Accessories hold an important place in the lifestyle of any man or woman. They complete their fashionable or also simple look with their charm and beauty. Similarly, bags are also important, which help you get a unified look. Available in various brands, they all hold their position in selection. Different brands have their speciality in their bags. Guess bags is one such brand that deals with designer bags.

Established in the year 1981, it took hold in Los Angeles. The primary product the company dealt with was clothing. After that, it also started with other fashion jewellery, perfume, shoes, watches and other accessories. Currently, it serves the world with the best designer Guess bag collection. It uses leather, canvas, cotton and other durable materials to give you the best product.

Stylish and Popular Hand Bags from Guess Brand:

Guess bags for women were introduced to the market in 2005 and for men in 2007. Following are a few selected bag designs widely selected by the customers.

1. Simple Guess Handbag in Leather:

Image Source: Guess

Older women widely accept a simple and sophisticated designs in handbags designed in leather. The handbag is also well known for its tote design in the handbags as it holds the shape of a boat. It has two big pockets, a single one on the front or backside. The chains are given cute charms to make them attractive. The wide range of colours it gives you makes you go crazy while selecting.

2. Floral Print Handbags by Guess:

Image Source: Guess

A delicate guess handbag collection comes with floral designs it. A cream-coloured handbag is decorated with floral designs making it more amazing to carry, especially while travelling to the beaches in summer or for small functions. The bag is given handbag buckles and a broad belt to carry it on the shoulders. The floral designs can also be replaced with other designs to make them more adorable.

3. Designer Guess Sling Bag:

Image Source: Guess

They are thinking of carrying a designer handbag for a party, wedding or other important occasion! Get yourself a guess sling bag made with shining leather material. The name gives you an idea that it is carried on sensual designer wear. The size of the bag is made while keeping in mind all the favourite accessories of women like their makeup kit, cell phone, liners, jewellery, and much more for their party touch-up anywhere.

4. Mini Leather Handbag for Women:

Image Source: Guess

Mini bags are quite a trend these days. They come up with dual carrying facilities, which can be either handpicked or shoulder. The guess sling bag also gives you similar bag designs. Made out of leather, the bag is given a trendy look from the front with hanging charms, silver and gold bolt design and cuts for a designer look. The bags are perfect for casual like jeans, Capri, skirts, etc.

5. Multipurpose Guess Travel Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Like other companies, guess also provides you with various travel bags. But a widely selected design in the guess travel bags is the one that allows the customer to use it dually. It can be used as a luggage carrier by travellers. And it can also be used as an official travelling back to carry all the necessary documents and files with a laptop and its accessories for a day meeting. It is made of leather and canvas. It is also available in polystyrene material.

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6. Trolley Travel Bag:

Image Source: Guess

People today don’t want to carry that entire burden while travelling. For them, I guess travel bags with wheels are available. The trolley bag is given the wheel below, which helps you drag the bag instead of holding it. It is made with polyester material with high-quality canvas inside it. The bags are available in several colours and sizes. It also provides bags in fibre material which also carry prints like a flower, landscapes, cartoon characters, etc.

7. Black Mini Lock Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Black has always been attractive in clothes, accessories, and even bags. A guess black bag with a charming lock design is quite simple and cluttered when carried for kitty parties, evening parties and other functions with black designer wear or even a simple evening gown. It has the shape of a lock, also called a hobo design in the bag world. I have two fibre handles that give a perfect grip while holding it. It is also carried on the arms for a glamorous appearance.

8. Guess Back Bag in Small Size:

Image Source: Guess

The back bags are the widest choice for teens these days. A mini black bag is one compulsory bag in their collection for such customers. The guess black bag is given a mini size compared to other back bags. It is widely carried in casuals by both men and women. It is made of leather; it looks shiny when carried with various colours matching your outfit. It could carry small books, documents, wallets and other necessary items.

9. Leather Shopping Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Ladies are very fond of shopping. In mind, guess has also developed a special design to carry for shopping. The pink Guess bag is leather and has two wide and lengthy handles to carry on the shoulders easily. The bags are available in two sizes which you can choose according to the quantity of shopping you are willing to do. The bags are also favourable while travelling to carry various important things in one bag.

10. Pink Leather Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Pink is the favourite of almost all ladies, whether teens or adults. The guess bags company also implemented the colour in the bags to make them lovelier. The leather pink guess bag has a dual purpose for hand and shoulder carrying and gives a small wallet to keep your money separate. This facilitates you not searching for it in messy bags while making any payment. A new guess bag collection in pink also gives you decorative bags with pearls, stones and other charms to make them catchier.

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11. White Luggage Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Just as black, women are also attracted to white colour. For this reason, you are awarded several Guess white bag designs. The luggage bag is given white colour and space to store your belongings for a day’s picnic or two. It is made from durable leather, which keeps your stuff safe. It is given a curvy handle that can carry on the arms and hand. You can also see such bags with charms attached to them.

12. Trolley Bag with Print:

Image Source: Guess

The trolley bags are now decorated with several print designs making them more attractive. The guess printed bag made from fibre is decorated with cartoon pictures especially selected by the children and the teens. You can also check for prints like flowers, hearts, scenarios, and more of your choice. It is available in a medium-size and favourable for a small journey. The size also allows the children to drag it.

13. Leopard Print Bag:

Image Source: Guess

Want to add some fantasy to your bag wardrobe? Here you go with a leopard print design for your bag. The Guess ladies bag is decorated with black and white patches, which gives it an amazing look with casuals. The bags are quite widely carried in the winter seasons as it is made with velvet material covering the canvas it is made with. It suits nearly all your winter outfits for regular use, evening dinners, parties, etc. It is a perfect gift for your beloved on a pretty spring date.

14. Summer Bag Design:

Image Source: Guess

Many women select the bags according to the seasons. Guess bags for women with a summer collection are widely available for this type of woman. The bags are given cold colours and made with smooth polystyrene and quality canvas. It gives two or more colours giving a watery embossed effect. The bags are also favourable for beach visits in the summer.

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15. Fur Bags:

Image Source: Guess

Want something clumsy for your winter wear? Or are you fond of furry accessories? Try a fur-guess ladies bag made from artificial fur. It widely suits all your winter apparel which is similar to it. To make it more catchy and comfortable to carry, a small tiny wallet is attached to its handle for your comfort in storing something small. It is available in various shades of colour for your casual wear.

Guess is the only brand that introduced itself twice with different categories. It was first introduced as a guess for women and later for men, with different showrooms. Guess bags have many branches around the world. By 2003, guess had grabbed a large portion of the bags market. It gives many bag designs like a hobo, tote, sling, cross body bags, back bags, mini bags, wallets, and much more for both men and women.

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