Goddess braids! They are nothing but a variant of cornrows in much thicker versions, and hair braids are near and close to the scalp. The Goddess braid hairstyles look much fuller and thicker than the regular cornrows and add to a unique and fascinating style statement.

We have compiled the present trending Goddess box, crochet, and cornrow braid hairstyles for those women who love experimenting and trying out these new unique looks. Check these out, and you will love them as much as we do!

10 Trendy Goddess Braid Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair:

Be it thin or dense hair, stylish or unique occasion, goddess braids hairstyles can be an apt one to try if you are looking for a versatile transformation.

1. Goddess Braids Hair Ponytail:

In the array of goddess braids styles, few looks always stand out with a unique and creative style statement. We have this lovely Goddess braids hairstyle with natural hair. This style is all about creating a ponytail with braids, exuding a beautiful and exotic stylish glam quotient. Women with curls can try out this lovely look across age groups and occasions.

2. Goddess Braids with Curls:

If you have naturally curly hair, this goddess braids hairstyle is among the top favourite trend in the fashion world and deserves all your attention. The mesmerizing look is easy to create and will not disappoint you in exuding a beautiful and vintage classic appearance. The updo sure will impress the crowd and give you a perfect glam quotient. Try it out if you have long hair length!

3. Box Braids Inspired Style:

If you are looking for a good double goddess braids style inspired by box braids input, then why not? You can always blend and make yourself stand unique and stylish. Here is the double braid style with a high pony. Although it is new, we are allured and mesmerized by the kind of creativity in this hairstyle.

  • Best Face Shape: Any face shape can totally try this style out.
  • Best Hair Type: Wear this if you have straight or wavy hair texture only.
  • Suitable Age Group: Women in their 20s are only best for this style, especially those in their early 20s.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and winters both are good to go in here.
  • Matching Outfit: Nice casual jeans and tops can go well in this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: Wear this while going to your college or with friends outing.

4. Long Loose Braids:

Best for long hair, this hairstyle can be easily styled. The look is associated with long braids hanging from the back. This is one of the best hairstyles out there, and all women who wish to have a feminine look can try this hairstyle. If you have thick and long hair, then you are quite lucky to try this hairstyle. This style is among the unique goddess braids trending right now.

  • Best Face Shape: Women with oval and elongated face shapes can try this style out.
  • Best Hair Type: Wear this style for wavy hair texture for the best looks.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those in their late 20s and early 30s can best try this style out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: One can wear this look in any season as one wishes.
  • Matching Outfit: These best goddess braids can try with a lovely sleek dress.
  • Perfect Occasion: Try this style during parties or dinner events.

5. Inspired Goddess Braids:

The goddess braids are new to most of us. Here see the full-length hair of goddess braided style in a crown look, which is amazing and unique too. In case you have long hair and want to try out something stylish and edgier, then stay in a routine. You can try this style out. However, it requires more maintenance than other styles.

  • Best Face Shape: Females of any face shape can try this style out.
  • Best Hair Type: Wear this style if you have long, curly, wavy or even straight textures. Thin hair women or thick hair, both can even flaunt this versatile style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those in their 40s are suitable for this style out.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Wear this during summer or autumn to look good.
  • Matching Outfit: One can wear this with a dress or casual pants and a top.
  • Perfect Occasion: Outings with lunches and dinners can be the best occasion to try this style.

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6. Goddess Locks Full Braid:

If you are looking for something very simple and basic, you can even try out this goddess braid hairstyle for girl ideas with your imagination and input. Here the braids are done till the tail of the hair is totally in a stylish manner. This is a comfortable and edgy look as yet that we can wear every day for work. Try this style out if you are looking for something basic.

  • Best Face Shape: Round and square face shapes can try this style.
  • Best Hair Type: Long hair with any hair texture can go with this one.
  • Suitable Age Group: Wear this for any age group totally as it is quite versatile.
  • Perfect Season to Try: One can wear this unique and versatile style with any season.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear casual like normal dresses or jeans with this look.
  • Perfect Occasion: Work or daily wear is good to go in this basic style.

7. Goddess Braids with Ponytail:

Can you imagine having such intricate designs of goddess braids? This one looks like the crochet braids, which is not easy to do. This is not a quick or fun one, but rather with big and several double braids done all over the head to get down the pony. Women who are looking out for such intricate styles can try this one out.

  • Best Face Shape: Oval and elongated face shape can try this one out.
  • Best Hair Type: Wear this with curly and wavy hair texture.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those under age below 45 can try this look.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and winters can both be perfect here.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear this with casual, like tank tops and shorts.
  • Perfect Occasion: One can wear this during dinner parties or music/dance night events.

8. Side Goddess Braids:

In this haircut, braids are tied on the side, which eventually extends below your ear to shoulder (or more than shoulder length). The braids are cut loose to fall apart fashionably. It looks very cute, and while most of us already know this new goddess braids style, it looks mesmerizing and alluring to try out.

