Gold is not only used in jewelry and trinket making for the festivals, but a large part of this gold is stored for the golden you where metals like gold have been found to be explicitly good for your skin, especially the oily types.

India has always been keen to use organic over commercial. Now we can’t melt gold and rub it on our skin and therefore, some of the veteran cosmetologists have found out the simpler way for you to incorporate gold in your beauty care regime. These come in commercially made bottles but they are all organic and easily effective.

How Does Gold Facial Benefit:

Before we move on to the various commercial products we need to know how the gold will help us in our skin worries. Now gold is one of the softest amendable metals and this when massaged in your skin will help you increase your blood flow. Also, gold has been announced as a classic way to toxin removal where the friction during massage causes the toxins from underneath to get stuck to the layer on the gold. Apart from that skin cell renewal and anti ageing can be held back with gold as it revitalizes and rejuvenates your skin.

Gold Facials For Oily Skin:

Here are our 9 best gold facials for oily skin.

1. VLCC Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

The VLCC kit comes in four tubes, the gold peel-off mask, the gold cream, the gold gel and the gold scrub. The pack along with 24-carat gold contains the essence of turmeric and lemon which benefits your skin and lightens and brightens your skin. The gold gel comes with gallnut extracts that keep your skin nourished and conditioned.

2. Nature’s Essence Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

Along with the gold extracts, Nature’s essence contains peppermint which works on refreshing your skin from the cellular levels so that the open pores are cooled and closed so that toxins cannot replace them. This is the best gold facial for oily skin.

3. Shahnaz Husaain Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

Shahnaz Hussain’s 24-carat gold facial kit will work smoothly on your skin where the moisturizing gel softens rough and dried up skin passage whereas the gold scrub helps you deal with anti-ageing and skin graying. Then there is the radiance gel especially formulated for skin lightening and spot reduction.

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4. Ayurveda’s Instant Glow Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

This is an extended facial kit by Ayurveda which is one of the most trusted and sought after beauty care routine. The kit contains five different products. The massage cream and the moisturizing serum works on the inner cells to give you a good blood circulation mixed with soft rejuvenated skin. The cleanser and scrub helps you to get rid of the necessary toxins and dirt and the mask in the end leaves you with flawless skin. This is the best gold facial for oily skin.

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5. Lotus Herbals Radiant Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

Take a thirty-minute makeover challenge with the Lotus Herbals radiant gold facial kit and you wouldn’t be disappointed ever. This is a fast-acting instant glow gold facial kit from Lotus consisting of the cleanser to rid your face of any residue makeup or toxin and the massage cream and radiance mask works on skin lightening. There is a radiance activator too.

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6. Oxy Glow Gold Facial For Oily Skin:

Much like the other facial kits here too you will find a golden cleanser, a golden moisturizer with a scrubber and gel, not forgetting the face pack. This is your perfect choice for tan removal where you can reap the benefits of gold to renew your fair and supple skin. Mixed with essentials of honey, your skin will regain its healthy look in no time.


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