Interior glass door designs have become the most popular way to modernize your home. Glass is a very elegant and sophisticated material, with a very wide range of designs to choose from. It adds fluidity to space while allowing natural light to filter through and creates the illusion of a larger space. A glass door can completely transform a dull and boring area into a stunning place with ethereal beauty. In this article, we showcased 20 examples that show how glass doors enhance the charm and elegance of a room.

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Best Glass Door Designs In India:

The style and character of a room can be enhanced by installing a glass door, which lets in tons of light. Glass doors are available in a wide variety of designs that can be matched with any type of home decor. Here is the compilation of 20 modern glass door designs for your home.

1. Main Door Glass Design:

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This is a lovely glass main door with a sturdy wooden frame. The frosted glass has a simple, geometric pattern etched onto it. The design is highlighted by the panel of glass above the door frame with a matching pattern etched onto it. Opt for this glass door design if you want a balance of sturdy and fashionable at your entrance.

2. Glass Door for Pooja Room:

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This door is a classic example of bridging the functional aspects of the door with a touch of style. This pooja room door combines frosted and sheer glass in diamond-shaped patterns. It makes a fashionable statement at the entrance of the pooja room. This design combined with the traditional pattern on the wooden frame, lend an artistic touch to the entrance of the mandir. Choose this design for an elegant timeless look the next time you redecorate your pooja room.

3. Glass Door Design for Drawing Room:

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This glass door is truly an iconic style with its colourful and artistic approach. Large framed windows are set in the design and collaborating designs are made with the use of pink colour in the outside frame as well as the geometric pattern in the windows. It is a fantastic way of keeping the ladies in the house happy by appealing to their feminine side through this marvellous glass door design.

4. Glass Door for Bedroom:

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This trendy and clever folding glass door design also serves as a divider between the bedroom and the connecting room. The white door frame complements the colour of the room perfectly and adds an elegant touch to the room while looking fashionable and modern. This design can reach new heights of style by customising it in accordance with the room decor or making it stand out. Whichever way, no one can resist the golden charm of a sliding glass door.

5. Kitchen Glass Door Design:

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This designer glass door has frosted glass in blue colour with a beautiful floral pattern etched onto it in different hues of blue, lending a  rich contemporary look to the design. The white frame has a mosaic pattern which contributes to the grace of the glass door design. The design stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the interior and creates a functional fashionable statement. If you are out to make a bold statement in the interior of your house, you know which glass door design to choose.

6. Sliding Glass Door Design:

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This is a lovely dark style that leads out to a sleek and chic sit-out area. The frame colour matches the furnishings in the sit-out and creates a natural flow of style from one room to the other. The stylish sliding door model enhances the aesthetics of the place while complementing the decor perfect for a complete look. It gives an open and airy sense to the area while offering a personalised retreat into the room.

7. PVC Glass Door Design:

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Pvc glass doors incorporate beautifully into any contemporary setting. The stylish wooden framing with beautiful colourful scenery on the frosted glass adds quirkiness and fun to any boring area. The semi wooden frame is a seamless style for a partial view of the room while allowing the occupant certain privacy. The dark colour of the frame adds a pop of colour to any type of decor and adds its own rustic charm to the interior of the room. It would be perfect for a child’s bedroom or a kids nursery to incorporate a playful element into the door decor.

8. Flush Door Design with Glass:

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These golden flush doors with the latest glass door designs add a refreshing depth to space. The golden-brown cues give warmth and cosiness to the room while matching the rest of the interior perfectly. Small sheer glass panes are fit into large wooden frames of varying sizes to create this design. It incorporates modern style into a chic surrounding. The design is simple, yet speaks volumes in fashion sense. The next time you want to give your house a wooden finish, you know which way to go in glass doors.

9. Office Front Glass Door:

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This sleek glass door is picturesque with a flawless chic design. The metallic frame adds a glamorous touch to the door while distinguishing it from the rest of the glass walls. The semi frosted glass illuminates the room with natural light while allowing the occupant a little privacy. The elegant finish brightens up the room with a grand appeal. It is a must-have for sleek corporate offices and can also be installed at home too for a quirky heightened sense of fashion.

