9 Latest Stylish Blazers in Different Shades of Green

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Blazers add a classy look to our personality. They are more warm and comfortable. When winters arrive, demand of the frost is to be covered in warm clothes but layers of clothes makes us look disfigured, be it men or women. Blazer is that alternative to the piles of clothes, which not only warms our body but also gives a smart look to our personality. And when blazers are in different shades of green, then it compliments your look more.

Green Blazers for Men and Women:

Here are the 15 stylish green colour blazers in latest fashion for men and women in India.

1. Womens Asymmetrical Green Blazer:

green blazers

These blazers are different from those which we normally see people wearing. They add a casual look to our dressing. This blazer is designed for casual meetings, hang outs with friends or shopping. You can wear it with skinny fit jeans that will make a perfect combo.

2. Thigh Length Tailored Green Blazer:

Thigh Length Tailored Green Blazer

If you are a resident of an area that has extreme cold climate, where you often experience snowfall, then this traditional look, thigh length green blazer will keep you warm and covered. You can wear it with both blue and black narrow fit jeans and ankle length boots and beanie cap will make you look perfect.

3. Short Green Blazers for Women:

Short Green Blazer

Are you working women? Are you bored with the same type of dressing every day?  If yes, then short green blazers are a must try for you. You can wear it with skirts as well as trousers. And if you are going for outing with family and friends then you can wear them on jumpsuits as well; one short green blazer and three different types of dressing style.

4. Mint Green Blazer:

Mint Green Blazer

Mint green is fresh colour, and the blazer of shade can be worn on sunny days. It is both pleasant to the eye as well as goes with all types of surrounding. It goes well with black tights or a short skirt of same shade with black stockings and knee length boots.

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5. Women’s Dark Green Blazer:

Dark Green Blazer

When we talk about winters, oily and dull skin is the first problem that troubles us. We try to wear those shades that will make our complexion look bright. Dark green blazers make our face look bright. You can wear it bottoms of any light shades of your choice.

6. Stylish Lime Green Blazer:

Lime Green Blazer

Lime green blazer shade is an extremely fresh looking shade. You can wear it with bottoms of almost all the shades. This shade can be worn by both men and women. You can wear it with neon shades as well.

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7. Women’s Green Colour Blazer:

Women Green Blazer

Women can also try this shade of blazers. It will add more beauty to their simple look. It will make you look sophisticated. Different shades of green blazers are a must have in women’s wardrobe. Wear them with skirts, trousers or skinny fit jeans.

8. Olive Green Men’s Blazers:

Olive Green Men’s Blazers

Olive green is a unique shade of green. Men can wear it with the same shade of pant and white shirt. It is a perfect look for an office meeting with clients. You can choose any shade that goes with this colour well. This shade can be worn by both men and women with shirt/tops, trousers/skirts of their choice.

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9. Green Blazers for Men:

Green Blazers for Men

Green shade is a shade that can be worn by both men and women. And green blazers go well for men. You can combine it with both jeans and pants. There is a variety of green shades of blazer that can be combined with different types of bottoms.

Blazer is that kind of winter outfit that can be worn by both men and women. And green blazers have a variety of shades of green that can be tried on different occasions and meetings.

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