Green Lehenga Choli – These Designs Will Make You A Trendsetter

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The lehenga choli has been the traditional attire of North India. It originated in the Mughal era around the 10th century. Lehenga choli is also popularly known as Ghaghra choli or a chaniya choli. The lehenga choli dupatta consists of 3 parts. The lehenga is a long flowing skirt from the midriff till the ankles. The choli is the blouse. The dupatta is draped over similar to a saree pallu. Indian designers have experimented widely with the green lehenga Choli designs. They have used different fabrics and also all the different shades of green. They have made combinations with different colours too.

Importance of Green Lehenga Choli:

In India, the colour green has been considered a very sacred colour. India, being the land of festivals, throws out an ocean of opportunities for showcasing green lehenga designs. This applies to women of all ages and all religions. In lieu of this, a Green lehenga choli dupatta has become a part of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Different shades of green and a wide choice of fabrics give a lady an ample choice on how to select her Green Lehenga Choli.

Features of Green Lehenga Choli:

  • Green Lehenga Choli can be stitched out of any fabric from the subtle cotton to the rich velvet to give the same elegant look.
  • Embellishments of all varieties like sequins, beads, mirrors, Swarovski crystals, etc. can be used to make beautiful green choli designs.
  • Different shades of green can be combined stylishly with many colours like golden, pink, blue, black, etc. to design pretty green lehenga designs.
  • Modern Designers are mixing shades of green. Neon green lehengas and olive green lehengas are trending.

Which Occasions To Wear Green Lehenga Choli:

  • A light green lehenga choli can be combined with a bright pink to wear on a simple family function.
  • A bride to be could check out a dark green lehenga choli stitched inexpensive fabric like silk or velvet for her wedding day.
  • A lime green lehenga would look very apt to wear for a close friend’s mehndi function.
  • For an evening party, one could design a beautiful pastel green lehenga to give it a modern and western touch.
  • A Parrot green lehenga combined with some contrast colours like blue or red dupatta and choli would make beautiful attire for festivals like Diwali and Navrathri.

Beautiful and Stylish Green Ghagra Choli Designs with Images:

Here, Take a look at the top 15 latest Lehenga Choli designs in green colour.

1. Pink and Green Lehenga:

One of the colours which combine very well with green colour is dark Pink. The Pink and Green Lehenga here is a combination of a rich Green coloured lehenga which is paired with a dark pink choli. The Green lehenga is bordered with a beautiful golden zari in the temple border design. The Pink choli is embellished with embroidery and stones. The dupatta too is embellished lightly with small motifs and a zari border.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Nazneen
  • When to Wear: Festivals and family weddings.
  • Body Type: Medium
  • Style Tip: Wear the dupatta gracefully on one side to reveal the choli designs.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

2. Red and Green Lehenga:

The combination of rich red with a contrast-rich green creates a magical splendour. An ethnic Red and Green Lehenga choli transform a woman into a diva. The deep green lehenga is highlighted using small intricate zari motifs. It is combined with a contrasting red choli which is embellished heavily with embroidery in gold colour. A plain green dupatta with a subtle zari border compliments its grace.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Friends and family functions and get-togethers.
  • Body Type: Slender to Medium
  • Style Tip: Carry the dupatta lightly on one shoulder. Wear heavy earrings and leave the neck bare to emphasize the heavily embroidered choli.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

3. Green Bridal Lehenga:

A favourite choice among brides in India, since ages, has been the Green Bridal Lehenga. It enhances their bridal look by bringing in a touch of royalty. This Bottle Green Bridal Lehenga is made out of velvet silk. It carries heavy embroidery hand worked on it in golden threads. Sequins have been sewed on to enrich it. The flare of the skirt forms a perfect umbrella cut around the brides’ ankles. The choli carries the same pattern of the lehenga with heavier work on it. The Net dupatta with patchwork border and some motifs is lightly carried over one shoulder and over the arm.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Velvet Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Velvet Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Own wedding
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear gold accessories for the earrings and the neckpiece. Carry it off with gold bangles and a mang tikka too.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

