Gold bangles are available in so many designs and weights. The cost of gold bangles depends upon their weight and design. Some people like their design to be heavy. For example, there is a gold bangle of 20 grams. Whichever design you select can be designed in a 20-gram gold bangle. It looks rich in class and appearance. Wearing gold bangles in daily life gives you pride and status. It has significance in the life of every lady. In marriages, it has become customary to wear gold bangles. While wearing gold bangles, you need to take special care of thieves. Once you start taking an interest, you can explore many designs in twenty-gram gold bangles designs.

Different Designs Of Gold Bangles In 20 Grams for Stunning Look:

20-gram gold bangles are classy and inspired to keep simple yet incredible. You can never forget it once it set in your eyes. Some of this jewellery is easily available online, while others can be custom-made.

1. Contemporary Style Gold Bangle:


Take a look at this sparkly gold bangle that is anything but ordinary. This statement piece is specially handcrafted for women who love to blend traditions with modernity. The minimalistic design complements Indian and western wear outfits. It is best worn on its own to let its minute detailing kickstart some interesting conversations.

  • Design: The Mila Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual Parties and Get-Togethers

2. Designer Rose Gold Bangle:


Rose gold is also a precious metal made with an alloy of gold, copper and other metals. The single rose gold bangle under 20 grams features a wrinkled effect with interlaced gold links. This beautifully handcrafted piece adds a sophisticated and glamorous look to your hands. Team it with any outfit of your choice to look like a lady!

  • Design: Wrinkle Rose Gold Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 18KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Office and Casual Evening Parties

3. Stylish Gold and Platinum Bangle:


Here is an unconventional gold bangle that is sure to give you major jewellery goals. The single statement bangle is designed to create lasting impressions. The delicate three-layered bangle features a textured finish on one half and a platinum finish on the other. From a distance, the dual-tone bangle gives the impression of shiny diamonds!

  • Design: The Keila Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold and Platinum
  • Occasion: Evening Parties

4. Ethnic Style Gold Bangle Set:


A pair of traditional wear bangles is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery box. Here is one such design which lends ethnic vibes in all its detailing. The boxy gold beaded finish on the surface is accentuated with pearl and ruby stones. These 2 bangles set in 20 grams can be worn as is or paired with thin bangles in between for a lavish look.

  • Design: Ethnix Gold Bangle Set
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings

5. Exquisite Swastik Gold Bangle:


This eye-catchy swastika 20 gram gold kangan design translates your religious spirit into wearable jewellery. The bangle features the sacred Swastik symbol in a stylish way that you could never dream of. It combines three thin bangles with a gold swastika and floral motifs studded on the surface. Wear it as a single piece and let the compliments flow in!

  • Design: Swastik Gold Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual Wear

6. Cut Work Style Gold Bangles in 20 Gms:


A lot of women prefer bangles that are versatile and work with multiple outfits. This pair of ornate cutwork bangles is seen here made in twenty gms of 18k gold. These casual wear bangles can be worn on ethnic and western wear. You can either wear them as single kadas on each hand or combine them with coloured bangles to form a festive-ready set.

  • Design: Gothi Chacks Gold Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 18KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Everyday Wear, Festivals and Small Gatherings

7. Single Solid Hammered Bangle:


Hammered textured bangles are quite popular with younger generation women who love to flaunt a statement piece minus the maintenance hassles. This 20g gold bangle is worn on a single hand. The sturdy yet stylish-looking bangle works well with most of your outfits. You can effortlessly carry it as a statement piece and confidently walk out.

  • Design: Henley Hammered Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 18KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual Gatherings, Everyday Wear

8. Gold and Kundan Kada Style Bangle:


If you belong to a minimal-jewellery category, this Kada-style bangle is just what you need to create a big impact. The attractive 20 gms gold Kada operates on a screw model and is studded with semi-precious white, green and pink stones. This is the one you need on days when you want to pick one piece and walk out in style!

