When it comes to ornaments, women widely opt to select gold ornaments that come with perfect finishing and designs to select from. However, with the change in time, the heavy gold ornaments are now replaced with gold necklace designs in 40 grams that gives a similar outlook with less weight.

Beautiful and Best Gold Necklace Designs In 40 Grams:

Are you even looking for some gold jewellery designs in 40 grams! Here are some latest designs with an antique touch you must not miss to add in your collection.

1. Meenakari Necklace Designs in 40 Grams Gold:

Meenakari designs are quite popular when looking for 40 grams gold necklace. The designs come with medium length and required broadness and a decorative pendant. If you are looking some heavy designer or another type of traditional look gold necklace then this one will be a good choice for your loved one.

2. Chandra Haram Seven-line Necklace:

A combination of traditional and modern designs is the gold long necklace designs in 40 grams which come with seven lines in the beaded design. Mostly those peoples who want to buy something high budget gold necklace in 40gms they can choose this one pattern for their rich look.

3. Nagas Peacock Design Necklace:

A design that is made by featuring the design of peacock is the Nagas peacock gold necklace 40 grams. The necklace is given the pendant of a peacock with studded beadwork. Peacock pattern of necklace design preferred by south Indian women’s and now a day this pattern is a favourite choice of worldwide women’s

4. Pattahaar Necklace in 40 Grams Gold:

Purely made from gold, this design gives a slight loose necklace grip. The necklace is given trio pendant design in which the first is a big pendant, while the rest is attached with small shapes. The designer pattern in this style of necklace gives a classic look and you will receive good reviews on this type of choice.

5. Coin Charm Necklace:

A popular design in the Southern part of India is made using 40 grams of gold which gives a belt-like design on the top. The lower side of the necklace is given hanging charms that are made similar to coins design carrying the crafted design of Goddess Lakshmi. This one will be a nice choice for your favourite occasions, great selection for upcoming festivals too.

6. Neckline Gold Necklace:

Looking for a point crafted 40 gm gold necklace! A neckline gold necklace design is given a centralized leaf design on which point crafted of floral design is made. This is a nice pattern for the neckline gold necklace collections in 40 grams.

7. Floral Pattern Gold Necklace:

An antique design of necklace that is made with 40 grams is given floral design as the centre pendant with stem designs on both sides. It looks heavy design but gives combinations classic look on your outfit, nice selection for your wife, get this one little unique idea in a necklace as a present to your wife.

8. Delicate Butterfly Gold Necklace:

Looking for something fancy in 40 gm gold necklace designs! The butterfly diamond and gold necklace design are the perfect combination to satisfy your requirements. The necklace is made with a woven design with butterflies in the centre. This type of design in the necklace is mostly preferred by young girls who love to use gold pattern necklaces in 40gms.

9. Grandeur Layered Necklace in 40 Grams:

The fashion of layered necklace is the trendiest when it comes to the gold long necklace in 40 grams. The necklace is given four strings with similar designs and a similar charm at the end of each string which makes the necklace both long and short.

10. Mango Design 40 Gm Gold Necklace:

A lovely design inspired by the king of fruits is named as the mango necklace designs in 40 grams. The necklace is further given green stones work in the centre of every mango and on the floral string too. This pattern is from south India, this is designer heavy look necklace gives a fantastic look on tradition wear.

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11. Jaipuri Neckline Necklace Design:

Emerald, Kundan, pearls and 40 grams of gold, all combine in this design to form a neckline necklace design, also known as a choker. The design is given neck fitting with highlights in ruby and antique crafting in the centre. Nice finishing and gives a nice look on women’s neck; try this one design necklace on ghagra choli seasonal wear outfits.

12. Kundan Necklace in 40 Grams:

Kundan designs give stunning gold necklace 40 grams collection, studded with emeralds, pearls, and beadwork. The necklace is given Patara design in which the thick string also contains pendant like design in the centre along with a similar pendant.

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13. Bridal 40 Grams Necklace:

Bridal gold long necklace design in 40 grams has always been accompanied with stones to uplift its look. The design is given both neckline and long necklace design with a Rajwada touch with matching earrings too.

14. Bridging Gold Necklace in 40 Grams:

The trendiest design in necklaces of 40 grams is the bridging design where the single pendant is connected with three different strings. The semi-circular pendant and other charms are given the touch of emeralds too.

15. Fashionable Gold Necklace in 40 Grams:

A fashionable design widely selected by the teens these days is the 40 gm gold necklace which comes with tiny embossed heart and floral designs on it. It also gives floral patterns in tiny diamonds filling.

When it comes to 40 gm gold necklace designs, these days the people are opting more designs that give a traditional look. The bridal wear is highly inspired by a similar concept with all kind of decorations in it like emeralds, stones, pearls, etc.


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