The Kannada film industry has always remained the Underdog of South Indian Cinema! Due to the low budget and “strictly” regional movies, many Kannadiga stars have become oblivious to the rest of the world. However, things are slowly changing with the entry of some uber-talented lady artists, who have gained popularity for their sensuous looks. Women like Sanjana and Ramya have stirred up a storm on social media with their flirty pictures and unveiled the glamorous side of the Sandalwood beauties. So, why the wait? Let us look at the trending Kannada Actresses Hot photos, which can set your heart on fire!

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Kannada Heroines Photos: Movies, Serials, Tv Shows

Kannada movies may not be known to a larger audience, but their heroines are admired across the country. Even Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone has started her career in the Sandalwood industry. There are many other known names on the Kannada heroines list who are renowned for their natural beauty and cute looks. Some of them even made it to Tollywood and Kollywood by proving their acting skills. Read along, as we discuss some of the regional and non-regional Kannada film actresses who could make it big!

Latest Kannada Actress Images:

With such importance to glamour and glitz, there is no dearth of new entries into the world of Kannada Cinema. As there is limited scope for dubbing, many native, Kannada-speaking girls were able to bag good opportunities. Even when the movie fails to perform at the box office, some of these lady stars managed to hog the limelight with their enticing performances and charming looks. They have also literally set their Instagram handles on flames, with their spicy Sandalwood Bikini photos.

Let’s put an end to the guessing game and find out the Kannada actresses list who were born in the state of Karnataka. Also, check out each of the Kannada film heroine hot photos:

1. Sreeleela(21):

Kannada Heroine Sreeleela Save

2. Varsha Bollamma(27):

Kannada Heroine Varsha Bollamma Save

3. Samyuktha Hegde(24):

Kannada Heroine Samyuktha Hegde Save

4. Rachita Ram(30):

Kannada Heroine Rachita Ram Save

5. Srinidhi Shetty(30):

Kannada Heroine Srinidhi Shetty Save

6. Neha Shetty(23):

Kannada Heroine Neha Shetty Save

7. Tanya Hope(26):

Kannada Heroine Tanya Hope Save

8. Rachel David(27):

Kannada Heroine Rachel David Save

9. Nishvika Naidu(26):

Kannada Heroine Nishvika Naidu Save

10. Subiksha Krishnan(26):

Kannada Heroine Subiksha Krishnan Save

11. Aishani Shetty(27):

Kannada Heroine Aishani Shetty Save

12. Archana Jois(28):

Kannada Heroine Archana Jois Save

13. Manvita Kamath(30):

Kannada Heroine Manvita Kamath Save

14. Nikki Galrani(31):

Kannada Heroine Nikki Galrani Save

15. Akshara Gowda(31):

Kannada Heroine Akshara Gowda Save

16. Avantika Mishra(30):

Kannada Heroine Avantika Mishra Save

Popular Sandalwood Actress Pics:

The Kannada Cinema field’s beauty is how it has embraced actresses who hail from other states. There is a broad mix of women from all parts of the country, including North and even south. These stars have made Sandalwood their home ground and proved to be no lesser than the local Sandalwood heroines. They have made attempts to learn Kannada and wooed the audience with their peppy dialogues and captivating expressions. Want to check out the sultry gallery of hot Sandalwood actresses? Here you go:

17. Nabha Natesh(27):

Sandalwood Actress Nabha Natesh Save

18. Rashmika Mandanna(26):

Sandalwood Actress Rashmika Mandanna Save

19. Nidhhi Agerwal(29):

Sandalwood Actress Nidhhi Agerwal Save

20. Pranitha Subhash(30):

Sandalwood Actress Pranitha Subhash Save

21. Dhanya Balakrishna(33):

Sandalwood Actress Dhanya Balakrishna Save

22. Shraddha Srinath(32):

Sandalwood Actress Shraddha Srinath Save

23. Catherine Tresa(33):

Sandalwood Actress Catherine Tresa Save

24. Nithya Menen(34):

Sandalwood Actress Nithya Menen Save

25. Nayanthara(38):

Sandalwood Actress Nayanthara Save

26. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar(37):

Sandalwood Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Save

27. Anushka Shetty(41):

Sandalwood Actress Anushka Shetty Save

28. Sanjjanaa Galrani(33):

Sandalwood Actress Sanjjanaa Galrani Save

29. Deepa Sannidhi(32):

Sandalwood Actress Deepa Sannidhi Save

Kannada Serial Actresses:

It is no exaggeration that Television artists are even more popular than silver screen heroines. They are a part of day-to-day for many people and entertain them with their scintillating performances. Their mere presence can make your day complete and with time, establish an emotional connection.

Here are the best rated Kannada television heroines of popular serials aired on Colors Kannada:

30. Asiya Firdose(24):

Kannada Serial Actress Asiya Firdose Save

31. Chaitra Rao(25):

Kannada Serial Actress Chaitra Rao Save

32. Mokshitha Pai(27):

Kannada Serial Actress Mokshitha Pai Save

33. Namratha Gowda(29):

Kannada Serial Actress Namratha Gowda Save

34. Amulya Gowda(29):

Kannada Serial Actress Amulya Gowda Save

35. Deepika Das(29):

Kannada Serial Actress Deepika Das Save

36. Swathi Konde(30):

Kannada Serial Actress Swathi Konde Save

37. Kavya Shastry(36):

Kannada Serial Actress Kavya Shastry Save

Best Female Anchors in Kannada:

Anchoring is no easy job! The host must be spontaneous, witty and fun-loving. The Kannada small screen has many such female anchors, who made TV time quite interesting. They are filled with infectious energy, which can uplift our spirits, even after a dragging day. With an impeccable grip on the language and a mix of local slang, these famous Kannada TC anchors have enthralled thousands of people:

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38. Anushree(34):

Kannada Anchor Anushree Save

39. Sushma K Rao(37):

Kannada Anchor Sushma K Rao Save

40. Swetha Chengappa(42):

Kannada Anchor Swetha Chengappa Save

Don’t you think these Kannada heroines pictures are too hot to handle? With their sensational looks and genuine performances, these beauties earned quite a name for themselves in the movie field. They have transformed how people viewed the Sandalwood industry and added good doses of glamour to their screen presence. So, who’s your favourite heartthrob?


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