  • Best Face Shape: Round, square, and heart face shapes can best look good in this style.
  • Best Hair Type: Any hair texture can try this perfect style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those girls and young women below 25 years can try this one.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and spring, are both good times to try this out.
  • Matching Outfit: To try these easy goddess braids with a beautiful sleek dress or skirt.
  • Perfect Occasion: One can wear this style during outings with friends or family.

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9. Round and Stacked Goddess Braids:

Round accumulated braids look amazing on long hair. In this look, braids are tied up and stacked facing backwards. Most of the hair is pulled and tied in this fashion. Many celebrities have carried this look, and now it’s your turn. Pull the hair tight and stack it towards the back. Then tie a strong braid along with that previously accumulated hair. This is among our favourite and pretty goddess braids ideas.

  • Best Face Shape: Round and oval face shape women can try this out.
  • Best Hair Type: Straight and wavy or smooth curls hair texture can suit this better.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those in their 30s are suitable to look youthful and radiant here.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summer season is the best for this braided bun hairstyle.
  • Matching Outfit: This simple goddess braids yet elegant look will suit only with a cute dress or gown.
  • Perfect Occasion: Parties and high-end events are great and suitable for this style.

10. Faux Goddess Braid:

In this look, braids are on the upper part of the scalp. This displays a religious and feminine nature. There is not much hair on the sides, front or back. Braids are formed in a spiral manner and adjusted on the upper part of the head. This goddess braids updo is new right now, and those who want to have a unique and versatile look should not miss this one out.

  • Best Face Shape: Round and oblong face shapes women can try this best lookout.
  • Best Hair Type: Straight and wavy hair textures are only good to go in this look.
  • Suitable Age Group: Those in their 20s or 30s, can wear this style.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers and monsoons both are good to go in here.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear these goddess braids with a weave kind of inspired style with a beautiful ethnic dress.
  • Perfect Occasion: Ethnic events and parties or family functions are good for attending in this style. This can even be a good formal party style.

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11. Wedding Goddess Braid:

This is the best companion for every woman’s striking wedding look. The hairstyle is very appealing. Braids are formed on the back, whereas the rest of the hair remains brushed in a normal way. It is more than just a hairstyle; it is you. This look defines you and is going to make you stand out. This is among the popular goddess braid natural hairstyles for weddings, which is going to turn attention towards you, which you deserve!

  • Best Face Shape: Any face shape women can best suit and try this style.
  • Best Hair Type: Curls and wavy hair texture is best for this braid style.
  • Suitable Age Group: Women in their 20s are only more suitable here than others.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Any season is best for trying these goddess braids with curls.
  • Matching Outfit: The bride or bride’s friends can both wear this with a nice ethnic gown.
  • Perfect Occasion: Weddings or reception kind of event is good to go; even engagements are best for this.

12. Victory Goddess Braids:

This version of goddess braids is way different from all the others. Here hairs are used to be tied in the form of a crown-like structure. Time and patience are required to style this look. All the hair is pulled and stacked facing upward. It looks as if you’re wearing a crown bun. This looks like African goddess braids and looks quite alluring!

  • Best Face Shape: Women in oval and elongated face shapes can be the best look. However, a round face shape also can try this one out.
  • Best Hair Type: Curls and curly hair texture are the best to try this one.
  • Suitable Age Group: Women of age below 40 can try this lookout.
  • Perfect Season to Try: Summers, or any season for that matter, is good to go.
  • Matching Outfit: Wear quirky and funky dresses only with this style.
  • Perfect Occasion: For any fashion occasion and event is good to try this black goddess braids style.

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Additional Tips:

  1. Given that goddess braids take some time and effort, make sure you take help if required. The more intricate they are, the better the outcome is.
  2. Make sure to remove your braid designs and style before you end your day and sleep.
  3. Use a good serum to protect hair from all hair heat appliances and tight styles.
  4. Do hair spa once a month without fail to work on moisturizing and deeply nourishing hair.
  5. Oil massage is good regularly to protect hair with natural oils and also fight external factors on hair such as pollution and impurities.
  6. Trim hair if you want any particular style. Once in three months, it is good to go.

These are some of the trending and latest goddess braids hairstyles. Given these top ten, hope you found your best fit and styles as per your choice. Try these out and tell us how best you like these styles. They are worth a try, given the unique style statement and nature. Tell us and share your ideas and experiences with us; we love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What is the Goddess Braids?

Ans: Goddess braids are thicker braids and styles which are done very close to the scalp and crown area. They last for weeks mostly and can be done in several and various styles.

Q2. Can Goddess Braids be Tied and Worked on Regularly?

Ans: Yes, you can work on goddess braids even regularly, but given the tight and intricate styles, make sure to take proper and good care of your hair without fail.

Q3. Is it Okay to Continue Using Goddess Braids without Removing them for a Few Days?

Ans: Some haircuts and designs of braids take hours to do and maybe continue for days or weeks as you wish. But the hair care routine should be followed without fail. Dry shampoo and scalp wash can be done during this time. Consult your hairstylist for the best details and personalized suggestions.


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