10. Frosted Glass Design for Door:

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This wonderful glass door has a traditional wooden finish to an aluminium alloy with frosted tempered glass. The floral pattern etched on the glass lends an edgy appeal to the door and is a lovely pairing to the home. It is modern and refreshing in style and adds perfect depth to any setup. The glass illuminates the room while providing adequate privacy and is a wonderfully modern touch to any room.

11. Double Door with Glass:

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This modern double door design is elegant and inviting due to its deep brown colour and stylish pane design. The engraved pattern on the frosted adds sophistication to the glass door. The natural wood finish with retro touches is a clever way to make a style statement. This design is perfect the next time you want to upgrade your doors to functional yet trendy glass doors.

12. Designer Glass Door:

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This is another glass door design with a plethora of colour added to the glass. This colourful and edgy glass door gives a stunning outlook to the entire space and illuminates the entire area. It is unique and durable too. The cute floral entwined creepers with colourful flowers are picturesque and add romance and charm to the room. If you want to give your door a colourful yet chic revamp, opt for this creative glass door design.

13. Tuffen Glass Door Design:

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This elegant glass door has an engraved design, and is great for the interiors as the glass lets in light but isn’t see-through and provides adequate privacy. The exquisite engraved design speaks volumes of modernisation and beauty. It adds a contemporary feel and blends perfectly with the sleek decor of the rest of the house. The floral design is simple but has an air of sophistication around it.

14. Aluminium Glass Door Design:

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This glass door has been inspired by contemporary feels and incorporates glass panes into a huge black frame. The dark aluminium frame adds chic to the surrounding glass while also providing a dash of contrast to the pale interior. The design is simple but is modern and exudes elegance. A lovely style which allows natural light while providing partition for a completed functional look.

15. Plywood Door Design with Glass:

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A sleek plywood glass door design that is exceptionally eye-catching due to the rich dark colour and the trendy design. It adds sophistication to the room while maintaining a cosy feel in the house. The thin glass panel offers a seamless view of the room while maintaining adequate privacy. This glass door has a timeless look and adds a retro fashionable look to space. The next time you want to add a pop of colour to your interior, go for this contemporary and beautiful design.

16. Glass Door for Shop:

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These swivelling glass doors in a shop are simple and functional yet modern and chic at the same time. The metallic frame adds depth and beauty to the glass while providing support to the glass door. The door opens both ways and is great to handle rush during peak hours. This elegant glass design can be used both for commercial and residential purposes. The see-through doors offer a seamless view of the colourful interiors of the shop and are a great addition for any modern area.

17. 3D Glass Door Design:

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The wonderful experience of glass doors has been taken a step further with 3D designs which add an ethereal charm to the room. These 3D glass door designs are a perfect combination of simplicity, authenticity and elegance. It is a sturdy addition to the room, simple and eye-catching at the same time. The metallic grey frame beautifully blends into the rest of the interior, while the wonderful floral pattern etched onto the frosted glass gives the door an edgy feel. Invest in this design if you are into 3-dimensional patterns and ultramodern sophisticated designs.

18. Glass Door for Living Room:

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This glass door has a retro look with brown wood and sheer glass. The simple yet attractive design matches the rest of the decor perfectly and lends a rustic feel to the surrounding area. The refined wood design on the door adds to the elegance of the design while maintaining simplicity.

19. Colour Glass Door Design:

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This stunning colourful glass door is made by incorporating flat glass into a mould in a controlled environment. It creates a riot of colours while the side windows with the same design accentuate the style for an elegant completed look. It lends an edgy appeal to the room and can make your room reach new heights in modernist style and elegance. The brilliant design will make any room and any type of decor pop with a hint of artistic fun.

20. Arch Glass Door Design:

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This arched door design with a sleek framing and beautifully gilded glass give a partial view of the room while maintaining adequate privacy. It is an epitome of modernisation in glass door designs with a sleek wooden frame and lends an eye-catching appeal to the room. The simple design mixed with the genius of the designer makes it highly recommendable for a trendy house.

Choosing a modern glass door design gives an instant style upgrade to your home and adds a brightened feel to space. A customised glass door blending in with your home decor contributes to your own personal interior style. An elegant glass door expresses a heightened grace of invitation and also creates its own stylish charm in the home. So take your pick of the favourite ones from the above selection of the best glass door designs and enjoy the compliments coming your way.


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