The most beautiful element for both men as well as women is gold and shades of gold. Anything in gold and golden enhance the looks of the person totally. The very word gold signifies purity, auspicious occasions, festivals etc. Extensively and exclusively used in making all gold jewellery designs be it chains, rings, earrings, necklaces etc.

Gold is considered auspicious and is hence used in weddings and special occasions. One can be safe with any golden jewellery for the colour, lustre, radiance and value. The value just increases. Wearing gold also is very good for health reasons.

Latest Gold Jewellery Designs:

There are innumerable innovative designs in gold jewellery and one can really go crazy with the options in jewellery one gets. Here we will have a look into the top 25 traditional gold jewellery designs.

1. Fashionable Gold Chains:

Gold chains are very common and by people of every age group and gender irrespective of any difference. As gold is considered to be the safest metal and it’s worn by both females and makes on daily basis without any fear as it’s a hardest metal. The chains are found in many designs and pattern and you can pick the one which suits to the occasion and festival. Gold is metal which can never go outdated and will always remain in fashion.

2. New Fashion Gold Necklace Jewellery:

The elegance and the look of gold can be perfectly captured in a simple golden necklace design. The necklace need not be very elaborately designed in this case. It can just be of a simple pattern like a leaf, flower, abstract design etc. The chain can be bit thick for the gold necklace which will make the pattern stand out.

3. Simple Gold Jewellery Sets:

A gold set usually includes a simple gold necklace and pair of earrings. The pendant in the necklace and the earrings has the same design. The set usually is worn for simple functions, offices, or can be a daily wear too.  The pendant and earrings need not be very heavy. They can be delicate, lightweight or also can be studded with diamonds or few precious stones.

4. Kundan Jewellery Sets Gold:

Kundan is very popular and an important jewellery in gold designs for weddings and other traditional occasions. Kundan jewellery is work of expensive stones in green, maroon or red and white in gold. Kundan gold jewellery completes the bridal look with the chains, necklaces, hand chain, bracelets, ear rings, headpiece etc. They look very grand and beautiful on the person wearing them. They are unique, handcrafted jewellery and look stunning with simple attire like a saree also.

5. Royal Gold Necklaces Set:

Royalty and jewellery go hand in hand. Royal gold jewellery designs reflects class, heritage and are huge and grand. Royal necklaces made of gold, Kundan work with expensive stones, diamonds etc. are what make them stand out and separate them from the mass. These gold necklaces are heavy and are layered for that fall in the neck.

6. Jewelry Gold Earrings:

The most important thing that comes to mind while thinking of trendy jewellery is earrings. Wear an earring which is bang on fashion and you are good to go. Golden earrings go almost with any wear. They can be studs, trinkets, hangings, long ones, designer, patterns with stones etc. Golden earrings can be customised and designed according to one’s choice. These awesome collections of gold earrings can be flaunted by one and all.

7. Latest Gold Jhumkas:

Jhumkas are one of the most lovely looking and elegant in golden jewellery when it comes to earrings. Jhumkas in gold, with work, stones, patterns etc. are perfect for that traditional look. They form an important part of one’s jewellery collection and Jhumkas are that particular jewellery piece which never ever will go out of fashion.

8. Heavy Gold Bridal Necklaces:

This is one of the best design of bridal jewellery. Thinking about gold and anything golden, can pure gold necklaces be left behind? Heavy gold necklaces are must for festivals, weddings etc. The pure shine and lustre in this gold jewellery design sets it apart and gives it a grand look. The necklaces adorn the neck in a beautiful manner. Since these are heavy and grand in order, they can complete the final look of a bride to be too.

9. Gold Chokers Jewelry:

One of the most expensive and grand gold jewellery is Chokers. Choker gold necklaces and jewellery are grand and look brilliantly stunning on anyone wearing. This gold jewellery is most fabulous looking because of the gold elements in it and also for the uncut precious and semi-precious stones if any used for that extra brilliance.

10. Queen Pearl Gold Jewellery:

Pearls look beautiful on a woman. Pearl gold jewellery is a symbol of royalty and beauty. Pearls and gold jewellery sets have been there since ancient times adorning the trousseau of queens and princess. They have been a part of gold jewellery now popularly known as Queen Pearl Gold jewellery sets.

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11. Gold Anklets Jewelry:

Anklets are one of the trendiest in jewellery designs. Anklets are also a part of gold jewellery designs. Anklets in other metals are popular but in gold are also very much in vogue these days. Gold anklets in various patterns, designs, layers are very much in demand too as people prefer wearing these more.

