Who doesn’t like Mehendi on their hands and feet? The traditional look, beauty, and charm associated with having Mehendi in hands can’t be expressed. In the Telugu culture, we also have traditional Gorintaku designs, which were in trend during the older generations. The gorintaku is traditionally made with henna leaves grinded and mixed well traditionally to give in that bright natural red colour when applied.

These gorintaku designs are still mostly preferred during the festival or special cultural occasions. They bring out an authentic Telugu look, and who doesn’t love to look traditional every once in a while? Let us all go along and revisit the memories of the gorintaku designs model. From a complete old-age vintage traditional design to the contemporary yet ethnic look, we have covered it all!

10 Simple and Best Gorintaku Designs Pictures:

The top forever favourite and beautiful Gorintaku designs for hands are as follows.

1. Simple Round Dot Design:

This is the most basic and traditional simple gorintaku designs in Telugu culture. We often spot this in our elder’s hands and hardly take any time to get it done. Be it any traditional events or festivals or temple pooja’s; this gorintaku is an ideal and cultural looking design for all women and girls across age groups.

2. Tear Drop Gorintaku Design:

This is another traditional gorintaku designs you may have come across already. Instead of a simple dot and round design, we have a few intricate semicircles and conal shape designs to easily add to the look and style. However, the overall gorintaku design looks basic and also very traditional. This is ideal for those running out of time and has to get a basic cultural look in a short time. What do you think of this one?

3. Star Shape Gorintaku Design:

We love this among the gorintaku designs images. This beautiful henna Mehendi design is super quick and easy to keep. A large star with several dots around the spaces and near fingers can fill the hand and palms up and elevate the looks and look very traditional yet ethnic in a comfortable sense. It can suit very well for various occasions, be it festivals or prayer times or weddings.

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4. Traditional Red Telugu Gorintaku Pattern:

This aaku gorintaku design is again straightforward to apply. Once you prepare the Mehendi or henna at your place, all you need is a toothpick or thin stick to apply the designs of conal or triangular shapes near the fingers and palms. This is a very intricate and beautiful yet classic Telugu popular gorintaku design and pattern style to date. What do you think of these Telugu gorintaku mehndi designs?

5. Traditional And Old Gorintaku Basic Design:

This is among the ancient gorintaku designs popular among our elders and grandparents generations. It is effortless to do, and all that you need is henna or gorintaku made at home and hand fingers to do the circles and semicircles designs all over the pam. The floral basic look gorintaku design is ideal for traditional gatherings and home events.

6. Simple And Quick Gorintaku Idea:

Here are other quick and easy designs with gorintaku. This circle and round-shaped traditional mehndi and gorintaku pattern are very commonly found style in Telugu households. Another round of small dots or semi-circles added around the radius can bring in such a gorgeous and lovely pattern in no time. This is another new yet basic looking design right now.

7. Gorintaku Design With Cones:

Do you know, one can even try out the basic and lovely mehndi designs taken from the gorintaku tree and putting in a cone. The henna design is relatively easy to try out. Add on the mehndi in a cone and draw this simple round shape with circles and leaf patterns to achieve this similar look. This is among our favourite gorintaku cone designs right now.

8. Flower And Leaf Gorintaku Design Pattern:

This is not entirely a Telugu traditional henna design; however, it is a contemporary style and pattern without picking the originality in traditional look. These gorintaku leaf designs with flower arrangements are quite cute and lovely and are among the most loved ones right now. It is relatively easy to do, and the trick is to draw this design with fingerprints! Isn’t that cool?!

9. Simple Flower Gorintaku Pattern:

This is an even more basic gorintaku mehndi designs in flower patterns and design. Take out the henna and try drawing a leaf shape flower arrangement on both hands with the help of a cone or thin sticks or toothpicks. Fill up the gaps in between, and you are good to go. This is even nice to try daily and still look good.

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10. Light Mehndi Pattern:

Finally, it is again among our most essential and popular gorintaku simple designs on hands. All you need to do is a small round at first and try putting dots with thin sticks or toothpicks all around. Pull off a few layers of dots and keep the rest in place just as they are. Please do the same near fingers tips, and that is it! Isn’t it easy and traditional too?

Final Thoughts:

These traditional gorintaku Telugu designs and patterns are quite popular in households over here. Be it a festival or simple occasion; they are widely spotted. While the mainstream and modern mehndi is taking over the trend right now, it still feels good to try out the age-old good designs and look all traditional. What do you think of them? Let us know your thoughts too! We love to hear from you.

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