Did you know that Gorilla’s genes match 95 to 99% of humans? Yes! Not only do their genes but their close resemblance to humans make them perfect tattoo material. Gorilla tattoo designs are popular among tattoo lovers because they symbolize compassion, gentleness, and intelligence. In this article, we have curated a list of different types of gorilla tattoos with different meanings attributed to each of them. Read on to know more!

15 Gorilla Tattoo Designs with Images:

We have presented you with a list of some popular Gorilla tattoos.

1. Realistic Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This Gorilla tattoo has a smoking pipe in its mouth, which might signify the wearer’s smoking habit. However, it also symbolises courage, power, and desire and depicts the wearer’s compassion and courage. The transition of a body into spirit is represented in the Gorilla tattoo with a smokey effect. The bold ink makes the tattoo look realistic, and the arm is the perfect place for such tattoos.

2. Bold Gorilla Hand Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This small gorilla tattoo is full of small lines similar to the lightning effect, which might represent the loss of ignorance. The use of black for the outer skin and red for the tongue and the inner area of the mouth complement each other. This tattoo represents the wearer’s strength, ferocity, power, hostility, and intelligence. Although aggressive, this tattoo is usually preferred by men.

3. Fierce Gorilla Tattoo Designs:

Image Source: Instagram

This Gorilla with a crown tattoo represents a cross with religious freedom and symbolizes victory. The king gorilla tattoo might signify the wearer’s wisdom, power, dignity, spirituality, and strength. The lightning effect across the tattoo makes the design look lovely. Men, irrespective of age, usually prefer these types of tattoos.

4. Traditional Gorilla Head Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This aggressive gorilla tattoo is perfect for people who want to represent their bold and robust side beautifully. The Christmas cap on the Gorilla gives the tattoo a funny edge. In addition, there is a use of lighter and greyish shades across the tattoo, which makes it look lovely. This tattoo is usually preferable for men, but there is no restriction for women.

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5. Traditional Gorilla Tattoo On Foot:

Image Source: Instagram

Suppose you want a traditional gorilla tattoo to enter your body realm. In that case, this tattoo is a perfect choice. Unlike the other tattoos that use only black ink, this design uses multiple colours for a realistic look, from black, red, and orange. This tattoo can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to represent their robust nature.

6. Angry Gorilla Tattoo Design:

Image Source: Instagram

This Gorilla tattoo hand might signify the wearer’s wisdom, courage, strength, and intelligence. The combination of bold and pale colours makes for a treat for the eyes. Since the tattoo fits right on the palm and looks like the right fit, you can also get the tattoo engraved on the bicep, forearm, or even the calf.

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7. Kink Kong Gorilla Tattoo On The Forearm:

Image Source: Instagram

King Kong is one of the movies that brought back Gorilla tattoos in trend. The gorilla tattoo is simple, with thin lines and a realistic look. The unique addition to the tattoo is the phrase STRONG LIKE KING KONG, which indicates the wearer relates to the personality traits of King Kong. This tattoo is a perfect option for all gender in the adult age group.

8. Japanese Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This can be a perfect option if you want a Japanese gorilla tattoo design. The tattoo placement plays a vital role in showing how much the wearer relates to intelligence, leadership, power, courage, and strength. Also, since the tattoo is tiny, you can engrave it anywhere on your body.

9. Fiery Gorilla Face Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

If fierceness is one of the things you want to represent in a tattoo, this Gorilla tattoo is an excellent choice. This gorilla arm tattoo looks pretty ferocious, with an open mouth and sharp teeth. In addition, there is a vine across the face that looks like the Gorilla is trying to fight. The tattoo fits right into the arm or calf space available. The black and grey colours are the perfect choice to represent this tattoo.

10. Cute Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

If you are fed up with using black ink for your tattoo, this gorilla leg tattoo with a splash of colours can be an ideal choice. Although black ink is used for engraving the gorilla pattern, the splash of colours in the background adds to the beauty of the design. In addition, you can use the colours of your choice to make the tattoo more personal. The calf, arm, or back of your neck is the best place to get this tattoo.

11. Silverback Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This Gorilla tattoo design is done in a combination of grey and black ink, which looks gorgeous on the chest. This animal symbolises dignity, honour, intelligence, and compassion in general. But the meaning of each tattoo differs for every individual depending on their perception. The entire tattoo has beautiful details surrounding the Gorilla. You can add elements of your choice to make it more personal.

12. Gorilla Tattoo With Bandages:

Image Source: Instagram

This one can be a perfect option if you are looking for quirky gorilla tattoos. The little Gorilla is putting out its tongue representing the funny and joyful side of the wearer. Yet another funny side of this tattoo design is that it is covered with bandages revealing a bright and humorous side. This tattoo is usually preferred by men and women who have a fun side.

13. Simple Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

A gorilla running around the forest thumping onto his chest is another fun and popular tattoo option for tattoos. Along with creativity, wisdom, gentleness and generosity, this tattoo also signifies the humourous side of the wearer. The bold lines and creative strokes across the tattoo make the simple design look especially attractive.

14. Gorilla Head Tattoo On The Arm:

Image Source: Facebook

The Gorilla tattoo covered with leaves and nature can represent the wearer’s happiness and environment. This tattoo also beautifully signifies sympathy, simplicity, power, and pleasure in one place. Using greyish tones in combination with black techniques gives the simple tattoo a unique and memorable finish.

15. Lion And Gorilla Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo has a gorilla and a lion in one place, representing royalty and power in a perfect combination. So if you want to flaunt your manliness, this tattoo can be perfect. This tattoo also signifies leadership, generosity, dignity, strength, power, and wisdom, all qualities the wearer wants to imbibe. Men usually prefer this tattoo.


Depending on the wearer, there is a lot of significance associated with the Gorilla tattoos mentioned in this article. Therefore, we hope you find the right tattoo that resonates well with you and your personality. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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