12. Gold Jewellery Finger Rings:

The most important accessory to adorn one’s fingers are finger rings. Right since one is a toddler, we have been put finger rings and have been using this most elegant common gold jewellery in various ways. Birthdays, engagements, weddings, for daily use, as a fashion statement etc. one wears finger gold rings on almost every occasion. They come in innumerable patterns, designs, variety and one can have one or many according to one’s choice.

13. South Indian Gold Jewellery Designs:

Gold jewellery designs from South India are unique and very different from other designs of gold jewellery designs. The cuts, designs, make and patterns are very distinct and spectacular and one gets awe struck with one look at the jewellery piece. The quality of gold, the shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just breath-taking and the person wearing these jewellery pieces are just drop dead gorgeous.

14. Traditional Gold Kangans Design:

Gold Kangans are thick golden bangles which are in set of two, worn one each on either hand. Gold jewellery as in Kangans is auspicious in weddings and important functions. These are more rich and beautiful versions of traditional bangles. Kangans are paired with bangles for a rich look to the hands.

15. Gold Bangles Jewellery:

The most important and most elegant jewellery for a hand is a bangle. That dainty and elegant look for hands is only by a bangle. Bangles are most important in gold jewellery. They have a varied option for choice, patterns, designs and price.  Bangles can be for everyday wear, occasional wear, party wear, festive wear etc.

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16. Gold Jewelry Feathered Chains:

Feathered gold chains looks stylish of females as its different from the simple gold chains. These chains make you look cool and can be worn on any occasion desired by you. The two feathers made of sparking gold give an elegant look to the wearer and is ideal wear for parties, hang out with friends.

17. Gold Toe Rings Designs:

Toe rings are significance of married women. Married women in Hindu culture wear toe rings in silver and gold. Toe rings are now even worn as a fashion accessory also by youngsters and teenagers. Gold toe rings look beautiful with nice nails in a woman. Flaunting those toe rings are the in thing these days.

18. Beautiful Gold Waist Chains:

One of the most in fashion trends are the waist chains better known as kamarband. Women are extensively flaunting waist chains during weddings, parties, festivities etc. They look really pretty adorning the waist in women and highlighting them. They can have embellishments in precious stones, diamonds, charms, trinkets, hanging chains etc.

19. Gold Armlets Jewelry:

Armlets are very much in fashion with traditional wear as well as with sleeveless ethnic tops with jeans. They look really cool when worn on the arms and can immediately transform the look of the person completely and also can enhance the looks of the attire too.

20. Fashion Gold Bracelets:

Perfect for the wrist and delicate hands are gold bracelets in various shapes, designs and patterns. They are so much in trend that they can be used for daily wear, party wear, festive wear, funky wear etc. Grab a few golden ones and one is good to rock any style. Golden bracelets will never be out of fashion.

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21. Temple Designs in Gold Jewellery:

Temple design gold jewellery is the latest and new entrant in gold jewellery designs and these heavenly looking jewellery pieces have taken everyone by storm. People are flaunting temple design gold jewellery in bangles, necklaces, bracelets, chains, etc. They are beautifully made with precision for that Goddess look in every woman wearing these.

22. Gold Jewellery Designs for Dance:

Dance, culture, tradition, values and heritage all have gold in common. Various dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathak etc. have extensive use of gold jewellery along with the dance costumes. These have many kinds of gold jewellery pieces to be worn from head to toe while performing a dance.

23. Thali Design Gold Jewellery:

This type of gold chain is worn specially in southern part of India by married woman. These chains are different from the usual ones as it has to be worn by only married women and in-between the chain small goddess are hanged according to the customs and rituals. These chains are found in many designs and pattern and it is chosen according to the culture.  The Thali is created only in the yellow metal as it is considered auspicious and it is a sign of purity.

24. Gold Mangalsutra Jewellery:

Symbolic of married women in India in general are gold chains with black beads and golden beads to be worn after marriage. They are also teamed with a designer diamond pendant or a simple golden bead pendant. Generally mangalsutras can be worn as short ones or as long ones too. The black and golden beads are must in this golden jewellery. The black beads are for protecting the new bride from any evil eyes and for safeguarding against any harm.

25. Cubic Zircon(CZ) Gold Jewellery:

The latest entrant into the gold league is the CZ or cubic zircon stones. These are bright looking, sharp cut stones with that bling and dazzle in them and CZ stones are known for their shine and lustre. Wearing gold jewellery designs with CZ is a style statement in itself as the stones speak about the jewellery.

Fashion has become symbolic with both men and women and they take time out to keep their fashion journal always updated. Everyone is busy flaunting new looks these days. So flaunting that lovely looking gold jewellery can be the best solution for fashion. Experiment and get set to explore newer options in the never to be out of fashion jewellery designs in pure gold and rock the style statement of yours. Tweak in that boring wardrobe can be a whole new set of golden jewellery. Go Bling!!

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