12 Uses and Benefits of Guava leaves

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All of us know how healthy and beneficial is the fruit “guava” for us but many of us are still unaware of the benefits of the leaves of this fruit. Guava leaves as has antibacterial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, is often used as pain reliever. The medicinal properties of it are also effective in treating many diseases.

Due to gaining much popularity, its supplements are available in capsule forms too.

benefits of guava leaves

Let us Now Look into Guava leaves its Benefits:

1) Helps in Weight Loss:

Attention everyone who wants to lose some flab. Here is a tip for you. We often look for tips to lose weight everywhere, and now it is right there, out in your garden. These leaves do not let the complex starch turn into sugar, resulting in weight loss.

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2) Lowers Cholesterol Level:

It has been scientifically proven that drinking this leaf tea for about 3 months reduces the cholesterol level, without causing any side effects.

3) Cures Diarrhea and Dysentery:

A home remedy which often our elders advice us is indeed an herbal remedy. For most efficient use with the leaves mix a handful of rice flour in water and drink it up twice a day.

4) Treats Bronchitis:

Yes, it is unbelievable but guava leaves opens up the lungs and looses the mucus and soothes cough, helping treat bronchitis.

5) Boon for Dengue Patients:

Guava leaves increases the platelets counts and works wonder for curing dengue fever. With guava leaves boil about 5 cups of water, until the water soaks the leaves properly and give it to the patient thrice a day. Effective results are observed by the end of the day.

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6) Reduces Allergies:

An allergy of any kind produces the irritant in a body. Guava leaves releases histamine and the compounds in the leaves blocks allergic reactions. A medication found at home.

7) Helps Produce Sperm:

good news for boys. For those who have problem with conception, as an herbal remedy guava leaves are recommended as it helps in sperm production.

8) Does Wonders To Skin:

Guava leaves along with helping treating acne and black spots also helps in removing blackheads. Easy to prepare- prepare a simple paste of it and apply, gives great results.

9) Anti-Ageing:

These leaves destroy free radicals and protect skin from ageing. One of the reasons it is being highly on demand these days.

10) Treats Acne And Black Spot Effectively:

These spots are very annoying as they decrease the beauty of the face. These are definitely the sign of unhealthy face and body. Guava leaves can root out the bacteria that can acne. All you need to do is mash some guavas leaves and apply it to the affected areas and see the results yourself within a week of application.

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11) Very Effective in Combating Hair Loss:

Now a day hair loss is a problem faced by all of us. However we have an effective remedy this time. Boil handful of guava leaves with a liter of water for 25 minutes. Sprain it in a mug and pour it onto your head. Massage rigorously for 15 minutes. Do it before shampooing.

12) Removes Blackheads:

It is one of the most serious face problems faced by ladies. It contains antioxidants which kills the radicals present on the skin. Guava leaves can be blended with little water to make a thick paste. This paste should be applied to the face as a scrub. It removes the blackheads.

The leaves of guava are enriched with so many nutrients that it can effectively fight with various internal and external problems.

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