The most appealing element for jewellery making for both men and women is gold, better known as yellow metal. It is appealing primarily for its colour and the happy shade it exhibits. A tint of gold to complement your look will make you classy and will enhance your looks in many ways. The very word “gold” signifies purity, weddings, occasions, festivals etc. Gold is extensively and exclusively used in making all jewellery designs: chains, rings, earrings, or necklaces. Gold is very auspicious; hence people prefer buying gold on various occasions. More than a piece of fancy, buying gold is yet another investment that is rarely talked of. However, what about buying that fancy piece of the latest gold necklace designs you fancy?

Different Types of Necklace Designs in Gold for Women with Images:

Gold can never be out of fashion. Take a look at some of the best gold necklace designs for ladies.

1. Simple Gold Necklace Design for Women:

The elegance and beauty of gold can be perfectly captured in this simple gold necklace. The necklace need not be very elaborate in design but needs to be pretty yet simple in appearance. It can just be of a simple pattern like a leaf, buds, flowers, abstract design etc. The chain can be a bit thick for the gold necklace, which will make the pattern stand out and give a nice fall on the neck.

2. Heavy Gold Necklaces for Brides:

Thinking and talking about gold and anything golden, can pure gold heavy necklaces be left behind? Heavy gold necklaces are a must for festivals, especially for weddings etc. Brides are seen to wear some heavy and beautifully carved gold necklaces. The pure silk Kanjivaram saree blends perfectly with some heavy gold jewellery. The pure shine and lustre in this gold jewellery design sets it apart and gives it a grand and beautiful look. The necklace beautifully sits on the neck adding to your charm. Teamed with other long chains, earrings, etc. these heavy gold necklaces complete the final look of a bride.

3. Light Weight Gold Necklace Set:

Gold jewellery set usually includes a simple gold necklace and a matching pair of earrings. The lightweight gold necklaces are usually worn for simple functions, small social gatherings, office wear, or can be for daily wear too. The pendant and earrings need not be very heavy. They are delicate and are truly light in weight. This one is a simple necklace design in gold.

4. Kundan Choker Necklace Gold:

Kundan is a very popular and important piece of jewellery in gold necklace designs for weddings and other traditional occasions. Just take one look at this beautiful gold necklace image, you will fall in love with the masterpiece. Kundan jewellery is a work of expensive stones in gold handcrafted with a lot of precision and fine accuracy. They add a special charisma and are the showstoppers of the day. These chokers are heavy and are usually a preferred piece by women alike. They look beautiful with expensive stonework in pure gold and give you a royal look.

5. Gold and Ruby Necklace Set:

Gold with ruby is a classic combination. Gold with its brilliance and lustre blends perfectly with the shine and brightness of classy rubies. They are a must-have in one’s jewellery collection. They go superbly well with any outfit or occasion. This perfectly crafted and designed piece is a preferred choice for many brides. It is grand and stands apart due to its colourful property. This is a preferred the latest gold necklace.

6. Gold Coin Necklace Design in Gold:

Gold coin necklace is also known as “kaasu maala” Kaasu means coins/money and Maala means chain/necklace can be loosely translated to money chain/necklace. It has been part of heritage jewellery for many years. These antique coin gold necklace designs have small round coins with the image of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) on the necklace face joined beautifully to form a lovely golden necklace. These coin necklace designs go very well with traditional dance performances, traditional wear, festive wear etc. As this is considered part of heritage jewellery, it goes well with traditional wedding bridal wear too and is considered as the Indian gold design.

7. Peacock Design Step Necklace Gold:

Step necklaces or necklaces jewellery design with layers are the new entrants into the fashion hub. These days you would find a lot of ladies opting for this. These necklaces look grand and royal when teamed with brilliant coloured peacock designs. The royal colours in the peacock are perfectly blended with the golden colour of the necklace made artistically in a step pattern. This is definitely one uniquely made gold jewellery necklace.

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8. Latest Gold Jali Necklace Designs:

Jali gold necklace designs are still very much in fashion. They are not so new to golden necklace designs. These golden jali necklaces have been there for quite some time. Jali necklaces are intricate ornamental open-worked jewellery in gold. These necklaces have designs in small squares made of gold chains intertwined into gold necklaces. They look beautiful and are a popular choice for festivals and family functions and features top among the gold necklace designs catalogue.

9. Traditional Gold Choker Necklace:

One of the most expensive and grand gold jewellery is chokers. Choker gold necklaces and jewellery are grand and look brilliantly stunning on anyone who wears this jewellery. Expensive and made of layers and designs of gold, these gold chokers look beautiful with traditional wear and look amazing on brides. These are made only of gold and hence have a beautiful golden hue to them. Trendy in style and ahead in fashion, chokers are an all-time favourite.

10. Pearl and Crystal Necklace:

Pearls are a beauty to watch. Pearl gold jewellery is a symbol of royalty, class and beauty. Crystal also gives a beautiful brilliant look to the necklace along with pearls. Pearls and gold jewellery sets have been there since ancient times as pets of the queens and princess. Crystals have also been associated with jewellery making since recent times. So, combining pearls with crystals in necklaces can be modern yet have a royal look to it. Truly, an Indian gold necklace. Right?

11. Antique Gold Jewellery Necklace:

Since ancient times Kings and queens love the yellow metal ornaments. The kings and queens used to wear jewellery made of shining gold which used to reflect their royal lineage and grace. Hence, from that time antique necklace in gold has always been in demand and the craftsmanship done was astonishing leaving people speechless. This type of necklace is ideal to be worn on a special occasion like a wedding to make you look elegant, classy and true Goddess-like.

