Green kurtas are stylish and eco-friendly fashion staples that are very popular. They come in stunning shades, from soothing pastels like mint and sea foam to deep, luscious colours like emerald and forest green. In addition to their stylish looks, green kurtas represent a concerted effort to promote sustainability in the fashion industry. Their sleek aesthetic and eco-chic fare make them a symbol of imaginative fashion, where style and sustainability go hand in hand. Whether you put fashion first or are environmentally conscious, the green kurta offers the perfect stylish and responsible look. Embrace a green kurta’s beauty and environmental consciousness and positively impact your fashion and the world around you.

Latest and Stylish Green Colour Kurta Designs for Gents and Ladies:

Here are some top 9 green-shaded kurti and kurta designs.

1. Cotton Flex Embroidery Green Kurti:

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Here, you can see the body of the kurti is beige, but the sleeves and a highlighting portion are in a striking green shade. This green kurti design goes with green leggings and is suitable for women of all ages.

2. Cotton Printed Green Kurti:

Wear this green kurti design with full sleeves if you want to be trendy. The neck of the kurti is of collar type, and it is highlighted with shades of gold and green. The cuts of this kurti will suitably help you to show off and enhance your curves.

3. Golden Lace Embossed Printed Green Kurti:

This season, you can look stunning by wearing this dark green kurti. It is embossed with golden lace and is printed with golden flower miniatures all over it. It is perfect for casual wear.

4. Printed and Embroidered Kurti:

Welcome this light green kurti with the golden thread embroidery highlighting its beauty. It also has multiple flower designs in dark green thread embroidery all over the material. This green kurti is made of rayon fabric and comes under knee-length kurtis.

5. Collar Neck Plain Green Kurti:

Grab this new trendy collection of bottled green kurti, which is fully plain and consists of only a button applique on its front side. It has three-fourth sleeves and a collar-type neck. It also has various slits and cuts to describe its simplicity.

6. Closed Neck Cotton Green Kurti:

Explore the beauty of this sea-green kurti, which is very modern and stylish. It has no printed designs and is entirely plain, making it look classy and elegant. The credit for the striking beauty of this long outfit readily goes to the distinctive curves and cuts of this particular kurti.

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7. Georgette High Neck Green Kurti:

Now glance at this beautiful high-neck kurti with a fully covered neck design. It has 3/4 sleeves, and this designer kurti has two appliques of embellished designs. No extra accessories are needed to enhance your beauty if you opt for this unique, stylish design kurti.

8. Green Brocade Kurta for Men:

Here come the newest dark green kurta designs for men, raw silk. This kurta has its matching pyjama, and the beauty is that it is a fully plain design. It has a few threads of embroidery as the neck design. It perfectly suits any traditional and ceremonial occasions.

9. Cotton Formal Wear Kurta for Men:

Take hold of this formal wear men’s green kurta-pyjama, a modern shade of green. The material is made up of full cotton and is a long type of kurta. This parrot green kurta suits any occasion or gets together with friends and family.

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Get admirable glances everywhere whenever you walk wearing this collection of green-shaded kurtas and kurtis. These ready-made garments of kurti are suitably decorated with different patterns to get that catchy look.

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