Graffiti design is popularly known as street or urban artwork, using colour spray on the walls. This huge graffiti art has alphabets as the theme was written using different word fonts. This alphabet design is used in carving tattoos on the skin too. Designers who are well trained can only achieve this designer’s work.

Cute and Stylish Graffiti Tattoo Designs:

This article could help select the Top 9 graffiti tattoo designs for those interested in spray work.

1. Graffiti Spray Tattoo Design:

As a graffiti tattoo is known for its spray painting, the spray bottles are highlighted using the knob as the main design in creating this spray graffiti design. The nozzle is underlined by using multicolour spray paint around the skin.

2. Graffiti 3D Tattoo Design:

3D tattoos have also got their essential when it comes to tattoo designs. These graffiti art tattoos can be designed with any theme, such as creating an initial tattoo or a graffiti girl tattoo design.

3. Half-Arm Graffiti Building Tattoo Design:

Since graffiti tattoo is known for its large tattoo designs, half-arm tattoo designs are the best graffiti art tattoo design. The graffiti tattoos sleeves are printed with building designs and with twilight stars.

4. Graffiti Rose Tattoo Design:

The rose is given a beautiful bright colour in graffiti rose tattoo design using spray paint. The tattoo design suits girls as a shoulder or arm tattoo design. How the rose petals are arranged makes the different from other tattoo style.

5. Graffiti Wall Tattoo Design:

Graffiti art is done on street walls, which are huge and wide. The band singers like to display their brand name on the wall using calligraphy graffiti design. The theme behind graffiti design is used in designing the wall graffiti tattoo design.

6. Graffiti Radio Tattoo Design:

Funky tattoo designs can also be made using the graffiti theme. The radio is portrayed in a comic manner using spray paints. Along with radio, cassette tape can also be painted. This tattoo suits well as a chest tattoo design for guys.

7. Graffiti Name Tattoo Design:

Showing love through a tattoo is one of the trends these days; this tattoo can be designed as a name as the base. A loved one’s name can be crafted using graffiti tattoo design. The font of the name tattoo can be selected before.

8. Cartoon Graffiti Tattoo Design:

People who like cartoon characters or funny face tattoos then opt for them—a graffiti tattoo design. The face of the cartoon character is made colourfully, for example, a bird with a crown on its head.

9. Graffiti Skull Tattoo Design:

Skull design has grabbed its attention not just for normal ink tattoos but also in graffiti tattoo types. This design hits the top list for guys who like to have a hip look. The skull is given black colour. It suits well as a chest tattoo design.

Graffiti design is an old school street work that has held its name and fame among the youngsters, simply because of the designer who makes changes according to the present generation. This method of crafting spray painting as a tattoo on human skin needs patience and experience, so customers need to respect and salute these artistic people’s hand works.

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