GM Diet Indian Version – Weight Loss Program

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Do you always fail in following a diet? Has overweight become a problem for your looks and health? Then you can think of trying out the GM diet chart for Indian version. As GM or a diet program planned by the General Motors Inc, for their employees and families includes a lot of vegetables and fruits, this can be easily practiced by most Indians.

The diet mainly aims at reducing ten to seventeen pounds of weight in a week, making sure the body remains healthy. In order to burn more calories, the diet program emphasizes more on the consumption of vegetables than meat. If you really love yourself and want to flaunt the body, then with determination you need to strictly follow this program. During the diet, you cannot consume alcohol, as it will increase the level of uric acid in the body. It will also result in water retention and blockage of natural detoxifying procedure.

gm diet indian version

Indian Version GM Diet for Weight Loss:

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GM Diet Indian Version - Weight Loss Program 2

The Seven-Day Diet Program Is As Follows:

Day 1- Diet Chart:

On the 1st day of the diet, you need to intake different types of fruits. You can consume as much quantity of fruit as you want. However, you should not take any banana, as it contains high amount of carbohydrates. You also need to consume at least ten to twelve glasses of water throughout the day.

Day 2- Diet Chart:

On the 2nd day of the diet, you need to consume all types of vegetables. You can boost up your energy level by having potato during breakfast. You can also have a mixture of boiled green vegetables. Consuming vegetable soup also works wonder, if served during lunch and dinner.

Day 3- Diet Chart:

On the 3rd day of the diet, you can consume a combination of vegetables and fruits. You are still not allowed to consume any banana on the third day. You should continue consuming ten to twelve glasses of water, as this increases the process of metabolism in the body.

Day 4- Diet Chart:

On the 4th day of the diet, you can intake milk and skimmed milk. You can also include vegetable soup during lunch and dinner. For Indians, consuming yogurt instead of skimmed milk also serves the purpose.

Day 5- Diet Chart:

On the 5th day of the diet, you can consume tomatoes, curd, and brown rice. Instead of beef, you can consume a cup of brown rice or a cup of cottage cheese. You should also include lot of cucumbers and tomatoes on this day.

Day 6- Diet Chart:

On the 6th day of the diet, you can consume vegetables and brown rice. Brown rice is given as a substitute for beef. However, you are not allowed to consume potato on this day. It would be best to intake soybean curd and cottage cheese, along with other vegetables.

Day 7- Diet Chart:

On the 7th day of the diet, you need to consume at least two cups of brown rice along with fruits and vegetables. You can consume as much quantity of fruits and vegetables as you wish. Along with eight to ten glasses of water, you can also take fruit juice.

Follow the diet program with determination and soon make everyone turn around with the dazzling beauty of your physique.