12. Designer Floral Design Gold Necklace:

Flowers and women are two beautiful creations of God. Both are timeless beauties and combining flowers with gold in a necklace for a woman is a thoughtful brainchild of creativity. These necklaces are designed by a designer and the flowers are strategically placed in the necklace for that beauty and grace. The floral pattern looks heavenly when paired with casual wear or party wear and is another favourite latest gold necklace.

13. Gold Temple Necklace Designs:

Gold temple design jewellery from South India is unique and strikingly different from other designs of gold jewellery designs that you have seen. These designs are inspired by the ancient temple work and were worn by ancestral people. They usually represent pictures of Gods and Goddesses on their necklace. The cuts, designs, make and patterns are very distinct and spectacular that can truly be awe-inspiring. The quality of gold, the shine, lustre and the make of the design and jewellery are just marvellous. Wear these for that gorgeous yet ethnic look.

14. Filigree Necklace Gold:

Filigree is another gold necklace for women, made from a delicate kind of jewellery with metals like gold and silver usually with threads, beads to form an intricate pattern or an artistic motif. Filigree work is much in demand for jewellery. It is an artistic work of fine wire or mesh formations into a delicate pattern. Filigree work is popular for earrings, bracelets, lockets etc. These delicate gold necklaces can look stunning and yet keep it simple. You can additionally request customized options.

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15. Jadau Necklace for Women:

The most important in any bridal jewellery is Kundan and Jadau work. Jadau is expensive highly crafted skilled jewellery from Northern India. Jadau is a jewellery work that was prevalent since the Mughal era and is extensively found in the princely states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Jadau work has expensive, high-quality stones cut with high precision and skillfully placed in pure golden necklaces for that perfect queen look for a bride.

16. Meenakari Necklace Gold:

Meenakari work is a speciality in the state of Rajasthan. This special work is enamel painting and colouring extensively done on the metal surface by using brilliant colours in very intricate designs. Necklaces in gold with lovely Meenakari designs look amazing with sarees and ethnic wear for small get together, evening functions etc. They are fancy and beautiful and check out the image for making a replica of the latest gold necklace design.

17. Bajirao Mastani Necklace Designs Gold:

This one is inspired by the look of Mastani the warrior princess; in the love saga Bajirao Mastani, these gold necklaces mirrors royalty and grandeur by their sheer appearance. These are of a royal lineage and have that queen look in the necklaces. The necklaces are heavy, huge and classy.

18. Designer Bengali Gold Necklace Designs:

This jewellery is a typical Bengali beauty. Their gold jewellery is unique just like their culture. They have a unique way of crafted gold jewellery and are very evident in their necklaces. They use gold extensively for their weddings and all other rituals.

19. Diamond Chokers in Brilliant Gold:

This one-piece is the true brilliance of creativity. This jewellery exhibits the shine of diamonds combined into one single diamond choker. This simple gold necklace design is truly beautiful and rich. The sparkling diamonds placed strategically and crafted in a perfect gold necklace is creativity put to watch. Feel like a diva and steal the show.

20. Classic Emerald Necklaces in Gold and Diamonds:

Can emerald be forgotten when it comes to stones sparkling green with bright yellow metal in a necklace? Emerald sends out sheer class and royalty with that royal bright green stone colour. They are best teamed up for an evening party with a gown or are perfect for bridal wear. The necklace has a glow under the lights which reflect the radiance of the emeralds.

21. Polki Necklace Gold:

Polki is basically uncut diamonds after mining used exclusively for bridal jewellery. They are bridal jewellery that is heavy and rich. Their hard work and amazing craftsmanship are reflected in the masterpiece. Polki stones have that raw look in them and hence the necklaces with pure gold are on the expensive side. It has that pure antique finish perfect for that ethnic look with the traditional wedding attire and for that stunning red carpet look feel like a celebrity for a bride.

22. Sri Lankan Necklace Designs in Gold:

From a different island altogether, these modern-day necklaces belong to Sri Lanka and the designs are inspired by Sri Lankan creativity. These are not heavy or huge but are trendy, fashionable with a range of abstract designs. They are quite light to carry and sits beautifully on the neck. These gold necklaces are bang on in style. Pair it up to up your coolness quotient.

23. Elakkathali Gold Necklaces:

The traditional gold jewellery of Kerala is Elakkathali. These designs in pure gold are short necklaces uniform in design made with great precision engineered to perfection. These Elakkathali necklaces are to be worn by a bride on her wedding day. This particular necklace is a part of the Kerala wedding tradition. A pure gold necklace, this has no mix of any other element and stand out along with other jewellery on the bride.

24. Nagapadam Necklace Design Gold:

Nagapadam means snake hood. It is called Nagapadam because the shape of the pendant/necklace resembles a serpent. These unique Kerala traditions inspired gold necklaces to have seven diamonds studded along with blue /green/ red coloured stones in the shape of a snake hood. It is one of the oldest ornaments of the Nair community in Kerala.

25. Palakka Gold Necklace with Rubes and Stones:

Palakka necklace is yet another traditional necklace design that looks very similar to nagapadam. These traditional Kerala styles leaf-patterned necklaces are known as Palakka. The original necklace has a lovely combination of emerald and ruby but the modern ones now have a different variety of stones and patterns. The antique leaf gold necklace models are made from small green expensive stones with red rubies on top and are then beautifully worked to be made into a necklace. This has a matching set of earrings in the same pattern too. These go very well with the traditional white color saree with a golden border better known as Kerala Saree.

Ornaments, whether simple or intricate display their own sheen and beauty. Try out a range of designs and collections available from the various latest gold necklace designs we have presented. Suit your jewellery with appropriate clothing and you sure will have heads turn your way. Feel it!


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