4. Yellow and Green Lehenga:

The two colours, yellow and green, flow into each other in the lighter shades. However, a combination of these colours makes a fantastic Yellow and Green Lehenga. The plain lime-yellow Banglori silk lehenga is bordered on the midriff and the ankles beautifully with silver zari work. The lehenga is flared very generously. The pista green choli carries patchwork done in appliqué, making it very trendy. The net dupatta carries more patchwork and appliqué work which catch the eye.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Festivals, Sangeet and Mehendi functions
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear with minimum jewellery which will highlight the dupatta. Accessories with trendy hairstyles.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

5. Blue and Green Lehenga:

A very rare combination in the fabric world is that of blue and green. Being two sharp colours, the Blue and Green Lehengathrows a striking effect. The sea-green lehenga is stitched with lots of fabric, giving a wide flare to it. It has a plain body complemented with heavy Zari and stonework at the length of the borders. The sea-green choli has lots of zari and stonework on it. A sharp contrasting dark blue dupatta with zari borders and motifs give the attire a very royal Mughal touch.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Faux Chiffon
  • When to Wear: Ethnic wear Parties and Festivals
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear oversized matching earrings and neckpiece.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

6. Green and Golden Lehenga:

The Bottle green lehenga paired with a golden choli is enough to take anyone’s breath away. The rich Bottle green ghagra is widespread with a nice flare. It carries heavy and golden embroidery for the border work. It has been paired with a golden Banglori silk choli with heavy golden embroidery work. The dupatta has been left out to bring in a touch of modernity.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Chiffon
  • When to Wear: Party, Festivals like Navrathri and Diwali
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear heavy jhumkas and leave out the neckpiece to highlight the choli.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

7. Green Silk Lehenga:

South India’s most preferred fabric is Silk and is used conventionally for sarees. However, the Green Silk Lehenga equally dazzles anyone. The Green Silk Lehenga and choli has been stitched out of dark green silk cloth. It carries small petite spade-shaped motifs on it. It has been kept free from any embellishments to highlight the silk fabric. A very bright pink silk dupatta is draped over. The dupatta has heavy zari border, and a pair of pretty peacocks weaved onto it.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • When to Wear: Festivals like Diwali, close friend’s wedding
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear South Indian golden coloured accessories. Also, wear matching green glass bangles to complete the look.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

8. Green and Orange Lehenga:

The Green and Orange Lehenga is an eye-catcher. The Green lehenga has a layer of orange running across it and again bordered with green. The green and orange embroidery work on it and embellished with small sequins make a pretty sight. The orange choli is embroidered with the contrasting green coloured threads. A simple patchwork bordered net dupatta is draped over like a pallu.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Jacquard Silk and Taffeta Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Jacquard Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Wedding functions.
  • Body Type: Medium to the slim body.
  • Style Tip: Wear green Kundan jewellery set of earrings and neckpiece with it.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

9. Black and Green Lehenga:

This is an awesome combination for all black lovers. The Neon Green lehenga is stitched in net fabric. It is beautifully bordered with large black and gold prints. The patchwork bordered in gold zari and gold prints highlight the contrast giving the lehenga a very bright look. The black velvet choli is decked up in bold gold-coloured embroidery all over. A simple dupatta in net with gold zari bordered is lightly draped over to make a stunning appearance.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Net
  • Choli Fabric: Velvet
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Family gatherings and get-togethers, festivals like Diwali and Navrathri.
  • Body Type: Slim to medium.
  • Style Tip: Keep the jewellery at a minimum as the attire itself is very bold.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

10. White and Green Lehenga:

White – the wonderful colour and colour of peace makes for an excellent combination with most colours. Combined with any shade of green, it results in a serene outfit. This lime green lehenga is designed in art silk with large motifs. The motifs are created in gold threadwork and embellished with sequins and stones. The white choli is designed with the trendy cold shoulder pattern. In the same lines of a modern touch, the dupatta has been left out. Overall, this presents a fusion look between the modern and traditional.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Art Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Art Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Family get-togethers, birthday and wedding anniversary parties.
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear a simple pair of stone-studded earrings and leave hands and neck bare. Allow the dress to catch the attention.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

11. Maroon and Green Lehenga:

This is the most traditional and ethnic combination which is very popular towards South India. This Maroon and Green Lehenga is a fusion of North and South Indian styles. The green heavily flared lehenga is bordered in bold maroon with gold prints, further enhanced using thin, delicate zari borders. The maroon choli made of banarsi silk has gold prints on it throughout. The gold prints compensate for the lehenga being plain. The dupatta has been given a North Indian touch by embellishing with sequins and stones.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Banglori Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Banarasi Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Wedding functions like Engagement, Sangeet and Mehendi.
  • Body Type: Slim
  • Style Tip: Wear heavy gold accessories for the neck and earrings. Wear head ornaments too like mang tikka.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

