Guava During Pregnancy

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Guava is one of the most famous tropical fruit as it is great in taste and sweet guavas are liked by every age group people ranging from children to adults and why to leave the old ones.

guava during pregnancy

Guava is very rich in nutrients like Vitamin A , C and various other but there has been a lot of queries regarding if pregnant women can consume guavas or is guava good for the health of women conceiving or trying to conceive ?

Well the bottom-line is anything consumed in a limited quantity is good and beneficial. Too much consumption can prove fatal. So same goes for guava. If consumed in a limited amount it can prove to be very beneficial as it is a very good source of Vitamin C.

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Various benefits of guava which shows why pregnant women should indulge in eating guavas:

Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy:

1) It Lowers the Risk of Cancer in Women:

Now a day’s pregnant women are more susceptible for breast cancer and prostate cancer. Guava contains antioxidants called lycopene and is rich in Vitamin C which in turn protects the cells from damaging and hence reducing the chances of cancer to a long extent.

2) It Improves Immunity:

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C which has endless benefits. This fruits contain 4 times the amount of vitamin C present in an orange fruit. Vitamin C boosts up the body system and hence helps in improving the immunity.

3) Very Nutritive for Pregnant Women:

A pregnant woman does not only feed herself but also feeds the foetus growing inside her womb. So a rich nutritive diet is recommended. Guava is very rich in nutrients.

• It is a rich source of vitamin A, B2, C, E, Copper, potassium, thiamine, manganese, iron, calcium and phosphorous. This fruit is richer in vitamin A and C as compared to lemons and oranges.
• Unripe guavas are higher in tannin content as compared to ripe guavas.
• The skin of this fruit is a rich source of ascorbic acid which is beneficial in fighting various degenerative diseases.
• A rich source of dietary fibre.

So this fruit can prove to be very beneficial for the foetus as well as the mother.

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4) Checks the Blood Pressure:

It keeps the blood pressure under control which is quintessential for a pregnant woman. Miscarriage and premature birth of babies are a result of non equilibrium in blood pressure.

5) Helps in Developing the Nervous Systems in Babies:

This is by far the most important use of guava. Guavas are supposed to contain folic acid and vitamin B9 which helps in developing the nervous system of babies and also protects the newbie from neurological disorders.

6) It Calms the Mind and De Stresses You:

Doctors suggest the mothers to keep calm and indulge in activities which relax the body as well as mind, eating a guava can also help to a great extent. It distresses the body.

7) Deals with Constipation Problem:

As a food rich in fibre it helps the food to pass out of the body thus reducing constipation.

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8) Deals with High Blindness and Improves Vision:

It is not as rich as carrot in Vitamin A but it does contain an average amount of it. So eating guavas can increase the vision of a person specially women and its foetus.

9) Keeps the Blood Sugar Level in Track:

Along with maintaining blood pressure levels, it also keeps the blood sugar level in track. This in turn prevents diabetes in pregnant women.

So pregnant women should consume guavas as it is filled with nutrients but again too much consumption should be prohibited. Along with guavas one should also indulge in watermelons and other fruits. A healthy diet is what important for a baby and their mother.

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