Indian women have some of the coolest outfits in the world and one of them is the traditional look, which means the saree. And without a blouse, a saree can’t be worn traditionally. The fashion designers focus on the embroidery in the blouse pieces and make them really attractive. If you are new to this trend of women clothing then you will love it. If you are familiar with this, then you will love it even more. In this article, we will be discussing some green blouse designs to be worn by Indian women for occasions, festivals, event, etc. Green is the special today. So watch out for the eye-catching green blouse designs discussed below.

Beautiful and Traditional Designs of Green Blouses for Women:

Let we have to look at the best blouse designs in green colour with images.

1. The Delicately Worked Design:

If you are looking for something unique to wear, then try this particular blouse design. It is probably one of the finest designs out there, that sport such an alluring colour along with cool patterns. If you are looking for green saree blouse designs, then this is the best one you will ever come through.

2. The Back Lace Design:

Here, we have something which will expose the back part in a good way and display a very cool pattern following the sides and arms as well. When you rock this at a party, all eyes will be on you. This can be claimed to be one of the coolest women’s green blouse designs.

3. The Green Blouse with Golden Embroidery:

If you are looking for something in the Indian category of blouses, then this is probably the best ones out there. It reveals the beautiful shades along with the trendy design. This is one of the best things that an Indian woman can wear with pride. Indian sarees for women have never been so stylish and this is your golden ticket to step on the stage and show off this stylish piece of traditional Indian garment.

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4. The Sleeveless Green Silk Blouse:

In case you are looking for some trendy green blouses for women, this is one of the best ones that you will come through. It shows off the unique pattern of knitting along with a comfortable texture. It is a slim-fit green blouse and thus is intended for young women, especially.

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5. The South Indian Blouse Design:

This is fresh and right out of the back door of the boutique. It sports a till-neck covered design and conceals the chest, throat, and the whole upper back portion including the shoulders as well. A beautiful South Indian actress was spotted sporting this unique green blouse design and now you can as well.

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6. The Wedding Season Lime Green Blouse:

If you are in need of some trendy green blouse for women, then this is a great one. It is one of the most practised designs right now and women are literally craving to get this thing on their body and then sport it with a beautiful saree.

7. The Floral Green Blouse Design:

If you are looking for a green blouse to wear this coming wedding season, then this is a pretty cool one. It sports a beautiful floral pattern throughout the body and women will love wearing it. It is one of the best-looking ladies blouse designs that you will ever witness.

8. The Oval Back Revealing Green Blouse:

Rock the cool neck tattoos with this awesome green blouse. The lady in this picture is sporting this blouse beautifully with her red Saree and now you can as well. Just tell your blouse maker the specifications and you will also be carrying this awesome blouse piece. The tattoo doesn’t come with the blouse, though.

In this article, we have discussed some cool blouse designs to be worn by Indian women for occasions, festivals, event, etc.

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