Greece! The country is known for its rich cultural heritage, history, and traditions. Their culture is engulfed in the regular lives of Greek people, and the same is even mirrored in their naming practices. Greek baby names are famous for their beautiful meanings, philosophy, and tradition. If you are willing to choose your newborn’s name something special and prefer a unique choice, you can always consider these lovely Greek names.

Today, we are here with you to show the lovely and most fascinating Greek names and meanings. These are pretty popular and indeed are going to enchant you!

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Best and Unique Greek Names with their Meaning!

Our best of lovely and fascinating Greek origin names mesmerized us like no other. They are perfect for naming your baby with an excellent tone. So let’s get started and look into the lovely traditional, cultural, and captivating Greek names now!

Greek Names for Boys with Meaning:

Let us begin with some cool and smart Greek inspired male names first.

1. Adrastos:

Adrastos is the name of Grecian king in Argos. It is a trendy name in Greek history, and it also means ‘brave person who doesn’t run away.

2. Ajax:

Ajax is the famous name of a famous Greek warrior. It is a popular name in Greek lands and hence also symbolizes a hero or courageous person. It is also among famous Greek warrior names.

3. Argus:

Argus name is derived from the Greek word Argos, which means shining. The name is also popularly derived from Grecian mythology.

4. Castor:

Castor is already a famous name across the globe. The name Castor is the son of Zeus in Greek mythology, and it is a short and stylish name too.

5. Charon:

Charon name means ‘fierce brightness’. The name is also originated from the fierce ferryman of Hades from Grecian mythology.

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6. Damon:

Damon means loyalty and trustworthiness. The name Damon is also a God from Greek Mythology.

7. Erasmos:

Erasmos has its roots in the Greek name derived from Erasmios, which means ‘love.’ It is a traditional Greek name for babies.

8. Evander:

Evander directly implies a good and strong man. The name is also popular after the Greek hero of the Trojan War.

9. Helios:

Helios means sun. However, this is a popular traditional and ancient Greek name that is well-known across Europe.

10. Jonas:

Jonas means ‘a dove’ in Greek. It is a short and charming baby boy name and is now famous across the world.

11. Kyros:

Kyros means ‘like a sun.’ the name also symbolizes the brightness and light of life. It is a very charming and beautiful baby boy name idea.

12. Lycus:

Lycus in Greek origins means a wolf. It is also a very popular name in Greek mythology. Ruler of Thebes also has the same name.

13. Nikolaos:

If you prefer a symbolic and strong historic name, this is it! Nikolaos means ‘victory of the people.

14. Paion:

Paion is a healer in Greek. It is a charming and mesmerizing baby boy name idea.

15. Philemon:

Philemon means an affectionate person. The name has roots in the Greek biblical realm. Philemon is also the name of an apostle.

16. Proteus:

Proteus is the name of God of Sea according to Greek mythology. The name, on the other hand, also means ‘first.’

17. Pyros:

Pyros or also spelled as Pyrros, means someone like a flame. It is a simple yet very strong and powerful name for your baby.

18. Seth:

Seth in Greek origin and roots means dazzle. However, today, we have this name popular across the globe and even in America.

19. Solon:

Solon means wisdom or wise. The name is a meaningful choice in Greek baby boy names ideas!

20. Spyro:

Spyro means spirit in Greek. It is a very ancient and traditional Greek baby boy name idea to try out!

21. Thales:

This is a poetic and meaningful baby boy name. Thales means blossom! Incredible isn’t it!

22. Thanos:

We all have heard this name by now, which got famous after a fictional character in the Avengers movie series. Thanos in Greek, however, means immortal.

23. Theron:

Theron means brave and strong. It also means a hunter in Greek origin.

24. Zeus:

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus is the God of Thunder and Sky. Zeus is also the highest in the Greek Olympian Gods.

25. Zoroaster:

Zoraster is a very famous Greek name across the globe. It sounds bold and strong.