  • Design: 22 Karat Gold and Kundan Glass Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Traditional Events, Festivals and Ethnic Parties

9. Trendy Gold Bangle in 20 Gms Weight:


Here is one trending gold bangle design in 20 gms worth a second glance. The round-shaped bangle has intricate detailing that resembles the delicate petals of a flower. Solid gold motifs are added on randomly for an elegant look. You can pick a single piece or go for a set of two or four, depending on your outfit choice and occasion.

  • Design: Saanjhi Gold Bangle
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Casual and Everyday Wear

10. Gold and Kempu Bangle Design:


Here is another classic 20 gram gold chur design that works well with traditional Indian sarees and Kurtis. The thick model bangle features a gold beaded design that creates an interesting texture. Kemp stones are studded on the four sides of the bangle for a minimalistic look. This bangle is a perfect addition to your Kempu gold set.

  • Design: 22KT Oxidized Gold Bangle with Kemp Stones
  • Metal Purity: 22KT Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festive and Wedding Wear

11. Intricate 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

This is a fabulous design in 20 grams of gold bangles. The zigzag lines have been done on bangles. You can wear one on each hand to give a dashing look. Your wrist will shine out in these gold bangles. It has a delicate design.

12. Shining Gold Bangles Designs  in 20 Gram:

The shine of this 20 gms gold bangle is awesome. Though it has a plain surface, it is designed so creatively. It is finely polished, and the sidelines are also done beautifully. This gold bangle can cover your other metal bangles and fill up your wrist.

13. Traditional Gold Bangles Designs in 20 Gram:

This gold bangle design in 20 grams is traditional and rich. It can be opened and is connected by a small connection. A stone of round and pear shape is studded on this gold bangle. It is broad in shape, and a very minute art of gold is done on this. Only one bangle on each hand is enough to appear classy.

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14. Stone Studded 20 Gram Gold Bangles:

Gold bangles in 20 grams with stones studded with white and red colour is indeed a rare beauty. It has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with shining stones. It is designed to impress and is beautifully crafted. Ladies! You are sure to love this.

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15. Elegant Gold Kankanalu in 20 Grams:

This is an awesome round cut twenty-gram gold bangle in 24k. A golden wire is used to bind the bangle. It will look elegant on your wrist. The design sometimes comes with an infuse of other colours and elevates the look. It is simple and yet, at the same time, has a fine touch of the traditional look to it.

16. Precious 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

These designer bangles of twenty grams use generous gold. The white and red diamonds are also embossed to give it a floral design. In between each floral diamond, there is a round shape of design done to look attractive.

17. Spiral Design 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

These gold bangles designs in 20 grams are unique, and the price will be moderate. The bangle is thick, and the spiral design has been done with gold. This will look enchanting, giving it a charming appearance. It can arrest the mind of ladies.

18. Latest 20 Gram Gold Bangle:

The design of this latest 20-gram gold bangle is captivating and winning people’s attention. The zigzag outer border has been done with gold, and in between is a square pattern of yellow and white gold. This is the latest design in gold bangle.

19. Diamond Studded Twenty Gram Gold Bangles Designs:

This 20-gram gold bangle has been decorated with charismatic white diamond. It looks lovely and is catchy. A first-class design has been made with diamonds, and the pattern looks so stunning. It is just exceptional.

20. 20 Gram Gold Bangles Designs with Mango Motif:

This is a set of two gold bangles in 20 grams. In this gold bangle, there is a design of a mango motif. It looks so real and excellent. The Mango motif design is something different from the regular one. It will win the hearts of ladies.

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20-gram gold bangle designs are pleasing and alluring and will leave an impression in your minds! Though you can make any design you like in your specified weight of gold, these twenty-gram gold bangles designs are machine-made and involve a great deal of worldly fashion and some fine craftsmanship. The design is extremely impressive and attractive and is made affordable.


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