Are you searching to buy the perfect gold necklace and have some budget to spill on for the ideal one? We are here to help you out with these lovely and most pretty gold necklace designs in 30 grams! Not just diamond, gold is also a women’s best friend, and there is no event or wedding that cannot complete without gold for women in India. And forget not, those plush and grandeur look a gold long chain or necklace can deliver. With our compiled long gold chain and necklace designs in 30 grams, your search for the perfect ornament ends here. Let’s get started.

Modern and Stunning Designs of 30 Grams Gold Necklace for Any Occasion:

Here are the few top 25 trending gold necklace designs in 30 grams.

1. Gold Leaf Design Necklace:


You may love this lovely leaf design necklace for the statement piece look and detailed and unique design. It comes with a refreshing look and perfectly blends in current trends, styles, and contemporary hues. Try this one out of long gowns, lehengas, dresses and deep neck blouses to give a statement and new look.

  • Design: Leaf Design Gold Necklace
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Parties, Festivities and Celebrations
  • Style Tip: Lehengas, gowns and deep neck blouses can fit in best with the indo-western themed look.

2. Gold String Necklace In 30g:


The layered string design necklace is probably among the loveliest and timeless designs we have seen. This can be good on several outfits altogether with the chic and edgy appeal, youthful design, and sleek look. From traditional and ethnic wear to parties, try it out, and we bet you can love it on how multipurpose this can be.

  • Design: Three-Layered Gold Necklace Chain
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Casual, Festivities, Parties
  • Style Tip: This can go well with both western and ethnic wear easily.

3. Ruby Gold Short Necklace:


The ruby necklace is among the top favourites for women across generations, and it is a design that gets passed across generations. This lovely Ruby and emerald necklace in a short length is one such – with the floral look and intricate design, this can look lovely and beautiful. What do you think of this gold short necklace design in 30 grams?

  • Design: Ruby and Emerald Gold Necklace
  • Metal: Gold 22k
  • Occasion: Celebrations, Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Add this to contrast the colour saree to look beautiful.

4. Floral Gold Necklace By GRT:


The floral designs can never go out of trend, and why not! We women absolutely love them and how they look gorgeous so effortlessly and fit into everyone and everywhere. This lovely gold floral necklace comes with an alluring and stunning new day look, ideal for women in this generation. Try it out for those perfect saree draping occasions or deep neck gowns; this can fit in ideally.

  • Design: Floral Design Gold Necklace
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Celebrations, Parties
  • Style Tip: Add this to sarees or low neck dresses and gowns to look stunning; wear matching earrings and bracelets.

5. Gold Chain Necklace with Pendant:


This beauty comes with stones embedded within as a gold necklace choker variant in a pendant look. The red motif flutters around the design and stands as a centrepiece, and this goes very well for various occasions to add a charm and elegant look.

  • Design: Sleek Gold Chain with Pendant
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: Add this to sarees with matching red earrings and bangles to look perfect.

6. 30 Gram Necklace Chain:


This sleek and edgy necklace chain by Vaibhav Jewellers is one of our absolute favourites. Without the heavy look and yet mesmerizing and eye-catchy appeal, we love how this necklace looks so wonderful and beautiful effortlessly. Women across age groups can prefer this gold necklace 30 grams, and it can look lovely!

  • Design: Antique Necklace Chain
  • Metal: 22kt Gold
  • Occasion: Festivals, Casual
  • Style Tip: Sarees, dresses both can be ideal on this one.

7. Red and Green Antique Gold Necklace:


The most common colours that can go with possibly every outfit for women, red and green, come with such lovely design antique gold necklace. The intricate and stylish design and elegant, charming look add to the finishing and plush looks. Try this gold necklace of 30 grams out for any event and ethnic wear of yours, and we bet it can look stunning.

  • Design: Red and Green Antique Necklace Design
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Festive, Weddings
  • Style Tip: Add this on for churidars or sarees to give an elegant look along with matching earrings.

8. Vigilant Themed Gold Necklace:


If you aren’t a fan of casual looks and prefer something lovely, edgy, and unique with a refreshing new-day contemporary look, why not! This lovely necklace can be it. With an unconventional look, try this 30-gram gold necklace set design for parties or gatherings and cocktail events; we bet you can look stunning with lovely and edgy maxi dresses and gowns.

  • Design: The Vigilant Necklace with Stone Detail
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Parties
  • Style Tip: This necklace can be ideal with deep neck dresses or gowns.

9. Pure Gold Necklace Set:


For women who love bright and shiny gold designs, this lovely necklace set can be ideal. We love how this turns out with a south Indian style design and intricate bead gold attachments near the edges. The versatile look is grand and gives a luxurious plush feel easy.

  • Design: Gold Necklace Set
  • Metal: 22k Gold
  • Occasion: Weddings
  • Style Tip: Add this 30 grams gold design with a grand saree and bangles with haram to look amazing.

10. Sleek Uncut Gold and Diamond Necklace:

Not just with gold, this beautiful necklace has an even uncut diamond design embedded within it, and it looks gorgeous. With the edgy and chic mesmerizing look and the beautiful statement design, we love how this can fit young girls and women who look unconventional, western, and eye-catchy.

  • Design: Gold and Uncut Diamond Necklace
  • Metal: 22kt Gold and Diamonds
  • Occasion: Parties, Receptions
  • Style Tip: Add this to western dresses and lehengas to look mesmerizing, with a gold bracelet.

