GM Diet Day 6 is the most awaited day of the 7 Day GM Diet Weight Loss Program. It is a legit cheat day after being deprived of all your favorite foods over the past five days. This means you can finally eat “real food” that comprises of brown rice, vegetables, meat etc. that give you a sense of satisfaction. However, you will still follow certain rules and regulations on this day, which we will look into in this article!


How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet Day 6?

GM Diet Day 6 Sample Meal Plan

GM Diet Day 6 Exercises

Foods to Avoid on GM Diet Day 6

Why this Works?

How Will you Feel at the End of GM Diet Day 6?


How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet – Day 6?:

At the start of Day 6, you will notice that your appetite is bouncing back to normal. You are likely to feel lighter and energetic in the morning. Today, the agenda is to eat plenty of protein and fiber lost during the previous days. You are allowed to eat a variety of meat dishes (predominantly made with beef, chicken etc.), grilled vegetables, brown rice and of course, the GM Diet Soup.

So prepare your meals ahead of the day to save plenty of time and effort.

GM Diet – Day 6 Sample Meal Plan:

As mentioned earlier, today, you are allowed to consume solid food that can restore normalcy to your system. You can eat a healthy portion of meat like beef, chicken etc. along with vegetables. Vegetarians can replace meat with brown rice, cottage cheese etc. Also, make it a point to eat a heavy breakfast, medium-sized lunch and a light dinner for optimum results.

Here is the Sample GM Diet Plan – Day 6 Indian Version:



Start your day with one or two beef/chicken cutlets, along with a bowl of vegetable salad. You can boil or saute the veggies to make them tasty and digestible. Have 1-2 glasses of water to boost your metabolism.

Mid-Morning Snack:

If you are hungry, have one bowl of the GM Diet Soup. Those who still feel the heaviness from breakfast can have 1 glass of plain water, coconut water or lemon water without added salt, sugar etc.


Make your lunchtime more interesting by preparing a bread-less burger. You can have 1 beef or chicken cutlet with lettuce, grilled vegetables, etc. You can also go for an Asian stir fry with vegetables and beef chunks. But, avoid putting in sauces, MSG or artificial flavoring agents.

Evening Snack:

Once again, measure your hunger levels and based on that, you can have one bowl of GM diet soup or 1 glass of water.


Keep your dinner light by having one bowl of soup, one or two chicken/beef kebabs with some vegetables.

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You can kick-start the day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast that comprises of one slab grilled paneer or cottage cheese and one bowl of grilled vegetables.

Mid Morning Snack:

Have one glass of lemon water, coconut water or plain water


You can have one cup of mixed veg pulao made with brown rice, one healthy portion of vegetable salad with some sprouts to increase the protein content.

Evening Snack:

Stick to plain water or have some GM Diet soup depending on your hunger levels.


Have one portion of grilled paneer with some brown rice and vegetables. You can toss them all into a one-pot meal. However, don’t go overboard on the quantity and keep it light!


  • You can use a few drops of oil for cooking meat or vegetables
  • If you are a non-vegetarian, plan to include at least one or two portions of vegetables for dietary fiber.
  • Focus on eating portion-control meals

GM Diet – Day 6 Exercises:

On the 6th day of GM Diet, your consumption of protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates is adequate. So, you can get back to your normal exercise routine like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cross fat or even HIT (High-Intensity Training). Indulge in an active lifestyle to burn the excess calories and feel lighter, fitter than ever before. Don’t forget to keep drinking water to avoid getting dehydrated.

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Foods to Avoid on Gm Diet – Day 6:

Here is a list of foods to completely avoid on Day 6:

  • Potato, Tomato, Peas, Corn
  • Bread
  • Fruits
  • Junk Food
  • Salad Dressing
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • And other foods that are not listed in the “allowed” chart.

Why this Works?:

The idea behind this meat and vegetable diet on Day 6 is to make your body feel normal again. The high amounts of protein and dietary fiber acquired today can fuel your system and energize it. This is very important to stabilize the body after a 5 day crash diet. Consuming 10-12 glasses of water during this day can flush out the toxins and speed up the digestion process of the proteins in the body.

How Will You Feel At The End of GM Diet – Day 6?:

By the end of Day 6, you are likely to experience higher satisfaction levels than you had on any other day. You will feel blessed to eat regular food again that doesn’t give the feeling of being on a ‘diet’. Your skin starts feeling softer and radiant because of all the toxins flushed out of the body.

Many people have reported losing at least 10 lbs or approx. 4.5 kgs of weight by the 6th day. However, these results may vary from person to person. Irrespective of the numbers on a weight scale, you will definitely notice a slimmer, toned body.

So, Day 6 of GM Diet Plan is done! This means you have just one more day to go! Maintain those positive vibes and focus on the purpose of taking up this weight loss program more than just losing a few kilos. Hit the bed early, as you will wake up to a real feast on Day 7!

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DISCLAIMER: The content written in this article is purely for informational purpose(s) only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Before trying out any new diet plan, including the one mentioned in this article, you must seek the advice of a physician or a trained medical practitioner.


1. Can a Vegan take up the GM Diet Plan?

Ans: The reason why GM diet is so popular is because of its versatility. You can customize the food choices depending on your individual preferences and lifestyle. If you are a vegan, replace cottage cheese with Tofu and increase the number of vegetables in your diet.

2. Is Yogurt allowed on GM Diet -Day 6?

Ans: Although it is not mentioned in the original GM Diet plan, Yogurt or curd can be had on the 6th day. These can be healthy alternatives to cottage cheese for vegetarians. They also improve the gut flora for better digestion.

3. Are spices allowed while cooking meat or vegetables in GM Diet?

Ans: When you say spices, you can add one or two whole spices, pepper, paprika etc. Avoid using garam masala, ground spices or masalas. They can trigger acidity in the stomach and give you discomfort. Try to keep your meals as simple and clean as possible.


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