Gold is that auspicious metal for weddings and is the purest gift. Gold is a metal and an element that will never go out of fashion. Gold has been known for its beauty, and how the jewellery made out of gold looks resplendent. A wedding is an important day in the lives of a couple, and they always wish it to be special and memorable. The couple would like their rings for the wedding to be unique and special, so gold wedding rings are an awesome choice. Here we will look at the top 15 gold wedding rings with beautiful designs.

Latest Collection of Gold Wedding Rings for Him and Her:

These different and amazing designed golden wedding rings are perfect and suitable for weddings for both men and women.

1. Golden Bands for Men:

One classic piece of jewellery that never goes out of style is these plain band-style wedding golden rings for men. They can be custom-made according to the comfortable fit to one’s finger and look minimalistic but great on a man’s hand on his wedding day. Men who prefer to keep the look no-nonsense can opt for these golden band rings.

2. Diamond Wedding Rings for Men:

Gold with diamonds is like two best friends coming together to create magic. The wedding rings in solid gold with seven to eight diamonds studded on them look perfect for a wedding and classy on a man’s hand for his special day. The golden ring is not thin but is of nice and correct width to hold the brilliant diamonds perfectly.

3. Diamond Wedding Rings for Women:

Diamond wedding rings in 18 carats or 22-carat gold are the best in the wedding jewellery trousseau, and rings are the most special for a woman as this special ornament makes her special as a bride on her special day. The diamonds can be a single stone like a solitaire, or many diamonds can be studded. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, as the true saying goes.

4. Golden Wedding Rings for Women:

The preferred jewellery for weddings is gold, and wedding rings in full gold with intricate designs are beautiful and ideal for weddings. These gold wedding rings are perfect for building a new relationship. Indian weddings have these golden wedding rings for engagement and other wedding functions.

5. White Gold Wedding Ring Designs  for Women:

White gold looks fabulous in jewellery and is a new fashion trend, with many women preferring this for rings, bangles and bracelets. White gold is unusual, and this huge cubic zirconia stone looks breathtakingly beautiful. These can form part of statement wedding gold rings.

6. Gold Rings for Men:

The full golden ring designs for men are unique in style and fashion. These are very Indian in style and the most preferred rings for weddings. They can stand out when one wears them, as the ring can speak volumes about the man.

7. Pearl Golden Ring for Women:

Pearls with diamonds in gold are a lovely combination fit for weddings, engagements, and special occasions. The off-white, pink or white pearl is studded on top and stands out in the ring. The golden ring with diamonds on either side of the ring for a lovely shine. Both pearls and diamonds with gold give a fabulous look to the ring of women’s hands.

8. Golden Floral Design Wedding Rings:

Floral designs are always a preferred choice for women. Women have many qualities that resemble that of a flower, and hence floral wedding rings are the right choice for her special day. Golden wedding rings have a floral design and pattern engraved or crafted beautifully with stones or embellishments to give a fresh feel to the ring.

9. Rose Gold Wedding Rings for Women:

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper used for jewellery. It is becoming very popular for wedding jewellery nowadays for its charm and exuberance. These are on the expensive side, though. These look beautiful with that unique shade of gold in the engagement and wedding rings compared to the normal golden wedding rings. They can be customised according to one’s requirements with expensive solitaires, pearls or diamonds.

10. Layered Gold Wedding Rings for Men:

Similar to the lines of golden wedding bands for men, these have four thin layers of golden bands into one thick golden band. This looks perfect for a traditional wedding which blends with the feel and atmosphere of a traditional wedding.

11. Personalised Wedding Bands for Men:

The best way to show love for one’s life partner can be a wedding ring in a truly personalized pattern with both names engraved with the special date etched forever. One can have diamonds studded with names engraved in that perfect golden band for the wedding. Flaunt that promise to be kept alive forever with a personalized wedding band.

12. Golden Emerald Ring for Men:

Emeralds in gold are a classic combination. Golden bands with bright green emeralds and white diamonds studded one after another are the highlight of these unique wedding bands. Few have their zodiac colour as emeralds. This wedding ring is perfect for them too.

13. Couple Golden Rings:

The best gifting option or wedding gift for any couple can be these golden couple wedding rings. Made in pure gold with nice intricate designs, these can be an eye-catcher on any occasion, and the one who gifts these will always be remembered.

14. Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band for Men:

These rose gold diamond bands are exclusively a wedding collection for men, breaking the stereotype. A look at these wedding bands, and one cannot look at anything else. Perfect in rose gold and white gold with diamonds, one cannot want anything else in choosing a wedding ring.

15. Vintage White Gold Rings for Men:

White gold looks breathtakingly beautiful and also speaks class. These vintage white gold and gold wedding ring designs for men are very popular among young men who like to experiment with new trends in jewellery. These are made of 14 carats of white gold in the centre and normal yellow gold at both edges, made into a band-patterned wedding ring.

Everyone will have dreams about their wedding and want it to be perfect. Golden wedding rings can be an all-time favourite with men and women. The various designs, patterns, and looks in golden rings can spoil one for choices, and one can choose their dream wedding ring. Wedding rings hence form part of a special jewellery collection.


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