15 Beautiful Gold Colour Blouse Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

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Gold is probably one of the most preferable colours and according to most women, it is that particular colour which eventually sets you apart from others and makes you look unique and beautiful. When it comes to blouses, women do love showing off some vibrancy there. The golden colour blouses are probably one of the most beautiful blouses out there are they can be worn only with some selected sarees. They are shiny and glimmer all the time and most of the time come with attachments.

In this article, we will suggest you some ideas on the best gold colour blouse models that you definitely need to have. These latest designs are on par with the latest trend in town.

Beautiful Golden Blouse Designs for Women:

Let’s find right here with said golden blouse designs in that women really look ravishingly pretty.

1. The Full Neck Golden Colour Blouse Design:

Golden Blouse Designs

This particular design comes with a really cool pattern done on the front and the back portion as well. There are sleeves on this blouse, that is not too long, therefore, making it very comfortable to wear. The floral pattern is done on a transparent base and that is why this and hence will be an ideal choice for netted sarees. One can sport this beautiful blouse at wedding occasions and for all the amazing features, it is the best golden blouse design you will ever see

2. The Antique Golden Blouse Design:

Golden blouse designs2

This designer piece of gold colour blouse design is the latest trend. It has an antique golden pattern which is totally eye-catching and for that this blouse is one of the best golden blouse designs in this list. The sleeveless pattern makes it comfortable to sport and it is intended for the slim body type. Hence, you should look at yourself and think about how will this blouse make you look. If you are too chubby, then do avoid this particular design or else you won’t be able to get the best out of this design.

3. The Scalloped Golden Blouse:

Golden blouse designs3

If you are in love with net sarees, then this is a very good blouse for the net sarees. It is also a scalloped net designer saree which sports the golden color effectively. The blouse comes with the capability to steal all the looks and bring all the attention on you. It looks really awesome from the front and the back. The small patterns done on this blouse will make women excited about this blouse. If you are looking for one of the best golden blouse designs, then this is probably the right choice for you.

4. The Gold Net Designer Blouse Piece:

Golden blouse designs4

If you are looking for golden net blouses, then this is yet another one on this list which is made of the net material. The golden colour suits this blouse perfectly and the back-lace pattern gives a perfect shape to the back. This blouse made from a comfortable piece of cloth is also simple and elegant.

5. The Zigzag Designer Golden Blouse:

Golden blouse designs5

This ready made golden blouse is simple with a lace with the small attachments (two) is very attractive and that can be said to be one of the prime attractions of this designer traditional Indian women clothing model. The low-cut back neck design can come with or without a lace.

6. The Copper Shimmer Golden Blouse Design:

Golden blouse designs6

This golden blouse is different from the ones discussed in this article. It sports a very alluring pattern with all the copper shimmering attachments attached to the whole body of this blouse. The blouse is a mix of golden and other mild colours, making the golden look more prominent. The blouse has a small sleeve with a beautiful back low cut neck.

7. The Shiny Golden Celebrity Blouse:

Golden blouse designs7

This gold colour blouse design offers the wearer with the celebrity look. It looks really awesome with the particular saree sported by Nargis. It seems as if this blouse was designed particularly for this saree. Match it with an ideal necklace and bun up your hair for that perfect bridal look.

8. The Full Sleeve Designer Blouse:

Golden blouse designs8

This is one of the best designer blouses of all time. It sports a really cool pattern throughout the body. The fish patterns are done very beautifully on this blouse and by looking at this blouse for long enough, you will be able to realize that how much dedication and love has been put into making this masterpiece.

9. The Sleeveless Golden Blouse:

Golden blouse designs9

It sports a very beautiful sleeveless blouse pattern and the purple thin borders make this blouse even more wearable. Any saree lover will probably want to sport this blouse with pride and love. The golden colour blouse design is slightly loose and that gives the blouse an elevated and elegant look. A high bun and some mild accessories to go with it and will give a refined look.

10. The Halter Neck Blouse Design:

Golden blouse designs10

This is one of the best halter neck golden blouse designs is so lovable that probably anyone will fall in love with it. It will be suitable for a sport this alluring design at a party or even at a wedding occasion. It will provide you with that amount of attention which you always wanted.

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11. The South Indian Designer Halter Neck Blouse:

Golden blouse designs11

This is yet another halter neck blouse design that is a gold colour blouse design. The blouse will loo really amazing when it is sported with a suitable saree. This is one of those blouses which will make a simple saree look very attractive.

12. The Simple Golden Blouse:

Golden blouse designs12

If you don’t want to carry something too fancy, then take a good look at this design. It sports the golden colour quite effectively and still looks pretty alluring. The pattern can be said to be one of the best designs out there, with a slightly low cut front neck pattern.

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13. The Low Cut Golden Blouse:

Golden blouse designs13

This designer item will be suitable for all women out there, who are in love with the low neck blouse designs. It is a rather very low-cut back neck blouse with hooks on the back. The sleeveless golden blouse pattern will be an ideal party wear and will match the floating style saree draping.

14. The Patch Work Designer Items:

Golden blouse designs14

This golden designer item is probably something that every woman will want to sport along with their favourite saree. It can be carried with a black, brown, golden colour sarees and the blouse has mixed colours of golden and black, with extra beads and work. This black and gold blouse design is a perfect traditional and comfy wear.

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15. The Latest Golden Sleeveless Blouse:

Golden blouse designs15

This is probably one of the finest-looking designer items out there. The golden colour suits the small patterns done on the blouse perfectly, which can only be seen if you look carefully enough. This can be customized with the right designs and colour influx and matched it with an ideal plain saree.

While sarees do add to the look, blouses have an altogether different role to play. They help in brightening the saree looks with their contrasting colours and patterns. The golden colour blouse designs in this sense, are definitely eye-catchy and help give an aggravated grand look, by comfortably settling in your body and matching the overall tempo of the occasion. Keep the designs in mind and do not forget to try them out the next time you decide to get one stitched.