Gold sandals…Well what to say about golden sandals..Every girl wishes to have multiple pair of golden sandals! These sandals are very beautiful and come with lot of types as well. So if you want to have different types of golden sandals, you can have many then. One can also keep a pair separate for different occasions. There are sandals for casual wear like gold strappy sandals, golden flat sandals, and for parties you get the designer and shiny ones. Well there are plenty of more ideas you can get in this article about the variety of golden sandals.

Best Womens Gold Sandals for Women In 2018:

Let’s see top 9 gold sandals for women in different styles that really help to select from a wide range.

1. Golden Egyptian Sandal:

Did you know Egypt was the original inventor of long gladiator sandals? Yes the Egyptians wore these long back and the colour was golden. These sandals have long straps that cover your legs till your knees. These golden sandals will look good with short dresses so that you get to flaunt your legs. The best suited outfit will be a short dress with it. It can be worn in parties as well as causal.

2. Golden platform Heels:

These are the one true love of short girls. Platform heels are pretty, classy and the best part is they go out with any outfit. Especially gold heeled sandals are very much in fashion now a day and they look casual as well as stylish. So these can be worn in both places.

3. Golden Wedges:

Wedges are something which will never go out of fashion. Have a golden wedge can complete your look. Golden wedges usually go with party outfits as they are stylish and give you a stylish look. It looks good with the dress and jeans as well.

4. Golden Designer Sandals:

Now come up the most waited type of golden sandals, the designer golden sandal. These are high in fashion can have some design on it. It can also be custom made and come in limited edition. These golden Designer sandals are perfect for parties and rich events. Their shape and designs may just win your heart and you will feel amazing wearing those.

5. Golden Flat Sandals:

The most elegant way to have a golden sandal in your daily wear is to have golden flat sandals. These are very casual and will go with all your casual dresses. These are also very comfortable to wear with style in it. There are many varieties of golden flat sandals that one can have, from belles to strappy sandals they all look good when in golden.

6. Golden Gladiator Sandals:

The Gladiators! They have been the center of attraction ever since they have been launched. But a golden gladiator steals all the show. They come in many varieties, these can be long, short, and medium in length. They look good with any outfit, capris, and jeans, short or long dresses too.

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7. Golden Stilettos:

Stilettos are worn by every girl, but having a golden stiletto sandal will be every girls dream. Yes, they are very fashionable and look good with anything wear, casual wear, party wear all look good with the golden stiletto.

8. Golden Pumps:

Golden pumps are every girl’s desire! It makes you feel like a fairy tale come true. A golden sandal sounds very fairy tale and yet it looks very stylish as well. They look good with short and long dress also they can be worn with formals. This is the one pair which should be there in the women’s gold sandals collection.

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9. Simple Golden Sandals:

These are the simplest golden sandals anyone can ever have. These may be strappy golden sandals, rose gold sandals or flat gold sandals. It is totally for casual wear, which can be worn daily as well. With the touch of golden sandals you can complete your look.

There are so many ways in which one can wear these golden sandals. They come for every occasion and for every season as well. They are also available for different events, parties, casual, formal, etc.

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