Gold necklaces! Tell us one woman who doesn’t like Gold or Gold Jewelry! Just like diamonds, Gold, too, are the most loved jewellery piece for women. Today, we have got you the latest trending gold necklace designs in 10 grams. If you search for lightweight, easy yet sleek, charming, and stunning statement gold necklaces, this is your stop to find the right one according to your tastes. These are relatively budget-friendly and simple gold necklace designs in 10 grams, making sure to impress and allure you. Let us explore them together!

New and Beautiful Gold Necklace Designs In 10 Grams with Images:

From weddings to parties to casual outings to festive occasions and celebrations, Gold has become every household must-have in recent decades. The gem always remains timeless and elegant. We have worked around compiling the best trending gold necklace design under 10 grams just for you. These are sizzling in their way – beautiful, stylish as well as charming. Let us check the 10-gram gold necklace designs with images.

1. Pearl Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams:


Have you ever come across or heard of a pearl gold necklace? Well, if not, this new trend indeed is going to mesmerise you to bits. This lovely Joyalukkas pearl gold necklace design comes in floral shape and pattern, looking edgy, sleek, and youthful. It is a perfect one to adore for young women who love something elegant, simple, and graceful.

  • Design: Pearl Gold Necklace in Flower Design
  • Metal: 22k Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Wedding Receptions
  • Style Tip: This necklace can suit a deep-neck long gown, maxi dress, or lehengas.

2. 10 Gram Light Weight Gold Necklace:


How about a lightweight gold necklace design here? This necklace comes with a gold beads style statement, ideal to have both Indian traditional and contemporary hues. The gold necklace is perfect with easy to carry and versatile to various looks and styles. How do you like these necklace designs in 10 grams gold?!

  • Design: Gold Beads Necklace Design
  • Metal: 18kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Weddings
  • Style Tip: You can wear this versatile gold necklace with sarees or dresses too!

3. Tanishq Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams:


This petite range of gold necklace designs is relatively new and unique in the market. For all those women who do not prefer a full design and patterns worldwide, the petite necklace comes with a simple and very charming look. How do you like this necklace with 10 grams of gold? We bet this is a fantastic design and exciting design.

  • Design: Petite and Sleek Tanishq Gold Necklace Design
  • Metal: Yellow Gold 22kt
  • Occasion: Casual, Festivities
  • Style Tip: This necklace can go well with churidars and dresses.

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4. Traditional Gold Necklace Design:


If you are someone who loves traditional designs and overall looks, what best than this model? These kinds of necklaces stood the test of time and are always stylish, trendy, and feminine. They bring on a perfect festive vibe and charming look. What do you think of such a one? It is a must-have necklace and jewellery for everyone out there!

  • Design: Gold Traditional Necklace Design by Candere
  • Metal: 18k Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: These are perfect with traditional sarees and Pattu wear.

5. Axis Gold Necklace:


We bet this design is going to stun you. We love this Bluestone axis sleek and simple necklace out here. This is a design inspired by western looks and contemporary trends, with vibrant looks and appearance. The design can be a perfect fit for western wear, and indeed rest assured it will escalate your style statement to the next level.

  • Design: Candere Axis Gold Necklace
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Cocktails
  • Style Tip: Long maxi or dresses, gowns are perfect and ideal fit for this design.

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6. The Coin Gold Necklace:


The coin necklace designs are already quite ancient and well-known. Nowadays, most of us already spot them back in trend, and here is one such design. The PC Jeweller gold 10-gram necklace set is perfect for a graceful and fascinating style statement. It is excellent versatile wear if you are looking for something to add to your collection.

  • Design: Coin Gold Necklace by PC Jeweller
  • Metal: 22kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings, Celebrations
  • Style Tip: This is an excellent choice to try on Sarees as well as Lehengas too!

7. Ruby Emerald Gold Necklace:


The Ruby necklaces in Gold have always proved to be timeless and worthy for all the style statements and fashion worlds. We have come across the recent design in fancy ruby emerald Necklace by Vaibhav Jewellers. This is traditional yet fascinating, mesmerising with a new and unique design, perfect for ethnic looks. What is your take on it?

  • Design: Ruby Emerald Long Gold Necklace
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings, Festivals
  • Style Tip: This is an excellent choice to wear on sarees, dresses, and lehengas.

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8. Gold Necklace with Gemstones:


This Gold necklace almost often resembles our grandmothers and great-grandmother’s jewellery pieces. Isn’t it! This is a new twisted version of the traditional one, added with beautiful and precious gemstones to give it a nice lovely look. We personally love this one among gold necklace designs with 10 grams.

  • Design: Gold Short Necklace with Gemstones
  • Metal: 22kt Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Celebrations, Family Gatherings
  • Style Tip: This necklace is the perfect choice to wear only with sarees. Match it with gold bangles to finish the look.

9. Gold Necklace Set in 10 Grams:


Here is another lovely and yet straightforward and lightweight gold necklace design and set. The set goes very well with contemporary preferences and young women. However, it is suitable for everyone across age groups. It is all about delivering a sizzling style statement with bright and vibrant looks and overall sleek looks.

  • Design: 22kt Gold Misty Necklace Set in 10 Grams
  • Metal: 18kt Gold
  • Occasion: Casual and Outings
  • Style Tip: This is versatile wear with ethnic as well as fusion wear!

10. Chandra Haram Gold Necklace:


How about the good old days Chandra haram look? This 10-gram gold har indeed is very ethnic, traditional, and Indian in the looks. The design is perfect to create a perfect Indian wear style. It can light up your entire ensemble in a blink, given the intricate design as well as the grandeur look. What do you think of this gold haar design in 10 grams?

  • Design: Chandraharam Gold Necklace Design
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: Wear this with traditional sarees and Indian looks for perfect elegance and beauty.

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Necklaces are the passion of all women – all age groups. Be it old, young or even a college-going teenager, they don’t seem to forget to wear their favourite necklace. They have different choices, and their choices are met by the different patterns and designs available in 10 gm.


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