Jewellery is an important part of women’s fashion. Various kinds of jewellery like gold, silver, antique, pearl, diamond, etc. have always captured the heart of the beauties. Among them, the Gold Temple Jewellery Designs are becoming more popular these days. Temple design gold jewellery was famous in the Southern part of India at the initial stage, but now it is accepted all over India and abroad.

Beautiful Temple Jewellery Designs in Gold with Amazing Collection:

Temple design gold jewellery is mostly inspired by the God and Goddess of Indian Culture. Let’s have a glance of a few amazing gold temple jewellery models with images.

1. Kundan Gold Lakshmi Necklace:

This is one of the masterpieces in the list of temple jewellery design in gold. The necklace is beautifully designed with Kundan and sea pearls. The pendant is beautifully made with an image of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. This masterpiece is mostly seen worn in luxurious weddings in the South.

2. Radha Krishna Pendant Necklace:

This beautiful necklace is made using flat diamonds, ruby, emeralds and sea pearls. The pendant gives a glance of Radha Krishna enjoying the flute music along with two peacocks beside them. This pendant is a sign of love and purity. This gold temple jewellery design is the favourite for the people living in Banaras, Goulding and Vrindavan.

3. Simple Temple Jewellery Design:

This is the simplest gold temple jewellery. A simple gold chain set with amazing heavy earrings. The pendant is decorated with a standing Lord Krishna idol. This simple necklace can also be worn alone for daily purpose while wearing it with earrings would be eye catchy in weddings and religious functions.

4. Pearl Lakshmi Necklace:

This is a unique temple jewellery designs in gold and pearl. This is a 22-carat gold pachi necklace studded with lovely white diamonds and sea pearls. In the middle is a Goddess Lakshmi pendant showering blessings and wealth. This masterpiece is mostly seen in religious functions, specially in Diwali.

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5. Ancient Nakshi Haram Necklace:

A wonderful necklace giving to grace is the best worn in festivals. It is beautifully embossing the idol of Lord Vishnu in his highly impressive pose with Goddess Lakshmi. Beside them, the thick haram chain begins with two elephants and few balls hanging below the pendant.

6. Lakshmi Kasu Necklace:

This attractive gold temple jewellery has three necklaces attached with it. The necklace is studded with rubies, emerald, pearl and flat white diamonds. The last long necklace is made out of Goddess Lakshmi Kasu.

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7. Polki Temple Necklace:

This is an amazing gold temple jewellery. The design is so lovely that it suits any baby pink heavy Saree. It gives a stylish and attractive look for religious functions and wedding functions. It is studded with lovely rubies and porkies. The pendant is glorifying the image of Lord Vishnu posing below Shesh Naag.

8. Bridal Temple Necklace:

The South Indian brides are highly seen wearing gold temple jewellery. This is one such a beautiful necklace. It is decorated with nakshi peacock and Goddess Lakshmi. It is a combination of Lakshmi Haram, Lakshmi banking and Lakshmi Vaddanam. It gives the bride a wonderful grace.

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9. Motif Necklace With Goddess:

This temple design gold jewellery is made out of 22-carat gold necklace is decorated with peacock motifs and a pendant of Goddess Lakshmi. It is carried on festivals and weddings.

The women are mostly attracted to lovely jewellery designs, specially gold jewellery. You can also get your favourite God pendant fixed with whichever necklace design you love. So make out or select wonderful gold temple jewellery and attract the eyes and hearts this season.


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