Gold is considered a colour that symbolizes all things premium. This is the reason why gold curtains have been an element of fashion and luxury in many homes. Available in intricate designs against the solid gold colour, they exude elegance and richness in abundance, making your home-decorating taste elevate among your guests. We have presented you with a list of some luxury gold curtain designs that can elevate your home to the next level.

Modern Gold Curtain Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and latest gold curtain designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Gold Bedroom Curtain Design:

These gold bedroom curtains are a perfect solution when you want to block out light with style. The unique self-pattern on these curtains creates a playful tone and helps cover your doors beautifully. This is a perfect choice for people who don’t want to draw attention with many colours and patterns but add a classy touch.

2. Gold Kitchen Curtains:

These beautiful gold kitchen curtains prove that nature patterns never go out of style. The delicate leaf pattern on the dusty gold curtain makes your kitchen shine with beauty. These go well with the neutral or earthy colour shades you commonly use in the kitchen. These curtains are one of the best options to drape around the windows.

3. Gold Curtains Living Room:

Image Source: pinterest

The living room is where you can display your taste in the form of interiors. The metallic finish on these gold curtains for the living room gives your house an elegant finish. These curtains go very well with the furniture choices around many urban homes. You can mix and match the clean and stylish curtains with the interiors giving your room a sober look.

4. Gold Velvet Curtain Design:

If you are looking to create a vintage style for your house, then gold velvet curtains are the perfect option. Although the material is on the heavier side, it adds a romantic touch to the room. You can add these as blackout curtains that create privacy with a sense of style. Adding versatility is what you want, so this is the best one to incorporate.

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5. Gold Sheer Curtains:

When you want to style your home with lightweight fabric, why not choose sheer gold curtains that soften your home’s lighting with limited privacy? Sheer is a fabric that infuses style into your décor by diffusing light softly. This is a perfect option for people who don’t want to completely block out sunlight but want a stylish window treatment.

6. Gold Blackout Curtains:

The beautiful floral patterns on curtains never go out of style. The designs on these gold blackout curtains inspire elegance. Gold is a colour that suits any room setup because of its timeless beauty, and vintage, or modern backdrop. The classy finish of these curtains has been taking place in the interiors of many homes. These curtains’ shiny finish is functional in blocking out the sun and adding a royal look to the space.

7. Antique Gold Curtain Designs:

Antique gold curtains are the perfect option for homes where you have interiors that match the look. This solid shade of gold elevates your space with a royal finish making it look fancy. The intricate design doesn’t overpower the curtains’ gold colour, making it a perfect match for your interior décor materials. Go for these curtains especially if you have an acquired taste for antique things.

8. Gold Eyelet Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking to incorporate style with functionality, gold eyelet curtains are the perfect option. The beautiful white patterns on these drapes make them stand out against the room’s grey wall colour. The rings on top of them make the hanging process much more manageable. It can be used in any room of your house, adding style quotient to your simple space.

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9. Gold Silk Curtains:

The unique feature of these gold silk curtains is the combination of soft velvet material on the top area. These curtains’ smooth flow contrasts the upper side’s material, making it a unique option for your house. These curtains not only help you block out sunlight but add elegance to the surroundings. Choosing these curtains for your living room can be a perfect option to add elegance.

10. Gold Valance Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

If you have a house with interiors with intricate design elements, then gold valance curtains are the perfect route to go. The valance adds to the curtains’ design and covers the features used to hang the drapes, such as rods beautifully. The holders placed on the curtains help you tie or open them up according to your convenience. You can also put thin lace curtains that add to the complete look of your home.

11. Gold Striped Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

The gold-striped curtains feature horizontal stripes in a combination of white and dark gold. The white silk with golden stripes is not only aesthetically pleasing but also creates an intense look. These curtains can be a perfect addition to any room of your house or offices that exude a contemporary look. The broad horizontal stripes go well with the all-white colour theme of the room.

12. Gold Dot Curtains:

Image Source: pinterest

The symmetrically distributed golden dots onto a white curtain create a perfect polka dot beauty. These gold dot curtains are an easy match for any interiors creating a beautiful visual effect. You can match them with contemporary and modern design elements making it a perfect choice for your kid’s room. It may also create a playful look in any room.

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13. Gold Floral Curtains:

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Gold floral curtains are the perfect option for people who love to have a feminine touch to your house along with the royal look with gold. The intricate floral design of these curtains creates an elegant ambience impressing your guests. This can be an apt alternative for your living room, giving it an impressive premium finish. It blends in with the interiors of the space, offering a rich finish.

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14. Gold Print Curtains:

Gold print curtains are a perfect way to showcase your taste to the whole world to see. Unlike many other curtains, these curtains have gold prints with many colours in the background. The white curtain elevates the beautiful pattern on it, creating an airy finish to any room. A sense of style and elegance is what you get with this perfect combination of white and gold.

15. Fancy Gold Curtain Designs:

If you are tired of the routine designs, fancy gold curtains are the right choice that make your house pop out. The lower part of these curtains is simple flowy gold, the upper area has a unique design pattern in grey, contrasting to the other part of the curtain. Although the combination of grey and gold may not sync right away, the difference in patterns and colour is what makes it unique and special.

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Gold curtain designs are not only visually appealing but inspire prosperity and wealth. It has made a place in homes that want to embellish their unique taste with their décor. With the list of gold curtain designs mentioned in this article, we hope you can choose to best suit your home and personal preference.


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