If you have an eye for vintage, anything that looks like a statement piece, the grandfather clocks are for you. The grandfather clocks are those large free-standing wooden case clocks that have been prominent around ancient times and old generations. However, these are perfect statement pieces of décor that can never go out of trend. To date, the grandpa clock designs are among the most popular choices too. If you are planning to get yourself such clocks, then you are in the right place. These indeed will add vintage looks, vibrant vibes, and a perfect look to your living space.

New Collection of Grandfather Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 latest and best grandfather clock designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Antique Grandfather Clock:

For those who are looking for perfect multi-purpose use, this dual antique grandfather clock is good. This can be used as both a wall clock as well as a standing clock. This is an aluminium perfect unique grandfather clock that can add style and light up your interiors in the most vintage manner.

  • Design and Type: Brown and White Color Antique Grandfather Clock in Standing
  • Shape: Circular
  • Material: Wood and Aluminum

2. Grandfather Wall Clock:

This is another latest and beautiful grandfather clock designs. This traditional-looking choice is perfect for filling up your bland walls in the living and sitting room spaces. This can add up to look beautiful as well as trendy and ethnic quickly. Check it out too!

  • Design and Type: Wooden Clock Attached in The Rectangular Design
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood

3. Grandfather Clock with Pendulum:

We have a perfect classic grandfather clock too. This is among my all-time favourite choices that never goes out of the trend. The six-foot grandpa clock comes in a tall or long case design with a pendulum. It adds up to the entire vintage and age-old look, creating a perfect dose of gorgeousness around you. This one is a must-have for those with a very large living space and room to fill up with perfect interiors.

  • Design and Type: Wooden Grandfather Tall Case Clock with Pendulum
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood

4. Ajanta Grandfather Clock:

This is another stunning grandpa clock design. This is from the famous brand Ajanta. Here, the rhythmic grandpa clock is good for those who prefer the vintage element and contemporary colour hues. It brings on a vibrant look quickly.

  • Design and Type: Dark Brown Grandpa Clock from Ajanta
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood

5. Seiko Grandfather Clock:

This Seiko grandfather clock in the latest collection is also famous for its edgy and intricate design elements. It gives a simple yet statement appearance seamlessly. In case you are thinking of a long-lasting product within budget, this can be a good choice.

  • Design and Type: Dark Brown Color Seiko Grandfather Clock
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood and Plastic

6. Wooden Grandfather Clock:

This rhythmic pendulum in the grandfather clock collection is yet another perfect choice for small homes. The clock doesn’t take up too much space, brings beautiful vintage and ethnic vibes, and adds to the classic décor element. It gives a sense of antique style effortlessly.

  • Design and Type: Grandfather Wooden Clock with Rhythmic Pendulum
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Oakwood

7. Tuscany Cherry Finish Grandfather Clock Pendulum:

This sophisticated modern Grandfather Clock is an heirloom in the making, ready to be handed down from generation to generation. It comprises the finish of Tuscany Cherry that boasts a graceful and book-matched olive pediment. The ash burl swan-neck pediment with a turned-urn finial and decorative shell overlay remains the unique highlight. It measures 23W x 13.5D x 86.25H inches. It is made from select hardwoods and veneers for durability. The clock is also fuelled with an illuminated dial for viewing in a darkened room.

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8. Walnut Rustic Black Forest Grandfather Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

These are the hand-carved old clock belonging to the 19th century period. They are constructed to their excellence with great care. They have three bears at the base, two on sides and one on top (not working). These clocks are of such fine craftsmanship, true and wonderful ornamentation, and designed with a superb “in-house” pattern that ranks at the top of all German-made regulators.

9. Dark Finished Black Grandfather Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

Make your choice without re-thinking these types of small grandfather clocks comprised of an illuminated dial for viewing in darkness. It has adjustable levellers under each corner of the clock that can provide stability on uneven and carpeted floors. The doors can be locked for added security. It operates on two “C” and two D size Duracell’s’ batteries and has an automatic nighttime chime shut-off option. The case is illuminated by an interior light and works with branded Quartz, dual chime movement. It also features volume control and an automatic nighttime chime shut-off option.

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10. Tamarack Glass Grandfather Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

This unique linear floor glass grandfather clock features an openly framed dial with Roman numerals and diamond-shaped hands finished in Antique Gold. This modern grandfather clock’s top, bottom, and back panels are finished in a complementing Hampton Cherry shade. The open case allows for the pendulum to be viewed, which again adds up its beauty.

11. Walnut Finished Antique Grandfather Clock:

Accent your home with this pretty, impressive and uniquely carved antique grandfather clock. These are the trend grandfather clocks with long cases, pendulums, echoing chimes, and Roman numerals. These features bring a classic and elegant touch to the clock and, of course, to your home. It is made out of solid wood and has dimensions of Length: of 21.25, Width: of 10.5 and Height: of 77.5. It weighs 22.72 kg with a walnut finish.

12. Mahogany Cherry Wood Hanging Grandfather Clock:

This exquisite grandfather wall clock features a mahogany cherry oak finish case with hand-carved details. The dial is bright and perfectly brings out the Roman numerals for a convenient read even from a particular farther distance. This classic wall clock would become a stunning addition to any room in your house. It has melodic chimes such as the allice, strike, Westminster music and strike.

13. Tubular Grandfather Clock Chimes:

A graceful swan’s neck pediment complements the cabinet of this best grandfather clock. It has the hand-carved pediment arch, finial and centre shell motif. It contains a separate hood for waist front doors that is lockable with bevelled front and side glasses. The side access doors and a three-tiered base with floor levellers are also included in this model.

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14. Large Cased Emperor Grandfather Clock:

Now you are looking over the largely cased emperor clock with the unique suspension spring movements. It is comprised of a pendulum that is made out of premium oak wood. The parts of this clock are superiorly placed and kept for the good working condition from the past years. It is the old grandfather clock of mid 18th century.

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15. 4- Chimed Hanging Grandfather Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

This exquisite grandfather clock in India, which can be wall-mounted, has a mahogany cherry oak finish case. For your easy read, you will find the Roman numeral type to comfort this clock for everyone.

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The grandfather clock designs displayed in each of the links are unique and of supreme royal construction. Some are made with their respective country origin style, and some are made using a few modern techniques. There are numerous ranges of collections that can be classified into vibrant arrays of styles. Any individual with specifications would get the required model of these grandfather clocks since they are spread into such varieties. So why still wait for the experts’ response to get reliable data regarding these clocks in the above discussion and grab the finest one which satisfies you in all aspects?

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