue curtains add a dreamy look to the entire space. It has an airy feel and a luxurious vibe and is sure to win you brownie points from your princess.

7. Korean Girls Bedroom Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

Clean and well-organized is what comes to mind when one looks at this cute teenage girl’s bedroom. Pale colours are always in trend and never really go out of style. The little fun details like the fairy lights in the corner, the colourful pompom garland strung in the corner, and the tiny stuffed animals, and heart shapes scattered around the room make a statement on their own. The decor is minimalist yet one-of-a-kind in bedroom decoration ideas.

8. Simple Girl Bedroom Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Which girl does not love a huge billowy bed with loads of fluffy pillows? This cute girl’s bedroom is done in a two-colour palette and looks sweet and girlish. The bed drapes match the wall colour behind, and the touches of blush pink lend a feminine touch to the space. The tiny crystal lights on the bedhead steal the show in this cute bedroom for girls.

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9. Girl Apartment Bedroom Ideas:

Image Source: pinterest

This modern girl’s bedroom idea has chic white interiors. Nothing makes a bolder statement than a piece of furniture in a dark colour, adding contrast to the room like the mirror cabinet with a stylish lamp. The blue bed drapes and the pink rug add interest and a pop of colour to the expansive space and give it an alluring appeal.

10. Contemporary Girls Bedroom Designs:

Image Source: pinterest

This lovely little bedroom is artistic and visually appealing because of its contrasting colour palette, which includes dull monochrome grey and light pink too. It makes the perfect hideaway for your little girl as the bed is comfy and inviting with its matching two-tone pillows and bedsheets. The twinkling fairy lights add a dreamy appeal to the space. The strings of photos add a dramatic personalized touch to the area. Isn’t the soft pink cushion enough for your girl to squeal in delight?

11. Purple Bedroom For Teenage Girl:

Image Source: pinterest

Purple is a cult favourite among teenagers. A girly shade of hot purple adds glamour to this simple and beautiful space. The vibrant hue also provided a nice pop of contrast with the light-coloured furniture. It is clear that this girl likes animes; you can have your daughter’s favourite cartoon characters custom-printed on the wall. Your girl is sure to love it.

12. Grey Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls:

Image Source: pinterest

This beautiful grey bedroom looks like a cosy bird nest with the fuzzy quilt and the metallic grey decor. The beautiful pattern on the wallpaper makes the bedroom look classic and palatial. The windows are big enough for a view that can make anyone’s day. The beautifully upholstered bed with a variety of plush cushions looks royal enough for a queen.

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13. Girls Blue Bedroom ideas:

Image Source: pinterest

This fun blue watercolour theme for a girl’s tween bedroom looks something straight out of a fairytale. Popos of turquoise blue alter with light blue in the bedroom decor and create a fun play of colours in the room. The beautiful florals on the curtains, along with the patterned bean bags, create a high style statement that is appropriate for a modern teenager’s bedroom idea.

14. Pink and Grey Teenage Girl Bedroom:

Image Source: pinterest

This sophisticated girl’s bedroom design mixes playful pink and neutral grey colours, notably in the lacy rug and the cushions, which draw the eye immediately and lend a pop of colour to the bedroom. It has a very chic and grown-up vibe too, which means your little girl can transition smoothly into the grownup phase. The beautiful patterned rug adds charm to the setting, while the pillows in various shapes and sizes create a playful symmetry in the room for visual appeal.

15. Pink Bedroom Ideas For Girls:

No amount of pink is good enough for a girl!! This ultra-feminine bedroom is a perfect nook to cosy out for your pretty princess. The pink wallpaper with contrasting circles emblazoned creates a playful atmosphere in the room without it being too girly. The letter frame can be customized to your little girl’s name or alphabet, making a style statement while conferring ownership to her in a way. The artistic cubes stacked in the corner add contrast to the room while serving as extra storage space. The funky rug adds joy and flair to the room and can never go out of style.

Whether she is a cute toddler or a teenager, she already has specific ideas about decorating her private den. The article above will help you create a personalized style for her, keeping her needs in mind, which she will fall in love with for years to come. So, wait no more and take cues from these girls’ bedroom designs mentioned above to create a one-of-its-kind playful retreat for your beautiful princess.


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