Pendants add a charm to your jewelry collection. A gold chain accompanied with a beautiful pendant is all you need to enhance the beauty of your neck. Women have a large collection of awesome designed gold pendants. Jewelers make spectacular designs in gold pendants that you can even classify according to men, women, kids, elder people, for friends, for your love, for your pets, and even as per occasions.

You can also get pendants with your name initials and even your full name carved with gold. There are designs in gold pendant where you also get gems and pearls studded fabulously with gold designs.

Different Types of Gold Pendants for Men and Women:

Gold pendant are made more attractive by even giving a two or tri color tones to the final piece. Here we present 25 popular pendant designs in gold for gents and ladies.

1. Rose and Heart Pendant Design in Gold:

Heart gold pendant designs are one of the best of pendants that are highly chosen by the feminine attire. We get plenty of choices in designs made with the heart shape in jewelry. Roses the second most favorite of women is also a weakness for them. When you gift her gold pendant with a heart and beautiful rose, it is for sure that she will be all yours.

2. Twin Heart Gold Pendant with Diamonds:

A twin heart gold pendant designs are a heart throb for loving couples. The twin hearts that are compared to the hearts of the both lovers are worn as a promise by the wearers. Couples love the design of twin hearts. When diamonds are inlaid with the gold hearts it makes a double sparking effect.

3. Diamond Gold Pendants for Women:

Diamond gold pendant designs are a desire of almost all women. The effect of a gold pendant or any metal pendant looks spectacular with diamonds in it. When a gold coin shaped pendant is given a circular border of diamonds, it looks splendid. Gold pendants look amazing that is shaped like a ginni coin. The pave diamonds making a border of the coin makes it more adorable.

4. Blue Sapphire Gold Pendant with Pave Diamonds:

Sapphire diamonds look awesome when framed with gold and diamonds. The look of a big sapphire diamond in the center of other pave diamonds looks adorable hanging on your neck. The blue green effect of the sapphire diamond reflects with the white pave diamonds in between the glittering gold looks splendid on any occasion and even looks awesome on regular days.

5. Gold Coin Pendant Design:

Gold coin pendants are also one of the best designs that look rich and precious among old ladies. Even middle age ladies love such pendants as the coin look reminds us of pure gold jewelry made in ancient times. The coin pendant is also one of the rich looking patterns.

6. Vintage Gold Pendant Designs for Girls:

A very popular style of gold pendant designs today is that of vintage effect given to gold ornaments. A layer of rusted alloy is laid on the gold pendant and given a vintage look to the final product. Youth is more attracted towards the antique jewelry and pendants. You can wear ancient pendants even with casual wear like jeans and skirts or even shorts. The overall effective look of vintage jewelry makes you feel different and trendy.

7. Initial Gold Pendants for Children:

Gold pendants with the initials of names are also very much admired by people. Parents choose to make such pendants for their children. An initial gold pendant looks lovely on the neck of cute little children. You can also find letter initials carved in cursive handwriting and also carved in-between shapes like circles, heart or even joined with diamonds.

8. Gold Filigree Pendant:

Filigree is an art of twisting gold alloy and making amazing carvings from gold. The art of twisting gives a totally different look to gold jewelry. A gold pendant with filigree work will surely bring lots of appraisals to your collection of gold jewellery. Pendants with filigree work are often having symbolic designs. A pendant with a shape of a wrist looks different and unique. Youngsters can also wear such a pendant with colorful threads to get a trendy look.

9. Stalking Tiger Gold Pendants for Men:

Pendants made with animals are specifically chosen by men. A tiger particularly is designed for men. Such gold pendant designs cannot be available ready on jewelry shops. One can definitely get such an amazing design by giving order precise to the gold smith. Animal gold pendant designs look great with thick chains that give a similar male effect to the pendant.

10. Designer Gold Pendant with Simple Pearl:

Pearls are a symbol of purity and calmness. People opt to wear pearls for a peaceful mind and surrounding. It is said that pearls in gold frames gives a peaceful effect on life. Today the gold crafting makes the pearl ornaments look amazing and attractive. A veil of gold covering the pearl with a leafy effect given with diamonds is a perfect pendant you can wear on a lovely date.

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11. Petite Circle Gold Pendant:

A petite circular gold pendant is one of the cutest simple and sober looking pendant designs ever. A pendant with very less gold needed in the making is also one of the favorite among youngsters. A petite design can be worn by both girls and boys. Petite pendants are hollow from inside. The only reason they look so diminutive is the attractive part of the design. You can also find hearts and rings design in the form of petite gold pendants.

12. Irish Coin Gold Pendant Designs:

An Irish jewelry has its own patterns making it look different. A gold pendant with Irish symbols carved on it is an ongoing fashion among youth. The designs in Irish jewelry give its own appeal. You can also find musical instruments in Irish designed pendants. Irish jewelry carries beautiful message that reflect Celtic symbolism and Irish traditions with its incredible design and unique style. Intricate Celtic knot work, traditional Irish Blessings, Cladding rings, trinity Knots, Celtic crosses, and shamrocks the symbol of Ireland.

13. Two Tone Cross Gold Pendant for Men and Women:

Gold pendants are designed with two tone colors. The look of such a pendant gives a splendid look to your jewellery collection. A cross pendant in yellow gold and lord Jesus carved on it is adorned by many people. Similar patterns are also found with other enamels and even using tri color alloys. Goldsmiths use silver, copper, or even platinum or rhodium alloys to give a different color to the pendant.

