Guava is one of its kind fruits which can be eaten unripe, semi-ripe and even fully ripe. At different stages of its ripeness, its taste changes but one thing are for sure – It will always taste sweet and juicy, and people who love guava won’t mind eating it even every day because of the numerous health benefits that it carries. But wait a minute. Is it equally healthy and safe for consumption when it comes to eating guava in pregnancy? Let’s analyse it in this article.

Guava is very rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, C and various other but there has been a lot of queries regarding if pregnant women can consume guavas or is guava good for the health of women conceiving or trying to conceive?

Well, the bottom line is anything consumed in a limited quantity is good and beneficial. Too much consumption can prove fatal. So the same goes for guava. If consumed in a limited amount it can prove to be very helpful as it is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

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Various benefits of guava which shows why pregnant women should indulge in eating guavas:

Benefits of Eating Guava in Pregnancy:

1). Curbs morning sickness:

Guava is rich in Vitamin C. Morning sickness which is a big problem for most during pregnancy can be kept in control by eating guava fruit during pregnancy.

2). Treats Anaemia:

Iron requirement during pregnancy is high and guava being rich in iron can easily aid in building the haemoglobin during pregnancy and thereby preventing Anaemia.

3). It Lowers the Risk of Cancer in Women:

Now a day’s pregnant women are more susceptible to breast cancer and prostate cancer. Guava contains antioxidants called lycopene and is rich in Vitamin C which in turn protects the cells from damaging and hence reducing the chances of cancer to a long extent.

4). It Improves Immunity:

Amarood fruit is rich in Vitamin C which has endless benefits. These fruits contain 4 times the amount of vitamin C present in orange fruit. Vitamin C boosts up the body system and hence helps in improving the immunity.

5). Very Nutritive for Pregnant Women:

A pregnant woman does not only feed herself but also feeds the foetus growing inside her womb. So a rich nutritious diet is recommended. Guava is very rich in nutrients.

  • It is a rich source of vitamin A, B2, C, E, Copper, potassium, thiamine, manganese, iron, calcium and phosphorous. This fruit is richer in vitamin A and C as compared to lemons and oranges.
  • Unripe guavas are higher in tannin content as compared to ripe guavas.
  • The skin of this fruit is a rich source of ascorbic acid which is beneficial in fighting various degenerative diseases.
  • A rich source of dietary fibre.

So this fruit can prove to be very beneficial for the foetus as well as the mother.

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6). Checks the Blood Pressure:

Guava keeps the blood pressure under control which is quintessential for a pregnant woman. Miscarriage and premature birth of babies are a result of non-equilibrium in blood pressure.

7). Helps in Developing the Nervous Systems in Babies:

This is by far the most important use of guava. Guavas are supposed to contain folic acid and vitamin B9. Which helps in developing the nervous system of babies and also protects the newbie from neurological disorders.

8). It Calms the Mind and De-Stresses You:

Doctors suggest the mothers keep calm and indulge in activities which relax the body as well as the mind, eating guava can also help to a great extent. It distresses the body.

9). Deals with Constipation Problem:

As a food rich in fibre it helps the food to pass out of the body thus reducing constipation.

10). Deals with High Blindness and Improves Vision:

It is not as rich as a carrot in Vitamin A, but it does contain an average amount of it. So eating guavas can increase the vision of a person especially women and its foetus.

11). Keeps the Blood Sugar Level in Track:

Along with maintaining blood pressure levels, it also keeps the blood sugar level in track. This, in turn, prevents diabetes in pregnant women.

Side effects of Guava during pregnancy:

There are a few adverse effects associated with guava. They are as under:

  1. As guava is rich in fibres, excess consumption may cause motions.
  2. Consuming the unripe guavas should be avoided during pregnancy. As it could cause a dental problem.
  3. Wash properly before consuming guavas as it possesses the risk of infections such as listeriosis.
  4. Avoid any supplement sources of guava. Consuming only the fresh, natural fruit is best for pregnancy.

Tips to eat guava during pregnancy:

The following are the various tips of eating guavas that will help you reap the maximum nutrition out of it.

  • White guava is healthier as compared to red guava. So don’t get lured by the colour and try consuming the white ones only.
  • Guavas can be eaten during breakfast or even as an evening snack.
  • Do not consume guava if you are allergic to the same. Go for alternative fruits such as strawberries and pineapple instead.

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Raw guava or guava juice – what is best for pregnancy?

When it comes to fruits. It is usually advised to consume it in its raw natural form to reap its maximum benefits. However, guava is one such fruit which whether you consume in raw form or a juice form has similar nutritional benefits.

To make a guava juice just peel the skin and blend it in a mixer grinder. The juice is so tasty that it doesn’t require any need for added flavours. While consuming raw guava make sure you wash it properly before you relish it.

During pregnancy, it is essential to eat healthy and fresh. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in the pregnancy diet is an ideal choice and now knowing how guava benefits during pregnancy one should not miss upon it for adding it in daily consumption. Remember, if the mother eats healthy during her pregnancy, the baby will automatically grow healthy and robust.

Frequently Asked Question And Answers:

Q1. Is it safe to eat guava during pregnancy?

Ans: Guava is safe and healthy for consumption during pregnancy. Provided it is taken in moderation. So don’t give up on this craving as guavas are very nutritious and beneficial for pregnancy.

Q2. Can pregnant women eat guava?

Ans: When it comes to pregnancy food. There are many fruits and vegetable that are required to be avoided owing to the risk it possesses to the pregnancy. However, Guava is not one of those, and it can be safely consumed during pregnancy. It is very healthy to eat guava during pregnancy because of the numerous nutrition it carries.

Q3. Is it safe to eat guava seeds during pregnancy?

Ans: Guava is a tropical fruit with white or pink pulp packed with numerous seeds. While most of the fruits are consumed after de-seeding them, the same is neither possible with guava nor is it necessary. Eating guava seeds during pregnancy is safe.


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