Greek Names for Girls with Meaning:

These beautiful Greek inspired baby girl and female names are perfect for those who love poetic, deep, and charming ideas. These are inspired by Greek deities, Goddesses, and the culture from the country. They have historic Greecian roots and indeed going to charm you!

26. Alexandra:

This is among the most popular name already well-known in the world. Alexandra is a feminine version of Alexander; it means helper of humankind.

27. Althaia:

If you want a meaningful yet powerful baby name for girls, this is a perfect one. Althaia means healing.

28. Amara:

Amara is a beautiful baby girl name. It means ‘grace’ in Greek origins. It is such as short, cute, and stylish name idea

29. Ariana:

Ariana means ‘holy’ in Greek origins. The name is already famous across the globe. There is even a famous singer with this name, Ariana Grande.

30. Athena:

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom. It is a popular and charming Greek name for girls.

31. Callie:

Callie simply means beautiful. It is a short and pretty baby girl name idea with Greek roots. What do you think?

32. Cynthia:

Cynthia is the name of the Moon Goddess in Greek Mythology. It is a popular, trending, yet very meaningful and lovely baby girl name in Greek.

33. Daphne:

Daphne means ‘laurel tree.’ This name is popular in several ancient poems and literature and is a lovely baby girl name idea.

34. Eleanor:

Eleanor means lighthearted. The name also means shining light. It is a modern and charming Greek baby girl name.

35. Ella:

Ella means beautiful. The name also implies fancy. It is a worldwide famous female baby name right now.

36. Hermoine:

Hermoine has a Greek meaning too; it means ‘messenger of the Gods’. The name got world-famous and popular after the fictional character Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series.

37. Ida:

If you are looking for an adorable and short baby name that is feminine and beautiful in tone, here it is! Ida means ‘the mountain Goddess.’ It has ancient Greek roots.

38. Khloe:

Khloe, in Greek origins, means blooming. It also means the Greek God of Harvest. Fascinating, isn’t it!

39. Melissa:

Melissa, from Greek origins, symbolizes a honeybee. The name is a feminine and beautiful choice too!

40. Myra:

Myra means ‘sweet-smelling oil.’ Besides the meaning, the name sounds soothing and lovely and is gaining popularity in the Greek names of the contemporary era.

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41. Olympia:

Olympia means heavenly. The name also means ‘Goddess of Mount Olympus”. It has ancient Greek origins.

42. Penelope:

Penelope means ‘weaver of thread.’ It is a charming ancient and old popular Greek baby girl names choice.

43. Rhea:

Rhea means ‘stream of the river.’ The name is famous in Greek mythology, and hence very classic name choice.

44. Sophia:

Sophia means someone who has great wisdom. This is a world-famous baby girl name idea with Greek origins. Other variants of this name are Sofia and Sophie.

45. Tessa:

Tessa means ‘to collect.’ This is a famous baby girl named in Greek.

46. Thea:

Thea means someone who is Godly. It also implies ‘goddess.’ Thea is a beautiful and creative, artsy Greek baby girl name.

47. Thelma:

Thelma, with Greek origins, means ‘ambition.’ It is a very rarely found and unique baby name for females in Greece.

48. Xenia:

Xenia means ‘welcoming.’ The name also symbolizes hospitality. It is a rarely found baby girl name too.

49. Zoe:

Zoe is a very famous name found across the world by now. The name Zoe means ‘life.’ It has Greek origins too! It also can be spelled as Zoey.

50. Zosime:

Zosime means survivor. It is a feminine name version of Zosimos. How do you like this one?

Greek Twin Baby Names Ideas:

51. Basil – Belen:

These are twin baby boy names ideas. Basil means someone who is like a king, and Belen means an arrow in Greek origins.

52. Claus- Cole:

Both the baby boy names symbolize people’s victory with Green origins. They are perfect twin name ideas for boys.

