The way of exchanging  true love and passion between the couple during the engagement day is through a circular band called the Ring. It is a traditional custom of a wearing ring on the ring finger which symbolizes that he or she is engaged to soulmate.

The traditional engagement ring are made from the precious metal Gold. These gold engagement rings are available in various designs. The concept of couple ring has geared up during the recent years. Instead of having a high budget rings which are made from Platinum a simple and designed gold ring or gold with stone studded rings also makes the auspicious occasion a memorable day.

Engagement Ring Designs in Gold:

For couple who are in search of designed rings especially in Gold then here are top 15 gold ring designs for engagement.

1. Plain Engagement Ring in Gold:

A plain gold ring which does not have any design on the top can be bought for both men and for women. The width of the ring for men is usually more than 3mm and for women, its is within 3mm since ladies fingers are less in width.

2. Simple Designed Plain Gold Engagement Rings for Couples:

Instead of choosing a plain gold ring, couple who prefer having some design on the ring then this ring could be the perfect. The ring can be handcrafted with lines on the ring or with Gold shaped into a ball and fixed onto the side. These pattern are machine made.

3. Engraved Rings for Engagement Couples:

The couple who likes wording or verses from holy books then this type of engraved rings is the best option. The wordings are machined design or by laser designed. These type of rings should weigh heavy in order to engrave the letters on the ring.

4. Engagement Name Rings in Gold:

Every day looking at his or her name on their engagement ring which makes them feel happy and loved by their couple is the idea behind it and when the couple who are for this concept then this the apt ring. The name can be written in short form when his or her name is too long to be fitted on the ring.

5. Matt Finis- Gold Engagement Rings:

When the couple don’t prefer very shiny and rough finish rings then matt effect ring can be considered. The matt effect designed ring can be chosen as a couple ring or as separately designed rings. These kind of ring has a slight dull to glossy look and a smooth finish.

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6. Hand Designed Engagement Ring in Gold:

To show the real meaning of what a wedding is, then this symbol is the best portrait of it. This kind depicts a couple joining their hand together which is a symbolic way of showing that both the couple will be there together in every thick and thin situation.

7. Gold Braided Engagement Ring Design:

This is a laser cut model.The laser machine which is been initialized with the braided symbol which forms the gold into the braided design. This kind of ring can be used for both as a couple ring with variation in the diameter of the ring size.

8. Two Heart Designed Gold Engagement Ring:

Wedding brings two person together whom they love and care about. The Couples show out there emotions by exchanging Gold ring with two heart symbol, this hear design symbol generally goes well for female.

9. Leaf Design Engagement Ring:

This is a traditional design since many years. The leaf pattern nowadays is made using laser technologies, which gives out the precise and neat finish. The leaf design can be made shiny at the center. This is a typical engagement ring for female.

10. Infinity Gold-Diamond Engagement Ring:

Infinity symbolizes the presence of love and affection among the couple till eternity. This symbol has gained its popularity in this modernized era, although infinity is actually a mathematical sign. Both men and female can consider it is an apt wedding ring who are found of signs and its meaning behind it.

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11. Grooved Engagement Ring:

This is a very classy Gold ring which is best suited as an engagement ring. The center of the ring is grooved into various designs. The most common are floral pattern which is held by two parallel gold strips at the side. This kind of ring is made from a single block of gold.Usually, this kind of the ring should weigh heavy.

12. Banded Engagement Ring in Gold:

This type of ring is a typical men type of ring. Due to its simple band of gold ring soldered one another which forms strips of the gold ring attached together. The number of golden bands is the personal choice.

13. Antique Gold- Diamond Engagement Ring:

The couple who like to wear their ancestral rings or an antique look gold ring from the store then this type of ring with precious stone is a perfect choice. The men usually put it on his better half finger welcoming her to new with him through his unconditional love.

14. Gold Ring with Single Diamond Stud Engagement Ring:

This type of ring is very popular among couples who plan about their engagement ring. A plain gold ring with a center Diamond stone which can be a solitaire stone, emerald stone emerging out from the center of the gold ring is the design which many ladies search for.

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15. Row Diamond Gold Engagement Rings:

Next to single diamond engagement ring is the row diamond rings which are most popular among ladies when they shop for the engagement ring. For ladies this pattern of ring exchanged during the engagement is a dream come true. Since it is studded with many diamonds it is best advised to handle with care.

During the day of the Engagement couple are really nervous and the butterfly feeling around the stomach is a natural feel. But that moment of exchanging their best selected Gold ring make them fall in love for eternity and cherish the happy moment. Selecting the right design for the finger is the main important requirement during the process of ring selection and also the right type of gold its purity level needs to be tested.

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