Skirts are very light, comfortable and fashionable garment to wear. Skirts have always been in fashion and loved by girls a lot. There are various types of skirts that a girl can wear, depending upon the taste, weather and place. Green skirts look very bright and can be worn with so many outfits. They can be worn in different styles, mix and match and create a new outfit. Green skirts can give a good contrast when worn with proper combinations.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Skirts in Green Colour for Womens in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 9 skirts for girls in green colour.

1. Mini Green Skirt:

Mini skirts are short in length and give a college girl look. They are worn with usually casual outfits. It can be worn with long sleeves tops or short sleeves tops. It can be casual skirt or a party wear skits. There are plethora of designs and cuts a mini-skirt can have.

2. Broom Stick Green Skirts:

This skirt looks like broomstick, hence the name. It is usually long and wide at the end. It gives a casual look and can be worn as an everyday dress.  The green color on this skirt looks amazing. There can different designs in this skirt depending upon your choice.

3. Pencil Green Skirt:

Pencil skirts have always been in fashion. The skirt is usually closed and is skin fitting. The glamorous look it gives is stunning. It gives a complete formal look and can be worn at corporate places. The slim fit of the skirt is so chic that it changes your look. It can short or long and has many designs in it.

4. Long Bell Green Skirts:

Bell skirts have been in fashion since a long time. They are simple and easy to wear. You need not look after your figure to wear these skirts. These skirts become wide at the end and form a bell like structure. They look good with ling sleeves tops and give a glamorous look.

5. Flared Green Skirt:

These are the most loved skirts. They are light to wear and give a very chic look. The skirt has many flares and is usually open at the end. It can be worn at parties or worn casually as well. The length of the skirt may be short or long depending upon the choice.

6. Fish Tail Green Skirt:

These skirts are well known for they fashion and style. The name fish tail very well suits the skirt. It is closed at the end and gives a curvy look. It may have frills which gives a fish tail look. It looks glamorous and is best suited for parties and occasions.  The color green looks very bright when worn and can give you a great combination with white and black.

7. Gored Green Skirts:

These skirts have frill patters in upside down V- shape. They look very beautiful because of their pattern. Green gored skirt can be worn best with white or black tops. These skirts can be long or short and can have many different patterns. It can be worn at events and parties.

8. Crown Skirts:

These skirts looks like a crown at the waist and are usually closed at the end. The color green is well suited for the skirt. They give a glamorous look and are best suited with party wear outfits. They are meant for parties and occasions. These skirts come in long or short patterns.

9. A-Line Formal Green Skirt:

These are the skirts which look like the alphabet A. They can also be known as the basic skirts. They are tight at the waist and open at the ends. These skirts can be long, short or medium in length. They can be worn as casual skirts too, they come in all varieties. This one look best with long sleeves tops.

The above mentioned are few types of green skirts and there are many more. They can be worn with many different tops; they can be worn in many different styles. It all depends on you how you decide to dress up.

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