53. Egan – Eros:

Egan means little fire. Eros means God of Love. Both rhyme well and are perfect boy names together.

54. Kristo – Kyril:

Kristo means Christ-bearer. Kyril, on the other hand, means Lordly. They are unique and rare twin baby boy Greek names.

55. Sirius – Spiro:

Sirius means Sparkling like. Spiro symbolizes spiral. How do you like these unique names for boys?

56. Aria – Ava:

These are twin baby girl names ideas. Aria means melody. Ava means an eagle.

57. Clara – Clarissa:

Clara means bright and someone who is shining. Clarissa means clear. These are gorgeous and feminine twin baby girl Greek inspired name ideas.

58. Elie- Ellen:

Ellen is light, and Elie is mercy. These are rhyming and beautiful twin Greek baby name ideas for girls too!

59. Ina – Irene:

Ina is pure. Irene means peace. How do you like these twin baby girl names?

60. Pamela – Rhoda:

Pamela means Honeyed. Rhoda means a rose. These are lovely and twin baby girl names ideas too!

Greek Unisex Names:

These Greek unisex names are the perfect choice for both boys and girls. Have a look at these gender neutral names!

61. Cyd:

Cyd in Greek origins means ‘public hill.’ It is traditional Greek originated the name, ideal for boys and girls.

62. Dion:

Dion means a child of heaven and earth. This is a modern and lovely gender neutral unisex Greek baby name.

63. Eurus:

Eurus is God of the East Wind. It is from Greek mythology and a popular unisex name for boys and girls too!

64. Eustace:

Eustace is a rarely found Greek originating the name, which means ‘fruitful.’ It is suitable for both baby boys and girls.

65. Indigo:

Indigo is a deep blue color. This is Greek originated unisex baby name too!

66. Kyrie:

Kyrie means Lord. This is a popular unisex baby girl and boy name idea, famous across the globe.

67. Lexus:

Lexus means ‘defend’ or ‘ward off.’ The name also symbolizes helper. This is a rare and ancient Greek baby name suitable for boys and girls.

68. Mars:

Mars is God of War in traditional Green origin meaning. In this tradition, many use it as a gender neutral name.

69. Zenas:

Zenas means a person who is hospitable and friendly. It is a lovely unisex and gender neutral name idea from Greek origins.

70. Zeta:

Zeta is actually a letter in the Greek alphabet. It also means ‘olive.’

Greek Popular Surnames or Last names:

These are the most well-known Greek last names or surnames. Some of them are original Greek surnames, and others are modified as generations pass. Let’s explore more about some of the most famous Greek last names and surnames here!

71. Aetos:

Aetos is among the most famous surname in Greek. It means ‘eagle.’

72. Castellanos:

The Castellanos is the popular surname last name derived from the word ‘Kastello.’ It means a castle. The other spelling variation of this name is Kastellanos.

73. Diakos:

Diakos is originated from the word Deacon in Greek. It came after Deacon as a member of the cleary and means the occupation of the person.

74. Gabris:

Gabris last name or surname came from the English word Gabriel.

75. Hasapi:

This name has its roots in the Greek word, Chasapi. It means a butcher. Most often, it is used by people in this profession.

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76. Konstantinopolites:

This seems a very familiar name to most of us. The famous surname is after the people originating from the place called Constantinople.

77. Mikos:

Mikos is a popular surname, which is a short form of Demetrios.

78. Othonos:

Othonos is a Greek surname that came from the word Otto. It means fortune or wealth.

79. Pagonis:

Pagonis is another famous Greek surname. It means peacock, derived from the Greek word, Pagoni.

80. Theodoropoulos:

The famous surname means ‘son of Theodoros.’ In the Greek language, the name also means ‘Gift of the God.’

We hope you enjoyed exploring and finding out the most beautiful Greek baby names for boys and girls. Let us know your thoughts! Did any name mesmerize you? Which name do you love the most, and why! We love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learn about Greek-inspired baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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