You all may know that the GM Diet is a 7-day weight loss diet plan created by General Motors for their employees to promote their health and clean eating. This program claims to show results in just 1 week, with a loss of ten to twelve pounds. While many people only talk about its benefits but may not discuss its side effects. Are you wondering if GM food causes side effects? Yes, this diet plan is actually a crash diet plan designed for short-term weight loss goals and may not be recommended for the long term. In the long run, you may face some side effects like malnutrition, headache, weakness etc. Read the full article to know what side effects you may face from following a GM diet plan in the long run.

GM Diet Plan Side Effects:

Though the Gm diet plan chart is popular all across the world, there are still some questions about the real effectiveness of the diet. Listed below are some of the serious General Motors Diet Side Effects:

1. Sudden Weakness In Muscles:

You can feel sudden weakness in the muscles, as the muscular tissues will be deprived of enough amount of protein during the first few days of the diet program. However, once your body gets used to the nutrients provided by the diet regime, you can regulate this condition.

2. Malaise and Headache:

During the first day of the diet program, some people may experience malaise and headaches. This is because the body needs time to get used to the diet effects. Actually, this effect is a bit psychosomatic, as the body craves for mouth-watering dishes and has to refrain from those, in achieving the dietary goals.

3. Dehydration and incessant Thirst:

While following the diet program, your body might feel incessant thirst. As most of the body fluid is used for enhancing the metabolic process, you might suffer from dehydration. In order to prevent this situation, you need to consume more amount of water and experience a rejuvenated feeling.

4. Dry Skin:

While you are on the diet, you may notice that your skin has become dry after two or three days. This is because the body consumes a large amount of water to foster the metabolic process. So, you need to intake a lot of water and prevent your skin from becoming dry.

5. Not Recommended For Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women are advised to take a balanced diet, that comprises all nutrients, including carbohydrates, protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. GM diet plan forces a low-carb diet, which can weaken the woman during her pregnancy and also affects the baby’s health. This is why you must not try any crash diet, including the GM diet.

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6. Slows Down Metabolism:

Once the GM diet is over, many people have experienced decreased hunger levels and weakened metabolism. Due to poor digestion, you might experience constipation, weight gain and lethargy. This is why the GM diet is treated as a short-term weight loss program.

7. Monotonous:

Imagine thriving on the same food every day for 7 continuous days! People who are not used to eating fruits and vegetables are likely to find this diet boring and monotonous. Especially, the banana and milk diet on the 4th day can weaken the interest of many people, who end up discontinuing it.

8. Leads To Quick Weight Loss:

GM diet is an instant weight loss program, which can help you shed quite a few pounds in just one week. This sudden change in your body is not good, especially for your heart. You might experience balance issues, stretch marks and overall physical discomfort due to this.

9. Rigid Diet:

The original GM diet is a rigid diet that forces its takers into following the fixed menu. People who thrived on rich food until the day before found this rigidity quite challenging and traumatic. This is why the Indian version of the GM diet offers a relaxed menu to suit the local palate and make it interesting.

10. No Exercise Included:

If you thought to give on fatty foods or starving yourself is the way to lose weight, you are mistaken. The ideal way to do this is with a healthy combination of a low-calorie diet and exercise. While the original GM diet plan doesn’t recommend any workout plan, the altered versions do suggest some Yoga and light exercises.

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11. Hair Loss Due To Lack Of Nutrition:

The strength of your hair depends on the nutrients like Folate, iron, Protein etc. which are missing in the GM diet. While the menu includes more fibre, it does compromise on many key vitamins and minerals. This is why people with slight hair fall may experience losing hair in bunches after this program.

Those are some of the major GM motors diet side effects. Unfortunately, many people read only the positive aspects of this program, without taking the negatives into consideration. This can seriously impact your health and lead to many disorders, sometimes irreversible. Analysing your current health status, Age and other factors is a must before taking up any crash diet, including the GM diet.


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