12. Green Pakistani Lehenga:

The Green Pakistani Lehenga has a very rich look with a royal Mughal touch. The Bottle green lehenga is stitched using lots of cloth which has been generously pleated. It has been heavily embroidered across the flare using gold threads and bordered with a thin zari. The Full sleeved Choli also has been heavily embroidered in gold. The net dupatta has been left plain with only a gold lace border. It is left to hang over one side of the shoulder delicately.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Mudal Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Mudal Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Family and close friends weddings
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear the dupatta on any one side only to reveal the heavy embroidery on the choli.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

13. Green Georgette Lehenga Choli:

Georgette is a very pretty fabric which brings in a touch of grace to all attires. This graceful Green Georgette Lehenga Choli has been stylishly designed with a combination of gold zari. The Bottle green Lehenga has been given a medium flare. It is decorated with gold zari border and motifs in gold colour. The motifs are embellished using sequins and stones. The choli has a stylish look as it is designed like a Kurti. A beautiful gold embroidered yoke gives it an elegant touch. A decorative dupatta with gold motifs completes the elegant outfit.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Georgette
  • Choli Fabric: Georgette
  • Dupatta Fabric: Georgette
  • When to Wear: Parties with themes of ethnic wear, Dandiya gatherings, Diwali functions.
  • Body Type: Slim to medium
  • Style Tip: Wear big green jhumkas and leave the neck and hands devoid of jewellery.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

14. Resham Green Lehenga Choli:

This Resham Green Lehenga is as rich and royal-like a queen’s attire and can be worn as a bridal lehenga. The dark green lehenga choli is stitched completely in satin silk. It has been further enriched by embroidery handwork is done using gold threads. An intricately and heavy gold embroidered design is made across the circumference of the flare. Small pretty motifs in spade shape beautify the body. The Choli carries over the design of the lehenga with an additional design around the neck. A simple net dupatta with zari border completes the rich attire.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Satin Silk
  • Choli Fabric: Satin Silk
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Wedding
  • Body Type: Any body type
  • Style Tip: Wear heavy gold and Kundan jewellery to enrich the attire.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

15. Sea Green Net Lehenga Choli:

The Sea green Net Lehenga Choli is very delicate and graceful attire. The Pastel green lehenga is stitched in net and given a beautiful silver big border. The Silver border has been heavily embellished in silver-coloured sequins. The body of the lehenga has been left plain. The Choli design carries silver work embellishments done in silver sequins and stones across its length and breadth. The heavily designed choli compensates for the plain lehenga. The dupatta has been omitted, making it trendy attire with a modern touch.

  • Lehenga Fabric: Net
  • Choli Fabric: Net
  • Dupatta Fabric: Net
  • When to Wear: Parties, College functions.
  • Body Type: Slim to medium.
  • Style Tip: Wear light and silver-coloured and stoned accessories.
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean only

How to Style The Green Lehenga Choli:

The Green Lehenga Choli will look even more elegant and stunning when paired with the right set of accessories.

  • A neckpiece which closely chokes over the neck looks best with choli designs.
  • A pair of heavy jhumkas or Kundan jewellery would match very well.
  • A single string of mang tikka will boost the ethnic look.
  • Depending on the occasion, hoard up on lots of matching bangles.
  • Style your hair openly or alternatively tie it up in a bun with ghagra.
  • For traditional function, deck up the arms with mehndi designs.
  • A single piece of waistband would look very look on a slim waist.
  • Footwear with slight heels will emphasize the circumference of the flare of the lehengas.

The fashion market today has an innumerable number of green lehenga designs. The Green Lehenga Choli dupatta can be worn at any age, for any size, and for any complexion. It would still make the woman look stunning. Not only for ethnic and traditional functions, but the online shopping market is filled with green lehenga images for party wear too. Depending on the budget and the extravagance required, the choice is wide from a simple green lehenga to an exorbitant green wedding lehenga. Whatever be the choice, there leaves no doubt that it would leave the spectators dazzled!!

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