11. Short Green Gold Necklace:


This lovely and colourful Harit Rang gold necklace in green by Cadere Kalyan jewels is a perfect blend and balance of style and elegance. With floral design patterns and gemstones combination and pearl drops adding to the attraction, this short 30 grams necklace is perfect for those elegant and feminine looks in the classiest way.

  • Design: Green colour floral design short necklace with pearl attachments
  • Metal: 22k Yellow gold
  • Occasion: Festivities
  • Style Tip: This necklace can be perfect for sarees, pattu, and handloom with matching gold earrings.

12. Krishna Design Gold Necklace in 30 Grams:


This intricate and traditional temple jewellery inspired Krishna gold necklace is nothing less beautiful. With lord Krishna themed design and lovely charming conventional style statement, this can be ideal if you are looking for a traditional gold look. This latest gold necklace designs in 30 grams are perfect for the mild yet beautiful and intricate design looks.

  • Design: Gold Krishna design necklace in 30 grams
  • Metal: 22k yellow gold
  • Occasion: Festive occasions, pre-wedding festivities
  • Style Tip: These can go good in simple sarees with perfect earrings and bangles.

13. Mayuri Peacock Design Necklace in 30 Grams:


This Mayuri necklace from Bluestone can be a perfect and ideal fit for those modern elegant young women with contemporary preferences. With the diamonds stones inbuilt and intricate design, the charm, elegance, and grandeur look added by this 30 gms gold necklace in a short length is something unbeatable.

  • Design: Gold Mayuri design necklace short length
  • Metal: 18k gold and diamonds
  • Occasion: Parties, receptions
  • Style Tip: Add this with a long dress or frock and gown for the perfect modern look.

14. Flori Gold Necklace Design by PCJ:


This amazing and stylish gold necklace in about 25 to 30 grams comes with intricate designed and patterned detailing and a charming look. With the conventional design and yet lovely and chic style statement, try this necklace designs in 30 grams as a perfect festive occasion short necklace and mini haar styled look to fill in with grace and alluring looks.

  • Design: Flori gold necklace design by PCJ
  • Metal: 22kt gold
  • Occasion: Festivities, weddings
  • Style Tip: Add this with a pattu saree with gold bangles and haaram to look perfect.

15. Antique Design Gold Necklace in 30 Grams:


This divine looking and eye-catchy gold necklace comes with an antique design style statement. It has simple yet unique detailing and finishes with colourful pink attachments adding vibrancy to the entire piece. For all those casual yet statement looks you wish to make, these 30 grams gold necklace designs can match up ideally.

  • Design: Antique design gold necklace
  • Metal: 22kt gold
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: This can be good with both dresses and sarees with minimal styling.

16. Thick Necklace in 30 Grams:

Here is a perfect gold necklace design in 30 grams that is suitable for functions. The floral design has a flower pendant with and leaves. The earrings are flower design too, with a drop. This one will be a nice choice if you look for a thick gold necklace in 30 grams.

17. Choker Style Necklace in 30 Grams:

This 30 gm gold necklace design is very traditional with the choker style. You can wear this wonderful piece for important functions and ceremonies. This heavy-looking necklace is cost-effective in 30-gram gold. You can take this as per your customised idea; customers choose selections like oval, triangular, or circular patterns in this pattern.

18. Heritage 30 Gram Gold Long Necklace:

If you want something of the heritage line, these gold long necklace designs in 30 grams are perfect. Garnet gems, as well as emeralds, complement this necklace. The large round earrings are a wonderful way to complete the look. This is finishing well and gives a sparkle shiny look in the light; party time wear type of necklace if you are looking then this is the best choice always.

19. Temple Design Necklace:

This temple jewellery design necklace is great for any religious functions or marriage ceremonies. The leaf-shaped necklace continues around the chain. The use of red beads as well as green adds a delicate touch to this lovely pendant. This is the collection in the temple designer necklaces; if you plan something in your budget, then go with this pattern. This is best in the 30gms necklace collection.

20. Layered Necklace in 30 Grams:

Get a rich look with this layered necklace design that is gold in 30 grams. This necklace has four rows of chains that are grouped in two places. Each of these has oval pendants with red gemstones in the centre. It looks good on a sari. Women love to join parties; they will surely try this necklace for their regular party time.

21. Bell Necklace in 30 Grams:

One can get a statement jewellery piece in gold that looks very impressive. The gold necklace within 30 grams is made with gold bells and curved gold shells. The long earrings are wonderful as they have bells hanging too. The heart-shaped gold design adds a nice modern touch to it. This gives a pure traditional look and useful for your festival time evening celebration.

22. Peacock Design Necklace in 30 Gms:

This peacock design necklace is beautiful to look at as it is within the 30gm weight. The long necklace is perfect with the earrings. This 30 grams necklace has a nice peacock pendant with gemstones encrusted in it.

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23. Mango Design 30 Grams Gold Necklace:

This is a nice Indian style necklace based on the mango design. The necklace is heavy, and the mango beads all around the necklace add a wonderful look to it. The earrings, along with the necklace, make a perfect set.

24. Stone Necklace Designs in 30 Grams:

This traditional gold choker necklace design using stones is also a grand piece that you can buy. The gold necklace below 30 grams is worth the price attached to it. The designs here include flowers and gemstone details. You can use this with earrings for any of the marriage functions or religious ceremonies.

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25. South Indian 30 Gm Gold Necklace:

Try out this lovely South Indian design gold necklace made from 30 grams of gold and green stones. The round necklace design has an all-over pattern. The little gold beads around the necklace are the best thing, and it looks very stunning.

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The latest gold necklace designs in 30 grams are wonderful for their price and the various styles. You can buy these necklaces in a choker style, long length and temple design too.

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