GM Diet Day 6 – Plan and Recipes

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If you have been following the 7 day GM Diet then take one thing in your mind that in a fact that you are almost done with the diet.

On Day 6 you are allowed to eat a good variety of food you may call it a cheat day! of the GM diet plan, foods to be consumed will not only include beef but a wide variety of vegetables as well. This may also be considered a feast day for GM diet, as they can eat all the beef and vegetables they want. You can eat your favorite veggies and it is great to eat on this day as the body is slowly gaining back its appetite.

Gm diet Day 6

On this day you must have already lose as much as 10 lbs! There would already be changes on how the way one looks as compared from the past few days of dieting. You may also observe a different change in your looks Because of the previous fruit-vegetable consumption a different glow in the skin can also be seen.

Preparing for Day 6 of the GM Diet:

By past 5 days your body has already gone through a lot of fat reduction and increased metabolism therefore on day 6 there will be more need for beef for protein and muscle development, and fiber from vegetables to keep the body energized during the day.

GM Diet Day 6 Breakfast:

You are free to choose your breakfast from the above mentioned items. Breakfast on Day 6 may be started off with a bowl of mixed vegetables or beef ham! If you are going with vegetables those may be sautéed or stewed, so that they would have a more tender bite and good to taste. If having a bowl of vegetable soup with beef cutlets then this would keep the stomach satiated throughout the rest of the day.

GM Diet Day 6 Lunch:

During lunchtime, you may have any form of mixed vegetables and beef may be eaten. Try out the Asian-style cooking as it is the best style in this mealtime, as dishes under this cuisine consist mainly of beef and vegetables. If you don’t want vegetable in lunch time go for A bowl of beef and broccoli this may sound ideal for Western people but as much as possible do not include potatoes or bread as these both are contain a good amount of fat percentage and you surely do not want fat again.

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GM Diet Day 6 Dinner:

At Dinner time you may take a vegetable soup and a hamburger your ham should not have any bread! And only meat or beef! As at night time you are recommended with light meal especially when you have gone through a long and tiring day. The soup will light up the senses and replenish the lost energy, while the beef content brings back the protein, iron and fiber lost.

GM Diet Day 6 Midday Snacks and Beverages:

Here we come up with the mid day meals or snacks ,Beef and vegetables may continue to be eaten during snacks. It is referred that during mornings go with green vegetables and during evenings going with beef and proteins! This is because to make you full all day long as appetite has to be contained at normal levels, so that would not crave for other types of food.

Water has to be there on every day! Water keeps the lost sweat replenished and the senses rejuvenated. You may also go with Coconut water which may be taken during afternoons, but this may create bloating! So do not drink much of it!

Below is a recipe which you may take up as a meal or as a snack.

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GM Diet Day 6 Recipe:

Beef and Vegetable Kebab


  • Beef cubes – 6 (you can substitute it with chicken or Paneer if you are vegetarian)
  • Red Tomato – 1
  • Yellow Bell Pepper – 1
  • Onion – 1


Slice all the mentioned vegetables into quarter inches and together with beef cubes (2 or 3 per stick), skew them on barbecue sticks. Baste them with low fat butter and also season with salt and pepper as needed or you can it dry too! Then grill on open fire until beef is tender and soft.  You can also substitute beef with paneer or meat up to your choice! It is for 3.

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