Though you may find various types of green shoes for men and women but yet it is rare to find a person wearing green color shoe. It is used occasionally. It won’t look awkward when a lady wear green shoe. But a man mostly chooses black color shoe. It is a general mindset of people. Otherwise you can wear any color shoe provided the wearer should like it first.

Different Styles of Shoes in Green Colour:

Here are the listed out 10 green colour shoes with different shades for men and women in India.

1. Green Boat Men Shoes:

This is dark green shoes for men. This loafer shoes are free of wrinkles and are in heavy demand. It does not have lace or buckle to tie. It is easy to wear and use. A light brown string is used to have a bow on top of shoe.

2. High Heel Green Women Shoes:

This is green women’s shoes to keep you warm in winter days. It is having a bow pattern on ankle and even contains high heels. This below-the-knee boots will give you a complete look of Diva. It is made up of Suede and are little loose for comfort.

3. Green Wingtip Men shoes:

It is men’s mint green shoes having W design on top. It is of pure leather and having pattern of thread. It is having laces of different color on both shoes. The base is of wood over which green leather is used. The eyelets are wide opening.

4. Green Gladiator Women Shoes:

This Gladiator is ladies’ green shoes. It is having designer cut-outs and reaches up to the knees. Gladiator covers your whole leg. It is having a breathable fabric and there is no option of tying with lace. It will decorate your white legs.

5. Green Basketball Men Shoes:

This is lime green shoes for men used to wear while playing basketball. Inside shoe, very soft and spongy fabric is inserted to give support to foot while playing. There is design on shoes and beneath lace, a material like lace is affixed.

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6. Green Ballet Flats Women Shoes:

This ballet flats is green ladies shoes having a perfect combination of style and comfort. It is made up of sparkling material that can turn head down. A bow with green lace is attached on top and little heel is also there.

7. Men’s Green Work Boots:

These are green shoes for men appropriate for working days. This shoe is a mixture of leather and cloth fabric with lace. It is high on ankle and many stitches are taken for its long life. An attractive lace pattern is done.

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8. Green Pumps Women Shoes:

These green shoes women’s can wear in office and in party too. It is a high heel with a dashing look. A bow with satin fabric is pasted on toe. On both sides, it is open. This green pump is also having frill on top of the shoe.

9. Green Sneaker Men Shoes:

It is green sneaker for men that are easy and trendy to wear. It is having various thread styles. Layers of thread are done on ankle. You can use it casually and while walking and jogging too. A lace of white color is used.

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10. Green Dancing Women Shoes:

This is women’s green shoes which she can wear while doing ballroom dance. With thick heels, it is having black lace which gets tied with a buckle. An ankle and toe is covered with shoe. Women’s feet look beautiful in this.

People will judge you by the way you carry yourself. Green shoes are unique in style and catches out everyone’s attention easily. Green color seems different on footwear. It can be trendy and glamorous too.

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