For amazing jewellery designs for both men as well as women is gold and shades of gold. To enhance the looks, one needs to just wear a golden jewellery piece and the look changes completely. Gold signifies purity, prosperity, festivities and auspicious occasions. You pick up any jewellery or accessory and it is there in gold; be it chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, bangles etc.One can never be wrong with accessorizing one’s outfit with gold jewellery. Nose rings or nose pins are a fast catching up trend with youngsters flaunting them and experimenting too. Also age old traditions in India, had nose rings to be part of a woman’s accessorized look.

Different Collection Of Gold Nose Ring Designs:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 gold nose rings.

1. Round Gold Nose Ring:

Round gold nose rings with diamonds are a classic nose ring flaunted by women. This got famous as ace tennis star Sania Mirza flaunts this ring. This is not so big and hence looks cute on the person wearing it. Made in pure gold and studded with diamonds in a semi-circular pattern.This is a classic 0.09 carat nose ring.

2. Gold Nose Ring with Chain:

This is one of the traditional gold nose ring for Indian brides for weddings. Gold ring in this nose ring is quite big and has a golden chain which is attached to the hair. Also the ring has stones studded on them for the extra brilliance in this unique bridal accessory. Further, the ring has small golden beads on the bottom too in a semi-circular pattern.

3. Diamond Nose Ring:

The most popular nose rings are these diamond nose rings. Sparkling diamonds with fine cuts and clarity, fixed in 18 carat or 14 carat gold look amazing when worn. The way they shine just enhances the look and beauty of the face totally. This look can be flaunted by women in any age group as this diamond nose ring looks beautiful on anyone.

4. Heart Shaped Golden Nose Ring:

With Valentine’s Day round the corner, surprising your partner/husband/boyfriend becomes easier with these cute little heart shaped golden nose rings. Made of gold, this nose ring designs in gold is made into a heart shape and looks beautiful on young women. Further, this can be a perfect gift for one’s wife/girlfriend or partner too.

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5. Flower Nose Ring:

Floral patterns are common in pendants, lockets, bracelets etc. Flower nose ring gold designs  with gold hook look amazing when worn. The flowers have petals studded with shiny, bright diamonds and the centre of the flower too has a diamond.The flower nose ring is the best gifting option too. Floral nose rings suit everyone.

6. Yellow Ball Nose Ring In Gold:

This nose ring is very popular in South India. It is one of the first nose rings a girl or a young woman wears first time when she gets her nose pierced. It is made of pure gold and looks like a small ball made with the yellow metal. The ring designs can range from very small size to bit medium sized nose rings according to one’s face and features.

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7. Celestial Nose Rings:

Celestial nose rings are like they have actually descended from heavens. This has three nose rings; a star, a crescent moon and a sun. One can wear any of these any day according to one’s tone and mood of the day. The ascending orders in these rings are really noticeable beginning with the smallest being star, then the crescent moon and the last one being the sun.

8. Gold Nose Rings with Pearls:

Pearls can be like there anywhere in almost all jewellery pieces. Pearls reflect class and style. Lovely coloured pearls studded perfectly in gold nose pins can be that one perfect gift for any woman. These are those kind of nose rings that can be worn every day.

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9. Fancy Gold Nose Rings:

Teenage girls and young women are more into experimenting when it comes to nose rings. These lovely Coloured stone fancy nose rings in gold are quite new and different. These do not require piercing too as they can just be adjusted to your nose and tightened. The golden ring has a layer of nine to ten Coloured stones attached to it which gives a fresh look to the gold nose ring.

Gold is the lustrous, shiny yellow metal and the most preferred element for jewellery. Trendy nose rings in gold can be that particular small thing which gets noticed immediately. With gold offering its ductility and malleability to be made into any form of jewellery, nose rings in gold look stunning with stones, diamonds, patterns, variations etc.

Meta-d – Catching up on the latest and getting hooked to experimenting with a new look daily can be perfect when one has a lot of choices in nose rings. Get started to this new nose ring trend and get a new look for yourself.

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