Benefits of Green Tea For Acne

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Benefits of Green Tea:

• Fantastic anti oxidants
• Boosts immunity
• Burns fat and helps work out longer
• Lowers stress but boosts the brain processing power
• Reverses damage to organs from smoking and drinking alcohol
• Reduces occurrence of acne and other skin infections

green tea for acne

Green tea has been considered as an elixir of good health which has far sighted benefits to fight causes of major ailments such as cancer, stroke and heart attacks. All this is due to the special components in green tea which make it a good source of nutrients for the human body.

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Nutrients in Green Tea:

There are various components in green tea that makes its consumption important. These are:

• Anti oxidants:

Polyphenol antioxidant Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate also commonly called EGCG, is a blessing for the skin.

♦ It reduces excess sebum production that is a cause of acne
♦ It is anti-inflammatory and helps fight acne
♦ It is anti-bacterial and reverses bacterial growth that is present in acne.

Amino acid Thianine helps boost skin immunity and fights acne causing symptoms.

• Vitamins:

Vitamin B12 helps regeneration of skin cells
Vitamin C helps produce collagen for skin repair

Usage of Green Tea for Acne:

Said to balance abnormal hormonal activity, it is best consumed orally. However one can reap benefits on their skin topically also. It is said to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide.

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• Green Tea Drink:

Consume freshly brewed green tea at least 5 cups daily. One can even have as many as 10 cups depending upon their fondness to taste. It does not taste as good so it tends to grow on your taste buds over time. There are various products available to choose your best brew from. The best alternative is to choose an organic variant.

• Green Tea Toner:

Boil the tea in drinking water for 20 minutes and refrigerate the brew for an hour. Now use this in a sterilized spray container as your toner. Sprits it as and when required for a refreshing feeling. Acne prone skin is soothed by this mix.

• Green Tea Packs:

Simply empty the contents of a tea bag into the different face packs one uses in their skincare regime to get the benefits of green tea. Use it with ingredients such as besan, fuller’s earth, honey and even rice flour to see visible benefits. It is soothing towards rosacea skin as well. Try this effective mask for treating your acne:


♦ 1 green tea bag
♦ 3 drops Tea tree oil
♦ 5 drops Jojoba oil

Method: Empty the contents of tea bag and grind it into a powder form. Pour the other ingredients and form a paste. Apply to face avoiding eye area and leave it on to absorb for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and you will have a much soothed skin.

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• Green Tea Steam Facial:

This is like taking a steam only with green tea. Just take steam like you would otherwise. Throw in a bag of green tea leaves and it will help infuse into your skin with the steam. Do it for only five minutes and keep your face at a safe distance.

Exercise caution with green tea as it does not suit everybody. It is prevention and not cure hence consult a doctor before consuming it. It contains caffeine so it is not advisable for those suffering from anxiety issues. Other than that Green tea is perfect for acne of any kind. Add to that it is cheap and easily available. If all else fails just drink the tea and use the tea bags directly on your acne. This will relieve you both from inside and outside.

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