14. Beautiful Glass Jar Enamel Pendant in Gold:

One of the most creative art came forward is the framing of objects with gold. A latest design among such a pendant is seen with a mini glass jar which has small period stones inside is framed beautifully with gold wire and is worn with a gold chain. Boys with a rocky nature will love such pendants. A mini look of objects are framed with gold or silver has brought an entirely new trend to the fashion jewelry.

15. Gold Pendant with Flower Hearts:

Floral gold pendant designs are very common among pendants worn by ladies and young girls. Floral design pendants have many designs. A flower pendant is made by several hearts joined together making a flower pattern looks attractive even from far. Green and white diamonds in the middle makes it more adorable. Gold floral pendants look adorable with paired earrings similarly in floral designs. Simple flowers also look adorable.

16. Green Jade Gold Pendant:

A gold pendant with green jade in the center is all time favorite for people who love to wear gem stoned jewelry. The border of the pendant is also carved with a beautiful pattern that is attractive. People believing in astrology and gem stone effects make pendants with gemstones studded in them. You can also see such pendants beautifully framed in gold plates artistically designed like veils and flowers.

17. Traditional Gold Geometric Flower Pendant:

Gold pendants are also carved with geometric designs. The craftsmen have blocks making such geometric patterns and then join each design making a beautiful pendant in a whole. Here you can see work done with small golden balls, a twisted chain and diamond shapes making a beautiful pendant. Such pendants are worn by ladies on occasions paired with earrings a match to the same design.

18. Ganesha Gold Pendants for Kids:

Lord Ganesha gold pendant is usually bought for a new born baby. While, a gold pendant making Om or Lord Krishna and even swastika symbol are preferred to be bought for new born babies. Gifting such gold pendants to babies is considered as blessing to them. And a wish that lord always remains with the new born. You can find pendants made on the god and goddesses idol embossed on gold metal surfaces. There are hollow gold molded sculptures in small sizes to make pendants.

19. American Diamonds Pendant in Gold:

Pendants are also found made entirely studded with diamonds. Mostly American diamonds are preferred for such spectacular designs. The shape given to the pendant is entirely covered with white American diamond. The sparkle of such a pendant reflects bright even at night. The American diamonds look dazzling when reflected to sunlight or high lights at night. The shine of a diamond studded gold pendant is surely amazing and eye-catching.

20. Beautiful Gold Peacock Pendant:

The beauty of a peacock is spectacular when embossed on a jewelry piece. Here the pendant is carved in a beautiful peacock. The feathers of the peacock are made with thin golden net and the colors given are with meenakari work. A peacock pendant is all time favorite on any occasion. You can see various other designs with a peacock as the main design. Pendants with a peacock as the motif is made a bit heavy and its cost goes higher as more gold and accessories are used. People also opt for colorful diamonds studded instead of meenakari work to show the colors of the peacock.

21. Temple Design Gold Pendant:

Temple design in jewelry is one of the oldest of designs. Pendants too are made in temple design. Such a design is mostly seen with pair of earrings. The pendant set is mostly worn during marriage functions or traditional occasions. Temple design pendants usually are seen with a holy pattern that reminds us of temple and Hindu god and goddesses. It has very minute work on the entire piece. Such pendants and jewelry take time to be made, as it needs small carvings to design the pattern.

22. Gold Name Pendant:

Pendant with name carved with gold is one of the designs of pendants loved by people from ages ago. The fascinating thing about the name pendants is adorned by any age people from all around the world. The name pendant can also be a wonderful gift for your kids. You can also gift such a pendant to your spouse and create a tight bond of love with each other.

23. Traditional Pendant Set in Gold:

A best jewelry piece women could wear is a set of gold pendant and earring a match with it. A traditional design with the green and red color effect from rubies and emeralds carved on a leafy pattern looks adorable on any occasion. The beautiful shape of leaf and colors that reflect the nature looks amazing hanging from your neck. Such a pendant set looks amazing with Indian outfit, like sarees or choli, or salwar suits.

24. Large Gold Pendant for Women:

The emblem of sun reminds us of power, energy and fire. Men loving design of the sun is also one of the latest designs made in gold pendants. The sun is attractively carved largely and studded with diamonds. Large pendants are also seen with peacock designs, or animal designs and even in eagle designs that are the latest ones these days.

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25. Artistic Gold Pearl Pendant:

Gold is carved today much artistically that you cannot resist admiring the beauty of the piece of jewelry. A pearl so beautifully covered with gold alloy looks like a veil of gold holding the purity of pearl. The artistic way of inserting the necklace chain is also different.

Hence, if you want to surprise your wife, mother or your daughter, you will have the best gift of a gold pendant that will bring a large size smile on her face. Gold pendant studded with diamond is an evergreen gift for any girl who receives it. And talking about a jewelry piece for the beauty of your well groomed neck, a gold chain is not enough for it. A gold pendant does it all for you. A simple chain with a pendant on it can even be a regular wear for you.

Today men too have their own choice of jewelry. Gold pendants designed with a male effect are hot favorite these days among men. Pendants having enamels of animals and eagles are very much admired by men. While small babies are always gifted a pendant designed of lord Ganesha or Om carved on it. Cute pendants of heart, butterfly or musical enamels are a desire of young girls.


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