Gm Diet Day 4 – Plan And Recipes

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The fourth day of the GM diet weight loss program is filled with surprises. Now as you are almost half the way down of your fitness journey this day is unlike the past three days where you are only restricted to consume fruits and vegetables only! At Day 4 you can can take only the following three items in your meals: bananas, milk and soup.

gm diet day 4

At Day 4 you are again restricted to certain meals and calories intake it may sound you irritating or boring but don’t worry as you have already survived three days now on this day it wont be that hard you just have to remain determined as your body is slowly getting used to the new dietary content.

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By Day 4 the body has already gained sufficient amounts of sweets from fruits, and fiber from vegetables. Since it already has a sustained appetite, it would no longer be responsive to the taste of bananas. Those who have reached Day 4 would have to take more liquids, and they will get their energy from milk shakes and soup.

Preparing The Body For Day 4:

Preparing for Day 4 is not at all hard for you it will be just a small task to do. The day offers only the said three meals: banana, milk, soup. To divert your mind you might just make yourself busy with various physical activities. As you already have good amount of energy for the day, and by working out a bit you will produce good results!

GM Diet Day 4 Breakfast:

To get the best you have to start with the best! The best way to start Day 4 is by having a banana with a glass of warm milk, you also have a choice of almond milk or a very lite coconut milk will be fine as well. You can also take a bowl of sliced bananas on milk like the cereals in breakfast but it should be without the cereal content.

You can only have Skim milk only all day in this day; full milk will be heavy on the stomach and is filled with unnecessary nutrients that are not beneficial for the weight loss.

GM Diet Day 4 Lunch:

Out of the three listed items now is the turn of soup! So during Lunch in Day 4 you may take a bowl of vegetable soup. You usually have tries soup bowls which consist of various vegetable and flavored with herbs and other spices, the Best vegetable soups that should be taken during lunch should include tomato soup and cabbage stew, as they are packed with natural flavors and you would not intake any artificial substance.

GM Diet Day 4 Dinner:

At the dinner the choice is yours! Your Dinner may consist of a serving of vegetable soup and banana shake, or any combination of the three items, but remember to keep it light. The shake at night can be quite heavy to handle later at night, so you may forego the shake and focus on the soup, as the soup alone will feel you full until next morning.

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GM Diet Day 4 Midday Snacks And Beverages:

In Day 4, the recommended snacks would be bananas and milk only! You may take These snacks between the meals in small quantities as these prove to be essential as they taste naturally delightful.

Here are listed 2 recipes that you can try for day 4.

Banana Shake Recipe For Day 4:


• 2 bananas, sliced
• 2 glasses skim milk
• 2 glasses crushed ice


This is very easy to make you just need to blend the said ingredients! This recipe is to give you an idea that what quantity you have to take in the day of banana .

In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. No sugar! Serves 2.

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GM Diet Day 4 Vegetable Soup Recipe:


• 1 Carrot,
• 1.5 Tomato,
• 1/4 Cabbage,
• 5 mushrooms,
• 1 cup water.

Water content should be enough to sub-merge all vegetables.


1. Chop vegetables finely and mix all with water.
2. using a pressure cooker to boil. Add all vegetables to cooker. Close the cooker lid.
3. Switch ON the stove on high flame and let it make a whistle. After 1 whistle, switch OFF the stove.
4. Let the steam vanish on its own before you try to open the cooker lid.
5. Once the steam has gone, open the lid and take out the boiled veggies in a bowl.
6. Seasoning: Sprinkle 2 pinch Salt, 2 pinch black pepper and 1 tsp lemon juice. The soup is ready to serve.

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