Guava Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

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Guava is a pretty common type of fruit that has been often been neglected because of the hard skin and seeds that it contains. But this is what we can also call a super food. Why? Because guava is full of health and nutrition and are so much better than all those calorie filled desserts. Guavas are sweet in taste and can be eaten by slicing. In order to learn more about guava, the first thing you have to do is take a bite of it. The next thing you should do is read up this article that contains all the details and benefits that these lovely and tasty fruits can provide you with. So let’s go!

Guava Benefits

Guava has numerous health benefits and is useful for hair and skin related issues. This fruit just not helps to maintain a healthy condition it also rejuvenates our skin and also improves our hair condition. This extraordinary guava fruit is very rich in antioxidant and lycopene.

Amazing Guava Benefits And Uses:

Following are the main advantages and benefits of guava fruit for skin, hair and health.

1. Improves Your Digestive System:

A great way to improve your digestive system is by incorporating some guavas to your diet. They will cleanse your system entirely and fight all bacteria and germs. Not only will you be able to excrete and urinate properly but also prevent all kinds of stomach infection, indigestion and constipation. With guavas, you can expect timely bowel movement and the proper regulation of your health. Therefore if you want a good digestive system, have guavas.

2. Rejuvenates Your Skin:

Your skin is the most important segment of your body. Your whole appearance depends on it. Therefore, you have to take good care of your skin so that can always look bright, young and beautiful. A great way to solve rejuvenates the tone of your skin and improves its texture and color is by having some Guavas. You can drink it down in the form of juice or simply the juice extracted from it a skin toner. Keep it for twenty minutes and wash off with cold water. This will exfoliate your skin, remove dead cells and make you look amazing.

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3. Helps You Lose Weight:

Guavas are healthy and tasty fruits which are very low in calories. They can be eaten in unlimited quantities all throughout the day and you will still not gain weight. This is because of the high water content. They will not only keep you away from over indulging or eating in-between meals but also let you stay full for longer periods of time. In this way, you will be able to lose a lot of weight and burn body fat. This is one of the top reasons why most experts suggest all diet freaks to have guavas.

4. Best for Diabetes:

A great way to fight diabetes is by adding some guava to your diet. They will protect your health from this disease in several ways. Not just that, if you have diabetes, you can still have some of these guavas in order to improve your health. By the end of the month, you will definitely see a lot of changes in your body and health with the help of this amazing fruit. You can simply eat it as a fruit, have it as juice or even add it to your salad. Either way you are going to benefit immensely and see significant improvement.

5. Protection From Anti-Ageing:

In order to protect yourself from fine lines of ageing, wrinkles and dark spots, we would suggest you some guavas. They are amazing fruits that will protect your skin from the harshest rays of the sun and allow your skin to be firm, tight and healthy all throughout the year. If you are in your early thirties, you must be aware of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. In order to protect yourself from such problems, consider guavas as your only help.

6. Use It for Salads:

Guava can be used for making healthy salads. Whether you are at a wedding party or are simply having a salad at home, you can easily use this vegetable as a dressing. They are low in calories and full of health and nutrition. Every time you are thinking of preparing a salad, simply take add slices of guava to your apples, banana and pineapple. Another way of eating it can be by cutting the guava into four pieces, adding salt and pepper to it. It will taste really good.

7. Promotes Hair Growth:

A great way to support and promote hair growth and strengthen it is by using mulberries. They are not just excellent for the health and skin but also for the hair. If you look up the internet, you will find several homemade remedies for longer, thicker and stronger hair. This fruit contains all the nutrition you need in order to make your hair look like a million bucks and also maintain its moisturization. It will strengthen your hair from the root to the tips and you will be able to maintain your hair well. They are organic and one of the best solutions to hair problem.

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8. Regulates Your Blood Pressure:

The juicy and tasty guava fruit is also something you could use in order to regulate your blood pressure. They contain high levels of vitamins and minerals which is so important for regulation of your blood pressure. You will protect your heart against strokes, heart attacks and other life threatening diseases. Not only that, the potassium contained in this guava shall ever allow your blood pressure level to become too high. This is one of the most important reasons why fruits such as guavas have been recommended for blood pressure patients.

9. Prevent Cancer:

The best benefit you can derive from guavas is that they will keep you miles away from dangerous diseases. If you ever speak to your doctor or nutritionist, they will always tell you to incorporate more of citrus fruits in your diet because they are going to control the symptoms and chances of several diseases. This is specifically relevant to people those who could be prone to cancer. Guavas are the best in protecting your body.

10. Improves The Complexion:

Guava is really very helpful and beneficial for our skin and hence also improves the complexion. There are different types of guava which are available in different weather conditions. The pink guava helps to make your skin look fresh. Skin care products are often available in market which contain guava pulp that are used to make guava scrub, face and body lotion. The carotene, vitamin C and antioxidants are the components which are very useful for our skin. Guava scrub can be easily made at home which basically improves your complexion. Scrubbing really required for removing the dead skin cells and provides a refreshing look. It acts as a natural scrubber for our skin and must be done once or twice in a week.

11. Acts as A Natural Skin Toner:

Astringent property helps to keep our skin well toned and free from wrinkles. Wrinkles may occur before certain age limit due to negligence and without proper treatment. Those who are prone to this must take proper action. You may choose this fruit as it acts as a natural skin toner. The mineral and vitamin contents just enhance your skin by gaining the lost elasticity. It also keeps away from acne issues and blemishes.

12. Improves Blood Circulation:

High mineral content fruits help in maintaining the blood pressure. Guava is also rich in potassium that improves the circulation of blood throughout the body. Due to this high potassium level, it is also helpful in reversing the effect of sodium within the blood stream that is need to maintained for proper health.

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13. Prevents Common Cold And Flu:

High amount of vitamin C in guava provides a best solution to common cold. Immune system get boost by this essential nutrients. Guava is good source of vitamin C which makes our immune system get stronger; this prevents us from many diseases. Scurvy which is a deficiency disease is caused due to vitamin C deficiency and people suffering from this disease get cured by eating guava or consuming guava juice.

14. Reduces Stomach Problem:

Consume guava or guava juice which is best for reducing the stomach problems. The guava juice must be consumed before breakfast to treat constipation problems. This fiber filled fruit can cure stomach problems. It stabilizes the body by proper contraction of any open tissues in body. Guava also acts as antibacterial agent by cleansing the body from toxic substances and eliminates the waste products; thus enhances the body metabolism.

15. Rich In Fiber Content:

Fiber rich food items helps in better digestion of food. Guava has high fiber content fruit which can be eaten during any time of the day without any side effects. This taste fruit makes your empty stomach full by having one or two guava at a time. High fiber content fruits reduce the constipation issues. Hence the people suffering from constipation related issues need not have to worry, this is one of the remedy to keep your problem at par. Guava also helps in reducing weight as fiber plays an important role. Also the amount of saturated fats gets reduced in the body which maintains the ratio of saturated and unsaturated fats.

It is found that guavas are of various types, as different regions form different types of guava. Each of these has the basic above mention benefits and other than that they have specific advantages in our health. This easily available fruits are seen to found in markets during any season. While purchasing this fruit it is to be kept in mind to have the best quality without any marks as this fruit is eaten without pealing the outer layer. You can consume it by making juice or eating the raw ones or by making salads. By going through the article it is seen that this high nutrient content food is best for any situation and will be helpful to combat any type of diseases.

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