Sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. The lens can be polarized or darkened to help you stay away from the UV rays that can cause damage to the lens of your eyes. The sunglasses that we have today are made of the best quality. They not only protect but are also made with fashion in mind. The sunglasses available are tinted and framed differently to give them a style statement. Choose from various colours like these green sunglasses.

Different Shades of Green Colour Sunglasses in India:

If sunglasses can look cool and classy at the same time, then it is the best possible accessory one can have. Here is a list of 10 fashionable and branded sunglasses with green colour frames and lenses.

1. Classic Aviator Green Sunglasses:

These classic green sunglasses for men in the aviator style cannot go out of fashion. They ooze sophistication and are best suited for casual and formal wear. The green lens is suitable for both men and women. Select these to make the ultimate style statement.

2. Wayfarer Type Green Frame Sunglasses:

The wayfarer-style sunglass is another classic style used by both men and women. The clean lines of this frame are very neat, making it suitable for all ages. The green lens creates drama and thus is used to pair with similar outfits.

3. Tuttolente Green Sunglasses:

These super cool sunglasses with green lenses are exactly what fashionable and trendy people want. The sunglasses have a tinted look. Select these frameless sunglasses if you are trendy and want the ultra-cool look.

4. Retro Oval Shape Sunglasses in Green Frame:

Select these retro look green frame sunglasses for a very retro feel. The oval shape of the frame gives a very neat look to the sunglasses. The colour of the frame is green, and the lens is black, which provides a great contrast.

5. Beautiful Mint Green Sunglasses:

Choose these mint green sunglasses for that classy look. The mint green frame sunglasses are perfect for pairing with your favourite outfit. Select these shades to give you complete protection.

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6. Full Green One Lens Sunglasses:

These one-lens sunglasses in green are the utmost in style. The lens is seamlessly created for both eyes, making it more stylish. Both men and women can wear these.

7. Designer Catchy Green Frame Sunglasses:

Ladies prefer a more stylish look when it comes to sunglasses. These green sunglasses lenses with designer frames are best suited for a bolder look. The shapes can be flowers or hearts.

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8. Mirror Green Lens Sunglasses By Ray-Ban:

These cool shades in the mirror effect are among the top-rated sunglasses for women. The mirror effect of the lens provides a very stylish look. Pair these with your favourite jeans, and you will be the town’s talk.

9. Tinted Green Sunglasses:

Tinted green sunglasses are another very common pair of sunglasses. They are considered a classic look and suited to men and women. These can be paired with any casual or formal look.

10. Lime Green Sunglasses for Sports:

These lime green sunglasses for sports are cool shades that go great in summer. The lime green colour lends a very cool look, perfect for summer. The shades have a sporty effect and will look cool while cycling or doing any sport.

Green sunglasses come in various types. Please select one that suits your look and make it your best look. The green colour has varied hues, so choose from dark green, light green, lime, mint etc. Each of these will provide the protection your eyes require. The sunglasses will keep you away from the glare of the sun and the harmful effect of the UV rays. These sunglasses provide sophistication, too, as the colour is very cool.

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