If you are a health enthusiast, you must already be familiar with green tea. But, have you ever heard of green coffee? Yes! You read that, right! Green coffee is another variant of regular coffee and is slowly making its way into the mainstream market. Consuming green coffee for weight loss has become the latest fad among the younger generation, and there are a few scientific reasons to support this popularity.

In this article, we shall delve deeper into the link between green coffee beans and weight loss, along with the preparation methods, benefits, side effects and the best green coffee brands in the market.


Is Green Coffee Really Helpful for Weight Loss?:

Green coffee is prepared from the raw and unroasted beans of the coffee plant. According to a study, Green Coffee Extracts (GCE) contain two main agents – caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which can inhibit fat absorption and activate fat metabolism in the liver (1). Also, certain experiments done on mice revealed that chlorogenic acid is quite effective in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels (2).

However, these experiments are not sufficient to claim that green tea extract can be used as a tool for weight loss. The studies were conducted using limited samples that cannot confirm the efficacy and safety of green tea extract for reducing weight in humans (3).

How to Use Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss?:

There are two ways to consume green coffee for weight loss – Green Coffee beverages and Green coffee extract supplements.

1. Green Coffee Beverage:

Green coffee can be prepared by infusing green coffee beans in hot water. The result is a green-coloured clear liquid that has a unique herbal smell and taste, unlike aromatic black coffee. As the beans are raw and unroasted, it is difficult to make ground powder out of them. The ones you get in the market freeze-dry the beans, dehydrate and make a coarse powder out of them.

Green coffee contains a slightly higher percentage of caffeine than the black variety. The way to avoid its side effects is by limiting the intake of this drink or by opting for a decaffeinated variety.

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2. Green Coffee Supplements:

Another best way to use Green coffee beans for weight loss is by taking supplements. Green coffee capsules contain high amounts of chlorogenic acid and also save you from the unappealing taste of the soluble drink form. However, you cannot take these pills without checking with the doctor as overdose can lead to many health risks.

The green coffee dose depends on age, health condition and more, there is no clear establishment on the recommended daily dosage of green coffee for weight loss. But in one study, patients were administered a dosage of 400 mg of green coffee extract per day and did not experience any side effects (4).

To be on the safer side, you can limit your intake of green coffee to 200-400 mg per day. This can be equivalent to taking 2-3 cups of green coffee beverages daily.

Making of Green Coffee for Weight Loss?:

Green coffee can be prepared using whole green coffee beans, powder or extract available in the market. Here are the steps to prepare a cup of fresh green coffee for weight loss:


  • Green Coffee Whole Beans or Powder
  • Water

Preparation Method:

  • Take some green coffee beans and soak them in water for a while
  • Skip this step if you are using green coffee powder
  • Now boil some water and add the soaked seeds or powder
  • Boil for 10 minutes and stir occasionally
  • Turn off the flame and leave the liquid undisturbed for a while
  • Filter the coffee and consume it immediately

NOTE: If you are using green coffee extract, just add it to one cup of hot water and stir it to consume immediately.

Serving Suggestion: Green Coffee doesn’t have any inherent taste and it is advised to add some honey or other flavouring agent to enjoy the drink.

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Is Green Coffee Good for Pregnant Women and Children?:

There are no major clinical studies performed to understand the safety of green coffee on pregnant women and children. Green coffee contains high amounts of caffeine which is generally not suggested during pregnancy. Also, children may experience adverse reactions to small doses of caffeine. Therefore, children and women who are pregnant and lactating better stay away from green coffee to prevent any unwanted risks.

Green Coffee vs Green Tea: Which is Better for Weight Loss?:

Is green coffee better than green tea for weight loss? This is a never-ending debate as both beverages have their own health benefits. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and caffeine, which can boost metabolism by increasing thermogenesis. There are plenty of studies to prove that green tea can support weight loss by increasing the fat oxidation rate during exercise.

When it comes to green coffee, minimal information is available on how it causes weight loss. One common theory is that green coffee contains chlorogenic acid that can promote fat loss in the body, while the high caffeine content can support weight reduction.

So both green tea and green coffee can promote weight loss and come with their own set of side effects too!

Top 5 Best Green Coffee for Weight Loss:

Are you planning to substitute your morning cup of coffee or tea with green coffee? Here are some of the most trusted Green coffee brands for weight loss in India:

1. Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans Powder:


Sinew Arabica Green Coffee Beans powder is a 100% authentic and unadulterated product that comes from the HealthGenieIndia company. The beans are sourced from organic farms and prepared under hygienic conditions. This green coffee powder is decaffeinated and unroasted to preserve the maximum amount of Chlorogenic acid for supporting weight loss.

2. Neuherbs Green Coffee:


Neuherbs Green coffee is another best brand that offers fresh and unroasted beans. It is 100% organic and contains the maximum amounts of chlorogenic acid. The brand also provides a free diet consultation to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Wellona Green Coffee Beans Extract:


The Wellona Green Coffee Bean extract comes in the form of capsules for ease of use. Each bottle contains 60 dark green coloured capsules, which have just 20mg of caffeine, unlike regular coffee. Research also confirms that the Wellona green coffee extract capsules were effective in promoting body fat and weight loss.

4. GreenBrrew Instant Green Coffee Powder:


If you are looking for a cup of instant green coffee, this is the best product in the market. The GreenBrrew Green Coffee comes as a box of 20 Natural Instant Coffee sachets. You can just empty the contents of each sachet into a cup of hot water and enjoy a tasty brew in minutes.

5. Vihado Nutrition Green Coffee Beans Powder:


Vihado Green Coffee Beans Powder is a 100% safe and organic product that supports weight management. It is fortified with antioxidant GCA powder for improving immunity and boosting metabolism. As it contains no additives, you can be assured of getting maximum benefits from this powder.

So folks! Do you plan to try using Green coffee for weight loss? If you have already started using it, then do let us know your experiences and results with us. Also, keep updating us on any interesting recipes of Green coffee to make it more interesting and tasty!

DISCLAIMER: This article is written purely for informational purposes only and does not endorse Green coffee for weight loss or any of the products mentioned above. The content is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or weight loss treatment. Weight loss must be achieved through a proper diet and lifestyle and the results may vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers (FAQs):

1. Can I Drink Green Coffee On An Empty Stomach?

Consuming a caffeine-rich drink like Green coffee on an empty stomach can trigger the release of gastric acid. This can lead to a burning sensation in the stomach, acid reflux and ulcers. So, experts recommend consuming green coffee in between meals to suppress appetite and support weight management.

2. What Does Green Coffee Taste Like?

Green coffee is prepared from unroasted, raw beans, and doesn’t have the characteristic coffee aroma. In fact, people regard this more like herbal tea than coffee because of the method of preparation and the output achieved. So if you are expecting an aromatic coffee brew, you might be slightly disappointed!

3. Are There Any Other Benefits Of Drinking Green Coffee?

Well, there have been some minimally done studies that show that Green coffee can suppress appetite, maintain blood sugar levels and also help in controlling hypertension. However, not enough proof is available to support these statements and we might to wait for more experiments to confirm the same!


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