Being a mother is enough reason to be happy, but what if you find out you will be a mother of two? Twins? You will be overwhelmed with emotions and mixed feelings, reminding you of all the responsibilities you have on your shoulders. Well then, in this article, we will give you an insight into what you must remember when pregnant with twins.

Being pregnant with twins will certainly raise many questions in your mind, and that’s what we are here for. Through this article, we hope to clear all the doubts that you might be having in your mind. But first and foremost, you should not stress that you might not be the only woman delivering twins and that many women have already delivered twins successfully.

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What To Remember Before Giving Birth To Identical Twins?

If you are pregnant with twins, time plays a crucial role in your life since you can start expecting the babies anytime between 33-38 weeks, which is considered to be the usual time for the delivery of twins and hence to avoid last-minute delivery chaos you can stay well organized beforehand.

The speciality of twin pregnancy is that, unlike the single pregnancy, you have to spend a few days in special care as some babies might need it. For safer results, you should call your doctor and talk about the birth options, as twins have pre-mature birth. Choose the best and safest hospital for the welfare of your babies and have a maternity survival kit ready and other necessary stuff such as dresses and other things to help you and your twins after the delivery.

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However, the symptoms of twin labour are similar to that of a single labour. When the babies mature enough, they get their head stuck into the pelvis, the mucus plug dislodges, and the water breaks. However, in this case, the contractions are frequent, regular and stronger.

Among The Twin Delivery Options, There Are:

1. Vaginal Birth

2. Cesarean Section

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Vaginal Birth:

If you are planning, then you must plan it with your physician by discussing the perks of having a baby through this method and also chalk out the pain relief methods after the delivery. If the ultrasonic scan has revealed your baby’s position and if the foetus is in a head down position, then you should opt for the vaginal delivery.

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Caesarean Section:

However, if you had a caesarean section during your first pregnancy, then the doctor would not advise you to go for a vaginal delivery

However, if you had a caesarean section during your first pregnancy, your doctor would probably advise you for a vaginal delivery.

a. For the vaginal birth, the doctor would check for how the next baby is positioned after your first child is delivered. If the proper position is intact, your water will break, and the second baby will be born as long as your cervix is dilated.

b. You can always choose to undergo a caesarean section if there are no risks and complications.

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Of course, the recovery time isn’t the same as that of a normal pregnancy. However, it would help if you weren’t unhappy because your child has a sibling right from birth, and you have two babies who crave your attention. Proud you will be, won’t you?


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